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Best Electric Mini Bike For Adults And Kids

Mini electric bikes are taking the world by storm. They are always fun to ride. You can do many tricks with them, and they are fun for all ages, big and small.

Finding the best mini bike means studying vehicle features, checking reviews, looking at the safety and performance, and mileage.

So in this article, we have reviewed the best electric mini bikes for you. The article is divided into two sections: Mini Bikes For Adults and Mini Bikes For Kids.

Mini Bikes For Adults

#1 Razor MX350 Dirt Electric Bike: All-Terrain E-bike

The Razor MX350 bike is our top choice for the best electric minibike. The dirt rocket bike is designed to give a top-notch electric-powered performance with its motocross design. This bike offers ultimate off-road adventures to young riders. The scaled-down bike is capable of carrying riders up to 150lbs.

The electric bike is designed to offer the quality, safety, and service that all bikers expect from their bikes. You can drive confidently on off-road terrains with this bike. The rear-wheel chain drive delivers greater power and traction on any surface. Its twist-grip throttle and hand-operated rear brake give simple, intuitive handle control. So that you can drive this bike on off-roads with full safety.

Its pneumatic knobby tires are designed for all kinds of terrains. They are strong enough for soft dirt to muddy conditions. Thus, providing maximum support and performance to ride on the trails with ease. These large 10 inches tires give maximum power transfer and ensure full safety. Its twist grip throttle control lets you have full control of the speed.

The bike can travel over 10 miles on a single charge. The bike has hand-operated rear brakes that give better speed control. The maximum speed of this electric dirt bike is 14 MPH. The adjustable riser handlebar adds to your convenience. This bike has a high torque motor, and it covers speed up to 12 miles per hour.


  • The bike can travel over 10 miles on a single charge.
  • The pneumatic knobby tires can handle all kinds of terrains.
  • Motorcross design supports riders of 13+ age.
  • Chain drive motor ensures super quiet yet powerful operations.


  • The bike may not be suitable for kids who are taller than their age.

#2 Razor MX650 Motorcross Bike: Most Powerful Motor

This compact electric motocross bike with a 650-watt electric motor is our second choice for the best mini electronic mini bike. The bike is designed to generate more power for uphill and off-road conditions. The adjustable riser handlebars ensure a customized and proper fit. The front and rear disc brakes with twist-grip acceleration to put the drive in command.

The high-performance motocross bike runs on electricity and provides a smooth ride on uneven surfaces. The pneumatic knobby tires give maximum power transfer. Moreover, they are good to use on uneven surfaces. The 16 inches front and 14 inches rear tires with chain-driven motor ensure a smooth ride.

The bike carries a rider at a speed of up to 17mph. The frame geometry of this bike ensures a high riding performance. The battery-powered bike is good to use for off-road adventures. This electric bike has a battery life of up to 40 minutes.

The bike features dual suspensions, and riser handlebars deliver a smooth and comfortable ride. New riders can ride on this bike with full confidence and security as the bike is designed to generate high mileage on uphill and off-road conditions.


  • Riser handlebars are adjustable and give a secure fit.
  • Front and rear disc brakes give better control.
  • Knobby tires aids in maximum power transfer.
  • Powerful 650-watt motor and good battery life.
  • Riders can ride at a speed of 17mph.


  • The front forks may not work after a few uses.

#3 Swagtron Swagcycle Bike: Foldable E-bike

A folding bike is an ideal option for traveling as it is foldable. This folding bike weighs 37lbs and feature a triple-fold design. So it gives you extreme portability. The bike is light and can easily fit inside the trunk, subways, and other compact spaces. This bike can fold three times to fit in compact spaces.

The auto guard technology ensures the motor automatically disengages upon braking. Moreover, if you are holding the throttle and any obstacle comes in view, you can immediately stop this bike. The bike, therefore, gives adequate stopping power whenever you hit the brakes.

It also features quick-disconnect power lines that are removable and easy to maintain. The bike is height adjustable for adults and teens. They can easily adjust the seat and handlebar to find the perfect seat to get a comfortable ride. The bike features a 14 inches wheel and a pair of tires filled with air. This ensures the rider with a smooth and maintenance-free ride.

On a single charge the rider can go up to 15.5 miles. This foldable bike has a frame that can accommodate riders up to 264 pounds. The electric bike comes pre-assembled and gives you better convenience.


