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Electric Scooters With Bluetooth – Are They Worth the Money?

Electric Scooters With Bluetooth

Do you enjoy music while riding? If yes, then you will love an electric scooter that has in-built Bluetooth.

Electric scooters are becoming the first choice of this generation because of it’s two in one style and affordability. It allows you to enjoy a bicycle ride and gives you the flexibility to instantly convert it into an e-bike.

Cycling through hills and terrains won’t be painful anymore! Why waste your money on regular oil feeding when you can charge it at home? Manufacturers try their best to include more and more electric scooters and throw cutthroat competition in the market.

One of the top features is Bluetooth!

Here are how electric self-balancing scooter Bluetooth is worth it and the best products currently dominating others

What Bluetooth Electric Scooters Are Worth It?

Some electric scooters come with Bluetooth connectivity, and we are going to talk about the same kind.

Like any other device with Bluetooth connectivity, these scooters allow you to connect your phone via Bluetooth. You can plan your route, check your scooter’s speed, check battery life, measure exertion, and much more.

This feature also helps you to receive directions from your phone and manage your riding. Your ride becomes safer than those without connectivity. Cyclists prefer electric scooter board Bluetooth with Bluetooth more than conventional scooters.

A two-wheel electric scooter with Bluetooth allows you to use apps like Strava. It turns the lock into an e-lock. No one except you can unlock your expensive scooter. No more tension of losing keys! It also allows you to perform wireless firmware upgrades without requiring you to pay anything to the local shop owner.

Two-Wheeled Electric Scooters with Bluetooth

All you do is click on ‘install the update,’ and you will land up in the upgraded Ebike system in the next few minutes.

When you stop on your way to snacking or resting or when you’re on a long drive, you can enjoy your favorite music or radio station. Bluetooth connection turns your mobile into instant cycling computers.

Bluetooth makes your normal helmets smart helmets and gears into wireless gear shifters. You can control everything with a single touch!

Here are some products under the electric scooter board Bluetooth that tops the list.

3 Best Electric Scooters With Bluetooth

Hover-1 Alpha Electric Kick Scooter

This is one of the best two-wheel electric scooters with Bluetooth. This scooter is enough to take you to your destination in no time. It has disk brakes that assure smooth stopping. It can bear up as much as 264 lbs.

  • 451-watt brushless motor: It is equipped with 451 what brushless motor. It is far more efficient and durable than brushed motors as there is no tension in wearing down brushes. This motor is powerful enough to give 18 mph speed.
  • Built-in Bluetooth: Not just is it foldable and easy to transport, but its built-in Bluetooth feature allows you to connect it with your phone. Now you can operate your electric scooter even when you are not on it.

It has led the headlight to travel in dim light. Both front and back tires are 10 inches that maximize stability while riding. The battery is rechargeable.

Macwheel MX PRO Electric Scooter

The Macwheel MX PRO is another two-wheel electric scooter with Bluetooth. An electric scooter cannot be more portable than this. It gives you the riding experience of a scooter without losing the appearance and comfort of a cycle. It goes well with 220 LBS of weight.

  • On-screen information: It has an LCD with high readability. It informs you of battery life and speed so that you never fall in danger.
  • 360Wh(10Ah) battery: Thankfully, it has a high battery capacity that gives you 25 miles range to cover with just six hours of full charge. You can commute to the most uneven terrain with full speed and safety.
  • 8.5″ NON-PNEUMATIC TIRES: Non-pneumatic tires are air-free tires. You don’t need to inflate it now and then. Forget all the troubles of downtime, flats, patch kits, and all.

Now, you can connect your electric scooter with the Max Pro app using your phone. No matter where you are and what time it is, you can always check the battery life speed and much more on your phone.

Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

This scooter is the best electric self-balancing scooter with Bluetooth. It gives you everything from ambient-light safety to customizable, colorful LED tail lights suitable for both daytime and night. You can do all these on your phone.

  • Fitbit app: You can put your vehicle in sport mode, check sensitivity, control the lights, excel firmware update with just an app- FOTBOT. Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity.
  • 36-volt Lithium: Now, your scooter has more power as compared to a 24-volt lithium battery. BMS battery system assures you great miles and range with one time full charge.
  • Brushless motors: It comes with a Dual 250W Brushless motor. It provides a speed of 9 mph and climbs up to 15 degrees. Birthday speed and range may differ depending on the rider’s weight and capacity.

The scooter is easy to use and light to ride. It is suitable for kids and teens to weigh 220 lbs. beginners worth trying their hands first on scooters can also purchase this.

How To Choose The Best Electric Scooter Bluetooth?

Electric Scooters With Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth Connectivity

If you are looking for an electric scooter with Bluetooth connectivity, make sure it has it. Make sure it is compatible with your device, and what are the additional apps you will need to download before using it.

Miles per hour

Always check for miles per hour that your scooter provides you. In other words, you have to notice the battery life before purchasing it—those scooters with poor battery life required to charge it more often than you use them.


Pneumatic tires or airless tires are the most preferred ones. You don’t have to inflate them to support the weight of the rider. Also, it saves you from problems like punctures, flats, and so.

Not all scooters are weather-resistant, but some brands claim to be weather-resistant. Even if your scooter is waterproof, you should avoid leaving it in the rain as it may damage its electrical parts in the long run.


A Bluetooth installed electric scooter can be a fun way to spend time riding with friends. With it, take your riding experience to another level with an electric scooter with Bluetooth connectivity.

Written by Lee Hill

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