Best Lock for Electric Scooters

Best Lock for Electric Scooters

Are you also worried about your favorite electric scooter getting stolen in broad daylight? In recent times, scooter thefts have increased significantly. Scooters are easy to pick up and carry, and most of the time, the culprit is a weak lock that anyone can easily break.

In this article, let me tell you about some of the best locks for electric scooters that I considered before purchasing for myself.

If you are looking for my top recommendation, I suggest you get the Kryptonite New York Chain. It has Anti- Theft protection, anti-corrosive action with a sturdy Manganese alloy chain, making it the best choice for an Electric Scooter lock.

#1 Kryptonite New York Chain: Best Overall

The Kryptonite New York Chain Lock is the best lock for electric scooters. A durable product made with stainless steel and alloy coverings provides the lock with the required durability and sturdiness. It also comes with anti-theft protection technology, which will give you an alarm if anyone tampers with your scooter.

Key Features

    • 3T Manganese chain
    • Made of Stainless steel
    • Provisioned three stainless steel keys
    • Sturdy shackle with anti-corrosive property
    • Anti- Theft protection

3T Manganese Steel Chain: These chains are essentially reliable, durable, and unbreakable. With the strength of alloy of Manganese and steel, the substance becomes potentially very strong, making the whole set of lock and key very reliable for use. For the usage with Electric Scooters, Cycles, or even in other scenarios, this Kryptonite Chain will make a special purchase.

Sturdy shackle with anti-corrosive property: The lock’s shackle is long enough to provide enough grip and strength. An alloy coating layer makes it more durable and safe for use. You can trust your scooter with this lock.

Set of 3 Stainless steel keys: The lock comes with three keys, making it efficient even if one key gets lost. The standard locks generally have only one pair of keys which, if lost, the lock becomes useless.

Made of Stainless steel: Its stainless steel manufacturing resists any corrosion and oxidation. Hence, it provides a long and sturdy life to the lock.

Anti-theft Protection: The lock and key are certified through anti-theft protection. You can certify this through the online registration of your lock, which can be easily tracked in times of theft, saving your energy, money, and time.


    • Anti – Theft Protection
    • Backup Keys available
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Material of Alloy providing extra strength


    • Little expensive

The Kryptonite Chain lock is one of the best locks for Electric scooters and cycles, having various features to protect your vehicle through added strength of alloy in addition to stainless steel. The Anti – Theft policy and Key Safe Technology are worth the price, making the lock an extensively reliable option.

#2 Sigtuna Bike Locks: Best For Kids

These locks are easy to handle and use, specifically designed for Kids. This lock has added protective layers of wire-like chain, just like optical fibers. These chains make the lock very strong.

Key Features

    • Hardened Protection
    • Multiple layers of protection
    • Resistant to Picking and Theft
    • U-Shaped Lock

Hardened Protection: The hardened alloyed steel and nickel wires with double protection and lock system altogether provide robust safety and security. The lock becomes theft-proof and very hard to cut or prick.

Multiple layers of Protection: The lock has double-layered protection with a thick shackle. The 16 mm hard shackle with a flexible wire-like chain makes it very efficient in protecting any commodity. The lock is almost not possible to open with anything else except its designated keys.

Resistant to Picking and Theft: The lock is Anti-theft which provides robust security and protection against theft. Due to the use of ABS Steel and hard shackle, this lock can resist any false activity signals like pricking, jerking, prying, and more.

U-Shaped Lock: The shape of the lock is ideal for operating it; hence, this product is easy to handle. The U-shape provides a firm grip and strength to the lock to resist prying and pulling activities. The lock has a double loop cable, which provides maximum strength and agility to the lock. The stainless steel keys support the structure of the lock.


    • Double Woven Steel wire
    • Anti-Picking Technology
    • Lightweight and Agile
    • Provides full protection
    • Resistant to forceful activities


    • No Duplicate Key creation possible

This lock is ideal for usage by students and young adults because of its anti-picking and theft mechanism with robust coverage and grip. It is strengthened with Nickel wire making it flexible yet entirely durable, making this a valuable purchase.

#3 NDakter Bike Lock Cable: Best Combination Lock

NDakter Bike Lock comes under the category of multipurpose locks. They are flexible to use and fit appropriately over any handle. The PVC polymer coating provides strength and flexibility to become a multipurpose lock.

Key Features

    • 5 Digit Lock Pattern
    • Wire coated with PVC
    • ABS steel usage
    • Waterproof and Corrosion Resistant
    • Multi-purpose Locks

5 Digit Lock Pattern: The digital lock pattern of 5 digits provides more protection against fraudulent activities and any guess work for the pattern to have access to lock. It is high tech equipment having robust safety and security.

ABS steel usage: The ABS Steel wires make the lock very reliable and safe to use. You can say that the Steel polymer ABS is one of the most robust materials to be picked for stolen.

Waterproof and Corrosion Resistant: Due to the PVC covering and steel alloy usage, the lock is waterproof and does not get spoiled by any action of water, heat, and temperature conditions. Due to this property, it is also waterproof.

Multipurpose Locks: You can join these locks to produce a resultant lock with a longer length hence providing ways to lock multiple devices.


    • Reliable pattern Technology
    • Long Cable
    • Made of ABS Steel with PVC coating
    • Keyless lock


    • Pattern locks become worthless if you forget the pattern, so you have to be very careful.

#4 Kryptonite Evolution 11-14 mm U- Lock: Best Anti-theft Protection

Kryptonite Evolution Lock is a U-shaped lock made of stainless steel with a protective covering of Vinyl polymer. This coating makes the product resistant to the settling of dust and reduces the chances of rusting.