  • The foldable bike can fit inside small and small places.
  • It can run up to 15.5 miles on a single charge.
  • You can easily bend its frame and fold its pedals.


  • The rear tire is weak.

#4 Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Bike: Best Value for Money

The high-performance electric bike is designed to give a smooth ride and maximum power transfer for climbing dirt hills. The bike features authentic frame geometry. This motocross bike has a powerful high electric torque motor to give a powerful performance.

It has twist-grip throttle and has hand-operated dual disc brakes. You can control the speed of this bike with your hand-operated brakes. Electric bike’s 16 inches and 14 inches knobby tires give maximum power. Moreover, these tires ensure smooth traction and are ideal to use on dirt.

The bike also features a powerful 500-watt motor that can carry riders at a speed of 17 miles per hour. The bike is more suitable for bumpy dirt trails. It can cruise for up to 10 miles on a single charge. With its riser handlebars, the bike delivers a smooth and comfortable ride.

The electric bike has a 36V rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery system that is best used for 40 minutes. The bike takes 8 hours to charge fully. Its additional features include soft rubber tips with twist acceleration control. It also has a shatter-resistant plastic fairing and retractable kickstand.


  • The bike is made of an all-steel frame, which is durable.
  • Rear pneumatic tires help soften out rough surfaces.
  • It delivers electrifying fun at a speed up to 15mph.
  • The bike is capable of holding a weight capacity of up to 175 lbs.


  • The tire tread wears out quickly.

Mini Bikes For Kids

#5 Fit Right 12V Kids Bike: Best Pocket Bike

The 12V kid’s bike is all about a safe and unforgettable ride. This bike is for kids of 3-8 years old and can hold a weight capacity of up to 66lbs. The bike is safe as variable speed is controlled by the throttle, up to 4mph. It has accelerated handlebar control and a foot brake to control your speed.

This bike features integrated Bluetooth and MP3 player with MP3 audio input. You can instantly connect with external devices to enjoy music while riding it. Moreover, it has a horn and music sound button on the steering wheel.

Its EVA rubber foam tires and dual training wheels give a more comfortable and stable ride. The bike has a soft PU leather seat and spring shock absorber to give a comfortable ride. Moreover, this bike works on smart battery charging technology. It automatically controls battery charge and also prevents overcharging. The real working LED highlights and taillights give it a stylish and attractive look.

The riding time of this bike is up to 1.5 hours, which depends upon riding conditions. Thus you can enjoy an ultimate and unforgettable ride.


  • EVA rubber tires give a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Accelerated handlebar control and a foot brake for better speed control.
  • It automatically controls the battery charge.
  • The throttle controls the variable speed of this bike.
  • LED headlights are easy to turn on and off.


  • The batteries slow down after some time.

#6 Best Ride On Cars Honda Dirt Bike

The dirt bike is designed to give better speed control while riding. The officially licensed Honda CRF250R bike comes with an upgraded 6-volt battery and a motor. The powerful battery system of this electric bike ensures smooth rides for long hours.

The electric bike features a realistic engine. This powerful engine is created especially for the convenience of riders. The engine is powerful enough to give you a comfortable ride and let you fully control its settings.

This Honda bike is an ideal choice for beginner riders. It is designed with training wheels that give beginners extra guidance. So that riders can master the balancing technique of their bike. For a new rider, balance is the most important thing. To balance the bike, they need to manage the speed settings properly. So these training wheels give assurance to maintain balance on uneven surfaces.

This bike further features alloy like rims and stylish decals. Thus, it adds to the look and charm of your bike. Moreover, the electric bike gives you ample storage to keep your essential items on this bike. Thus, it makes it easy for you to take this bike while traveling.


  • The training wheel ensures better safety and balancing.
  • The 6-volt battery is powerful and useful to use.
  • Robust and realistic motor engine for an unforgettable riding experience.
  • Stylish decals add to the look of this bike.


  • Instructions to assemble this bike are complicated, so it takes time to assemble it.

#7 Razor E-Punk Electric Mini Bike

The electric bike is an ideal choice for all the large riders. This punk bike is right to roll and rip around the playground for a fantastic ride. For tall riders, the bike is apt to choose. This micro-bike features an adjustable-angle, riser style padded handlebars. Thus, the bike is designed to accommodate users of different heights as they can adjust this bike’s settings as per their convenience.

