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5 Affordable Electric Bike Kit

Are you looking to get an e-bike but don’t want to spend a fortune on it? You can always use a conversion kit to make your ordinary bike an electric bike.

Electric bikes are far easier to use than regular bicycles. In 2017, there were 3.7 million electric bikes sold in America. But that is still a very small number compared to the sale of normal bikes.

Electric Bike Kit

One of the problems people face when they buy an electric bike is that electric bikes can be expensive. While beginner e-bikes may cost somewhere around $500 – $1000, a good e-bike can cost anywhere between $1500 to even $4000.

An electric bike conversion kit is a functional and affordable option for converting your regular bike into an electric bike. An affordable electric bike kit costs less than $200, and we have reviewed five affordable electric bike kits in this article given below.

5 Affordable Electric Bike Kit: Our Top Picks

L-faster Electric Bike Kit

This L-faster electric bike kit consists of a motor and a freewheel, the freewheel in this kit reduces the drag when you pedal. Due to the less drag, you can move at a faster speed due to this kit.

Features And Benefits

  • Affordable: This electric bike kit is affordable and costs very little. An affordable electric bike kit is accessible to a broader range of people. People who are usually dicey about purchasing an electric bike can also use these kits to get the feel of an electric bike.
  • Battery: You get two battery output options in this bike conversion kit. The two battery outputs are 24- volts and 36-volts. You can choose the battery output depending upon the compatibility of your bike.
  • Motor: This kit has a decent brushless hub motor with a power output of 250- watts. This motor can obtain a maximum speed of around 15 miles per hour.
  • Convenient: You also get two different types of throttles in this kit. These types are a twist throttle or a thumb throttle.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this electric bike conversion kit as it is suitable for all types of regular and traditional bicycles. You can install this conversion kit in bikes with gears and even bikes that do not have these gears.

Jaxpety Electric Bike Kit

This Jaxpety kit is an affordable electric bike kit that includes all the necessary components for converting your regular bike into an electric bike. This kit’s primary components are a motor, rear-wheel, battery, controller, throttle, and brakes.

Features And Benefits

  • Power: This kit has a superpower of 1000- watts or a 750-watt hub motor. You can travel at high speed with ease using this motor. This motor is restricted to a power output of 750- watts and a top speed of 19.88 miles per hour, so that it is street legal.
  • Tire: This kit also has a wide 26 inches rear tire. This tire has an aluminum and stainless steel alloy rim for longevity and greater durability.
  • Controller: The aluminum controller in this kit is beneficial for increasing the bike’s current flow. This controller passes more amount of current to the motor wheels in comparison to the regular controllers.
  • Battery: The 48-volts battery in this kit is compatible with the high power motor in this kit. It takes little time to charge the bike.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this electric bike kit as it is affordable and yet very functional. The 1000 watts hub motor in this kit can propel your bike to high speeds. You can even drive above 20 miles per hour on private property by using this kit.

AW Electric Bike Kit

This AW electric bike kit for regular bikes has a 20 inches wide front wheel rim. You would have to purchase the tires suitable for this wheel separately. The rims in this conversion kit are made from aluminum alloy, due to which they can sustain a high degree of wear and tear.

Features And Benefits

  • Affordable: This kit is one of the most affordable electric bike kits that include all the necessary and major components for converting your bike into a speed and power electric bike. The rims in this kit are resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Power: The motor in this kit has a power output of 750- watts, and the battery has a capacity of 36-volts. You can travel and cover a good mileage with this kit at a decent top speed as well.
  • Throttle: The twist or thumb throttle in this kit is also attached to LED lights and monitors. You can view your speed, battery, and distance covered on this screen.
  • Safe: The brake automatically shuts off the motor when you apply them. Due to this feature, your whole riding experience becomes safer and saves power and battery while traveling.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this electric bike kit if you are a bit heavy or overweight. The alloy wheel rims in this kit can easily lift high amounts of load without compromising their structural integrity.

Yaesport Electric Bike Kit

The Yaesport bike kit is an affordable electric bike kit for under 100 dollars. This bike conversion kit just costs about 79 dollars. You can convert your standard bike into an electric bike using this kit, and this kit uses all environment-friendly materials.

Features And Benefits

  • Power: You get a hub motor with a power output of 250-watts with this kit. This motor also comes with a flywheel. The flywheel increases the power reaching the motor when you pedal your bike.
  • Safe: You can use this kit to drive your bike in the dark or at night as you also get a Lead headlight with this kit. This light has a reasonable distance reach allowing you to see farther.
  • Versatile: This kit is suitable for common or regular bikes in the category of 22-28 inches. You cannot use this kit for bikes that are under 16 inches. The process of using this kit to convert your bike is straightforward and easy.
  • Controller: You also get a speed controller with this bike kit. This controller allows you to control the speed of your bike as you move on your bike.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this bike kit as it uses eco-friendly parts and materials. People who are active supporters of environmental conservation will appreciate this feature of this bike kit.

Xyoung Electric Bike Kit

The Xyoung electric bike kit is one of the most affordable electric bike kits and highly accessible. This kit can fit in all types and sizes of regular bikes. The motor from this kit mounts on the spokes of the wheels.

Features And Benefits

  • Motor: This kit has a 450 watts electric hub motor. You can travel at a top speed of 20 miles per hour with this kit. The 36-volt battery pack in this kit is suitable for covering short distances regularly.
  • Resistance: The motor in this kit works with a freewheel. This freewheel rotates when you pedal instead of the motor. Due to the rotation of the freewheel, you experience less drag and resistance.
  • Throttle: The twist throttle gives you the feeling of actually driving a motorcycle. This twist throttle has LED lights and a battery indicator. You can use this indicator to timely charge your bike’s battery so that it does not run out on you.
  • Accessories: This kit includes all other accessories that make an electric bike safer and more convenient. Some of these accessories include motor chains, braking systems, nuts, bolts, controllers, and so on.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this electric bike kit as it is very versatile and can easily fit into any bicycle size. Due to this feature, you would not have to worry about your bike’s fitting or size issues.

Buyers Guide For Selecting An Affordable Electric Bike Kit


The five affordable electric bike kits that convert your old and regular bike into a functional bike should be reasonable and affordable. Many people purchase and use these bike kits as they are not willing to buy expensive electric bikes. You can get some decent, affordable electric bike kits for under $200, whereas to get a proper electric bike, you would need to spend about $300-$400.

Affordable Electric Bike Kit Cost


You should always prefer electric bike conversion kits with a good power output motor and a long battery pack. Decent speed and good mileage are the major concerns of any electric bike user. The bikes with a motor output of 250-750 watts can help your bike obtain high speeds from the range of 15-25 miles per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are electric bike kits worth it?

Yes, electric bike kits are worth the money you spend on these kits. Firstly these conversion kits are not very expensive. Usually, they cost around $200. You get the benefits and advantages of riding an electric bike using these kits without actually purchasing one.

You convert your regular bike into an electric bike using these kits. Riding a converted electric bike does not completely give the same experience as an original electric bike but does get a good feel and experience.

Q: Is it easy to install an electric bike kit?

Installing an electric bike kit is not an easy task and might need some expertise. If you don’t have any prior knowledge regarding the same, you might need to properly go through the manuals. You can also watch some videos to learn the same.

Written by Lee Hill

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