Key Features

    • Maximum Performance Shackle
    • Set of 3 keys
    • Availability of replaceable knob
    • Vinyl Coating protection
    • Presence of Dust Cover

Maximum Performance Shackle: The lock has a high-performance shackle with hardened 13 mm quality, with the critical steel shackle with the presence of bolt cutters. A double deadbolt lock company provides maximum protection and security to the bike, scooter, or any other accessory.

Set of 3 keys: The lockset comes with three keys, making it possible for the user to have an edge even if a key gets lost. The three keys are stainless steel, which has non-corrosive properties with maximum resistance against pulling and prying activities.

Availability of replaceable knob: If the knob gets shattered or broken, the lock comes with a replaceable knob to have a replacement done. It is an essential part of reusing the lock.

Vinyl Coating protection: The chain lock uses ABS steel. Another coating of the vinyl polymer provides excellent flexibility. The coating makes it possible for good grip and strength on the lock.

Presence of Dust Cover: The dust cover over the chain and lock resists dust and Corrosion and protects the lock.


    • U-shaped Bracket Lock
    • Presence of Key Replacement
    • LED presence
    • Double Deadbolt Shackle
    • Sliding Dust Cover


    • Dimensions of lock carry an only specific weight
    • Quite expensive

Due to the presence of a U-Shaped Bracket Lock with anti-dust and anti-theft Technology, this lock is one of the premium quality locks for your bike and scooter.

#5 Amazer Combination U Lock: Heavy Duty

This lock is specially designed for the protection of heavy-duty vehicles and comes with an automatic pattern system. The added strength of Zinc alloy resists Corrosion and rusting, thereby increasing the durability and shelf life of the product.

Key Features

    • Efficient Security
    • Made of Zinc Alloy
    • PVC Coating of 3.8 mm
    • Keyless Usage

Efficient Security: Due to the automatic pattern system, with double woven steel cable in the chains, the Sigmund Locks are the best chain lock for scooters or any other accessory. The lock has resistible strain technology with dimensions supporting a good amount of weight.

Made of Zinc Alloy: It provides added strength to the steel shackle and lock chains.
PVC Coating of 3.8 mm: The external wire for the chain is coated with PVC to provide waterproof capacity. It has PVC coating for flexibility and non-corrosive property.

Keyless Usage: You can operate the lock on a pattern basis, and no key and such hassle is required.


    • Resists Cutting
    • U-SHAPE Buckle
    • Flexibility due to PVC cover
    • Replaceable Knob Available


    • Can be cut through a Bolt Cutter ( Based on Reviews)

This product is efficient in resisting any cut-through drills or axes, protecting against any prying activities with flexible and agile methodologies. You can count it as one of the best locks for insurance of your vehicle.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Locks For Electric Scooter

In today’s times, it is straightforward for thieves to steal anything, especially scooters. They have become highly resourceful, making it necessary for you to go for the best locks for electric scooters to ensure their security.

Anti-theft Lock for Electric Scooters

Here are some of the features that you should consider before purchasing the best locks for electric scooters.


It is crucial to choose a robust strength lock and does not rust or corrode with time. How much the lock rusts depends on its construction. Alloys, metals, PVC coatings, and ABS Wires are an excellent option for providing anti-rust and anti-corrosive features to a lock. You can look out for these durable materials during your purchase.

Flexibility to Fit Into Any Handle

The lock should be able to fit correctly into any generic dimensional handle. Many locks are specific for certain brands of scooters. However, a more general fit without compromise on the quality will be crucial information to be checked.

Protective Abilities

It is wise to use a lock having excellent protective abilities like anti-theft Technology. Under this Technology, you can register the lock and its serial number on the website. In case of any theft activities, you can track the serial number, and you can find accessories very easily.

Prying Resistant Chain Material

The chain and shackle of the lock should be of premium quality and should be resistant to any cutting and prying activities. Stainless steel and ABS coated chains are usually tough to break. You should look out for the sturdiest chain and shackle material while buying a lock for your scooter and cycles.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Lock for Electric Scooters.

How to Open the Lock if I Have Forgotten My Pattern?

The locks are primarily theft-proof hence cannot be opened easily. But you can try setting the pattern to 0000 and then trying to flip it over. Sometimes, this combination of numbers works for resetting your pattern and password of the lock. The clockwise rotation of the knob may as well be able to open your lock.

Does the Lock Get Spoilt Due to Rain and Heavy Sunlight?

No, the locks are made of premium quality stainless steel, making them resistant to damage due to Corrosion and oxidation caused by sunlight and rain. These locks have a long sturdy shelf life. Hence, you don’t need to worry about them rusting.


The lock and key mechanism need to be robust to provide maximum protection and security. With increased consumption and manufacture of Best Scooters, it is essential to create a safe and secure lock to ensure all preventions. The high-quality lock will have pattern protection, anti-theft assurance, and multiple other benefits to protect your Scooters and cycles from being stolen.

In this article, we have selected the best locks for electric scooters based on the features mentioned in our buyer’s guide and the ratings and comments mentioned by actual users on Amazon.

In our opinion, the Kryptonite New York Chain is the best lock for electric scooters among the various options that we have considered. It is durable, and it comes with three stainless steel keys.

The Sigtuna Bike Locks is another great choice. It offers high resistance to theft and uses hardened alloyed steel, which makes it very strong.

Suppose you are looking for a value for money option. In that case, you can also consider the Amazer Heavy Duty Combination U Lock, which offers great value and features at a very reasonable price point.

Written by Lee Hill

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