The bike is compact and highly portable. Therefore, it is a perfect traveling choice bike as it is easy to transport. You can easily toss it in the trunk or take it to the park. The bike is capable of supporting users with a weight capacity of up to 120 pounds.

This electrifying bike has a rigid steel frame that is strong enough to handle users. The front tires are 8 inches and ensure better control. The hand-operated front caliper brake ensures better speed control. So for the new riders, the bike is OK to drive on off-road adventures. Moreover, this electric bike has a powerful motor. You need to push the throttle to power the motor. The hub motors power up to 40 minutes of continuous use.

Its tubular steel forks are designed to support the pneumatic front tires and airless rear tires. The folding metal foot pegs give it compact storage. This bike has a 12V sealed lead-acid battery that is easy to charge.


  • Electric bikes give a smooth and fun ride to all the riders.
  • The steel frame supports the pneumatic front tires and airless rear tires.
  • Adjustable-height padded seats ensure better adjustment of the seat.
  • Hub motors power up to 40 minutes of continuous use.
  • A rigid steel frame ensures a smooth ride.


  • The tires are not very good on slippery surfaces.

Buyers Guide

Electric bikes are more commonly used in today’s world. They are gaining more popularity because of their advanced and safety features, high performance, better speed, and ultimate riding experience. While buying the best electric mini bike, there are several factors you need to consider as it will help you to choose the best one as per your needs.


We all enjoy fast speed bikes. Although speed is impressive, it may prove dangerous sometimes. If you are searching for an electric bike, you need to consider your bike’s speed. However, you can use a power meter. It helps to measure the force output of the rider on the bike. If you are buying for an adult, you can buy the one to move as fast as you want. However, if you are buying an electric bike for a kid, you must buy one that does not move fast.


An electric bike with long battery life is always an ideal one to choose. Today bikes come with long-lasting batteries. These are not just powerful but are also useful to recharge. Today bikes are rechargeable in less time so that you can use them for more hours.


Bikes with pneumatic knobby tires not only gives you a smooth ride. But they are also able to give superior traction. You can use them on uneven surfaces with full safety.

Electric bicycles are built to accommodate all-terrain tires. It would help if you chose electric bikes with strong tires to ride comfortably on paved roads. The tires can also be extra wide. These wide tires mean they can ride easily across various kinds of challenging terrains.


Today electric bikes come with folding frames. You can easily fold them and store them in small spaces; these frames are small and convenient to fold. So the folding e-bikes are an excellent choice For anyone who wants to take them on vacation. They can easily fold back in half when the folding mechanism is activated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do electric bikes help uphill?

Today, most electric bikes are designed for uphill and off-road adventures. These are designed to ensure that hill climbing is easy and secure. Through their gear system, these bikes are good enough to climb steep hills. While doing this, your average speed will below to quickly climb the hill with full safety. Moreover, it also ensures proper balance while riding the bike.

Can a user ride an electric bike like a regular bike?

Yes, you can ride an electric bike, just like a regular bike. You have to press the button on the handlebar to start it. All of these electric bikes give a smooth and comfortable ride. They are right to ride as compared to regular bikes. These bikes are easy to pedal on all kinds of terrain.

How often should I charge my electric bike?

You don’t need to let the battery of your bike discharge completely. It would help if you tried to charge the battery when there is between 30 to 60 percent of the capacity remaining. Some battery experts, moreover, suggest occasional full discharge, once every 30 to 40 charges.

How far can you ride an e-bike?

The current most extended range of electric bicycles can reach up to 350-400 km. Such e-bikes are usually powered by 5KW batteries and can ride for longer distances. The standard e-bikes would, however, ride up to 100-120 km on one charge.


Min bikes are great fun for all ages. Over the last few years, mini bikes with powerful motors, high top speed, and better frames have become quite popular among young adults.

In our view, any of the Razor bikes (MX350, MX500, and MX650) are great. The MX350 is the one we would suggest for a beginner, while the 650 is best for people looking for speed and thrills.

If you are in the market for a cool bike, then the Swagtron Swagcycle is the one to opt for. It has a very different look, is foldable, and very compact. The Fit Right is our top choice for kids’ minibikes, mainly due to its excellent safety features.

Written by Lee Hill

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