Best Front Wheel Electric Bike Kit

Is your bike not performing well, and are you planning to change its hub motor? If yes, then you can go for a front-wheel electric bike kit.

Electric bikes have two configurations for motor placement: front-wheel or rear-wheel. Most e-bikes have batteries placed on the rear of the wheel, so a front-wheel motor helps in better weight distribution.


Front-Wheel Electric Bike Kit

Having a front-wheel motor also helps improve traction because rear-wheel bikes are often prone to “spinning.”

Lastly, front-wheel bike kits are a lot easier to install than rear-wheel ones; you don’t have to adjust your derailleur or transfer the motor over the freewheel.

So if you are looking to convert your regular bike to an e-bike, now is the time to consider which configuration would be best for you. The article below will help you select the best front-wheel electric bike kit from the options available.

JAXPETY Electric Bicycle kit

JAXPETY Electric Bicycle kit is our choice for the best front-wheel electric bike kit single gear. If you want to convert your regular bike into a top-performing electric bike, this kit has everything you need. It helps deliver high performance and makes your bike ready to ride on any terrain.

Features and benefits

  • Dual motor controller: The motor hub is waterproof and helps you ride for 20 miles per hour on flat ground with a 23+ mph range estimate. It has a 36-volt 500watt motor that is strong and durable.
  • Single gear cruiser: The rider can ride the bike on a single gear smoothly without getting tired. It makes the bike easier to use and requires low maintenance.
  • Accessories: 26 inches front wheel, a twist throttle, battery display, and two brake levers are provided with the kit. The twist throttle helps the rider ride view battery level. It also has a harness and two hand grips that control the bike while on uneven terrain.
  • Crank speed sensor: The sensor helps detect the motor’s power while the rider pedal assists the bike. A crank speed sensor controls the forward pedal rotation and speed. The tires are made with nylon and have alloy rims and stainless steel spokes.
  • Motor: The motor is capable of producing high power due to rare earth metal magnates.

Why should you buy it?

The kit helps make your ordinary bike into a powerful electric bike. It has everything you will need, from a powerful motor of 36 volts to crank speed sensors. It is the best front-wheel electric bike kit for those who have a budget constraint.

Voilamart Electric Bicycle Wheel Kit

Voilamart Electric Bicycle Wheel Kit is the best front-wheel electric bike kit with 48volts power. It provides the rider with a 24 mph speed that rides the bike for long distances. If you are overweight, this bike is perfect for you as it can support a maximum weight of 330 to 440 pounds and has a pedal-assist feature. There is a twist throttle with a battery display system that helps the rider know how much battery they are using while riding the bike.

Features and benefits

  • Motor controller system: The motor can run at either 1000W or 750W. Since 750W is the maximum road legal limit, when driving on the road with Pedal-assist, you can quickly change the motor back to 750W, and when driving off-road, you can crank back up to 10000W.
  • Strong and robust wheel: The wheel has a nylon tire with a double-wall rim and a torque of 45 N.M. the wheel size is 26 inches that make the bike convert into a perfect e-bike. The wheel axle is 175mm, and the diameter is 10mm. The trek quality tires make you ride the bike for long-distance.
  • Twist throttle and battery display: A twist throttle helps make the ride smoother. If compared to a thumb control, twist throttles are much safer. The battery display helps show the amount of battery consumed while riding for long-distances.
  • Pedal-assist controller: Helps the motor to switch -off when the rider is peddling the bike. It helps to save a lot of power. The PAS also helps to control the pedaling speed of the tire.

Why should you buy it?

All those who want to convert their regular road bike into a high-performing 48V, 1000W e-bike should consider the Voilamart electric bicycle wheel kit. With the upgraded version of the motor controller and pedal-assist system, the rider can ride using 1000 watts of power. It is one of the best front-wheel electric bike conversion kits.

AW Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor Kit

The 26 inches front wheel with dual suspension will help you convert a normal bike into the best e-bike. The kit also includes an electrokinetic cell battery that features a nominal voltage of 48 volts, with power ranging from twelve to twenty Ah. There are 35 spokes in the wheel and a motor with a capacity of 1000watts.

Features and benefits

  • Dual motor controller: It is one of the essential parts when converting a standard bike into an e-bike. Its primary function is controlling the motor’s power output. The motor of the bike controls power to the battery and the accelerator. The motor also controls the speed sensors, PAS, and speedometer.
  • LCD: Tkit also comes with an LCD that helps show the speed, battery usage, distance, trip time, and errors if they occur while riding the bike. While operating the LCD, you can see the pedal-assist power as well.
  • Pedal Assist Sensor: The rider can get a ride and pedal-assist without using the throttle. The sensor is excellent for long-distance traveling. Using the sensor does not let your wrist strain while holding the handlebar for a long time. It helps the rider to know the amount of power the motor uses while peddling the bike.

Why should you buy it?

The kit is one of the best front-wheel electric bike kits that helps convert your regular mountain and road bike into a high-performing electric bicycle.

Buyers Guide

Motor type

The bike’s usage will determine which type of motor will suit them best, either a small geared motor or an upgraded dual motor. If you will drive on flat terrain, a small gear motor is a better option.

On the other hand, if you live in uneven terrain with hills, choosing a mid-drive motor will be a better option. Mid-drive motors are also great at energy saving.

Front Wheel Electric Bike Kit

Pedal-assist sensor/ system

It is one of the most important tools to look for when buying a conversion kit. Using a pedal-assist sensor will help you know the amount of power the bike uses to move.

The rider can use different levels of pedal assist.

Choose the right battery.

Before choosing a battery for the conversion kit, you should consider the size and the framework of the bike. A lightweight battery reduces bike weight but most likely will provide lower voltage.

More voltage will give better performance. Distance covered in a single charge will improve. E.g., 48 volts is much better than 36 volts, as a 48 volts battery may help you travel 15-20miles, whereas a 36V battery might only be able to take you 12-18 miles.

Wheel size

The larger the wheel, the better control you can have on the bike while riding on rough terrain.

Larger wheels also provide excellent traction and help connect with the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is buying an electric bike conversion kit worth the money you spend?

Yes, conversion kits are a very economical option compared to buying a new e-bike if you already have a regular bike. A new e-bike may cost anywhere between $1000 to $4000, whereas a conversion kit will cost you only about $200 to $300.

What factors must one keep in mind while choosing the best front-wheel electric bike kit?

Some important factors to consider before selecting a conversion kit is:

  • the framework of the bike
  • distance traveled.
  • Convenient installation.
  • Large wheel size.
  • Battery power.

Written by Lee Hill

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