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2000 Watt Electric Bike – Should You Invest?

Are you considering buying a new electric bike or replacing your old one with a high wattage motor? Have you been eyeing that 2000 watt electric bike- should you invest in it? With increasing motor power, the price of the electric bike increases.

Electric bikes had come a long way from when they first started appearing in the 1890s. With added safety features and more power, electric bikes have become more efficient and a necessary means of travel.

Should You Invest in a 2000 Watt Electric Bike

With several new and upgraded electric bike designs coming out every year, it was unlikely that the electric bike’s motor would not get an upgrade. The electric bike’s motor power is the deciding factor in an electric bike’s top speed and the ease of propelling a bike.

This article will discuss a 2000 watt electric bike motor and other factors concerning an electric bike motor.

A 2000 Watt Electric Bike Motor

When selecting an electric bike motor’s wattage, the market is flooding with motors ranging from 250-1000 watts. How about going a bit higher, say, a 2000 watt electric bike motor?

It is possible to find some electric bikes with high-power motors with 1500 or 2000 watts or even higher. But what purpose does a high-power motor serve in an electric bike?

We know that anything which is increasing in power will also cost more. Before discussing whether to invest a hefty sum in a 2000 watt motor or not, let’s discuss an electric bike’s functioning and what part a motor plays in it.

Electric Bike Working

Electric bikes are regular bicycles with a battery and motor, which assist your pedaling. By pushing the pedal on a pedal-assist electric bike or by twisting the throttle, the motor starts.

It takes electrical energy from the battery and converts it into mechanical energy to give you a boost of power so that you can ride over hills and rough terrain without applying much of your energy.

What Function Does An Electric Motor Perform In An Electric Bike?

Electric bike motors convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. It converts the electrical power from the electric bike battery to a mechanical rotational movement. Electric bikes use brushless DC motors, which means they don’t use brushes for alternating the direction of current flowing to the motor.

Along with the motor, electric bikes have controllers and batteries. An electric bike provides the motor’s electrical energy, and the motor controller decides how much current from the battery flows into the motor.

Mid-drive and Hub-dive are the two types of motors used in electric bikes.

Mid-Drive Motors

You can place mid-drive motors between the pedals of the bike. They use the bike’s chainring to transfer the motor’s rotational power to the rear wheels and help move the bike forward.

With their centralized weight, they are a great addition to off-road and mountain Electric bikes because they have a central weight distribution which helps climbing over angled planes.

2000 Watt Electric Bike Motor

Hub Drive Motors

You can place a hub drive motor at the front or rear wheel hub of your electric bike.

In this, the motor shaft acts as the axel. The hub motor spins around the shaft, which effectively rotates the wheel and propels your electric bike forward.

What Does The Wattage Of An Electric Bike Motor Means?

The wattage of an electric bike motor is the continuous watt rating of that motor. It means how much continuous energy the motor can handle without overheating.

The continuous watt rating is different from the peak watt rating of a motor. A peak watt rating defines how much energy the motor can handle for a short period.

Some of the e-bike manufacturers mention both continuous watt rating and peak watt rating.

2000 Watt Electric Bike- Should You Invest?

We now know that electric bike motors are responsible for the speed of your electric bike. It also helps propel your bike forward while riding uphill or on rough terrains without putting much pressure on you.

A 2000 watt electric bike motor will offer a much higher speed compared to one having less wattage. It will provide more assistance while traveling uphill or downhill.

However, there aren’t many electric bikes available that come with a 2000 watt motor. To have a 2000 watt electric bike, you will have to build it using an electric bike conversion kit.

Winkine 2000W Electric Bike

This is an electric bike having a 2000 watt brushless motor with a powerful 60-volt lithium-ion battery. It can reach a speed of 40 miles per hour in just a few seconds. You have the option to program this e-bike for maximum speed. This 2000 watt electric bike speed is a maximum of 40 mph.

The strong 2000 watt motor can climb on challenging hills and smooth cruising through rough terrains.

Its 60-volt battery can provide a range of 30-50miles after one charge. Its battery can last you for a day’s trip. The 4-ampere charger takes about 4 to 6.5 hours to charge the battery completely.

The durable and robust frame offers a load capacity of 4400 lbs. Its 7.8 inch thick tires, a pair of dual disc brakes controlled by hand levers, a comfortable seat, and a front & rear hydraulic shock absorption promises a comfortable riding experience.

2000 Watt Electric Bike Conversion Kit

If you don’t want to invest a hefty sum of money over a new 2000 watt electric bike, then a 2000 watt electric bike conversion kit is the perfect in-the-budget solution for you. All you need is a regular bike in good condition, a 2000 watt electric bike kit, and some mechanical skills.

Close up 2000 Watt Electric Bike Motor

An electric bike conversion kit comes with a wheel with a 2000 watt hub operated motor, a controller, throttle, and other accessories like gears, PAS, brakes, and display. It doesn’t have batteries included in it as batteries are costlier. You will need to buy a battery if you convert a regular bike to a 2000 watt electric bike.

If you already have an electric bike, all you need is a motorized wheel that you can buy separately.

After arranging all the components, follow the instruction manual provided with the conversion kit and assemble it on your bike. After assembly, test runs your electric bike in a safe area before using it to ride in rugged terrains.

If you plan to convert your regular bike into a 2000W electric bike, you can go for NBpower Fat Electric Bike Kit. It contains all the necessary parts to transform the bike into a 2000W electric bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does a 2000 watt electric bike go?

The one electric bike is the HEC-2000 which offers a 33 mph speed with a 2000 watt motor. An electric bike’s speed depends on the motor power, but it varies according to different manufacturers.

Some manufacturers offer high speed with a low power motor while some have low speed even with a high power motor. A motor power not only determines the speed but is also responsible for the efficiency of an electric bike in extreme terrains.

How many watts do I need in an electric bike?

Electric bike motor power requirement varies with persons and their use of an electric bike. For a person needing an electric bike for a lazy stroll around their neighborhood, a 250 or 350-watt motor will work just fine.

For someone traveling to and from work or college, an electric bike with 350-750 watt motor power will do.

But for someone who lives in hilly areas or who has to travel long distances that too on off-road terrain, they would need an electric bike with a motor power 100 watts or above, the higher the power, the better the efficiency.

Are electric bikes a good investment?

Considering the health benefits and the eco-friendly mode of transport, yes, electric bikes are a good investment. Electric bikes offer better efficiency in climbing hills or on windy days. They allow you to travel a vast range with their power assist.

How long does an electric bike last?

If you take appropriate care of your electric bike, it can last for years. Like any machinery, some part or piece will need repair or replacement down the years, but it won’t cost that much. An electric bike battery is the only high-cost part that you will need to replace frequently as battery life reduces with every charge.

You will need to change the battery every 3 to 5 years or even sooner if you regularly ride long distances. But on the whole, an electric bike can last you for a very long time and save a lot of money on gas.


While a 2000 watt electric bike is a powerful ride, it costs a lot. If you use an electric bike for a daily commute or some occasional off-road rides, investing in a 2000 watt electric bike is a waste of money.

But if you are someone who uses an electric bike for hunting or off-road riding, then a 2000 watt electric bike motor power might be the boost you need.

It can offer a better speed and ease of riding even on rough terrains. With the powerful motor, riding uphill will be comfortable without applying much power from your end.

Written by Lee Hill

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