Best 24-Volt DC Motor Speed Controller

Best 24-Volt DC Motor Speed Controller

DC motors were established in the 18th century itself. But it has been technologically advanced in the years. They are being used in many industries as well.

The DC motor controller is one of the great and valuable features because it is still there. In most controllers, you can adjust the speed according to your use and operation.

Do you have any idea about how your machine’s internal parts work? Do you want to set up a new motor for it?

You can consider the following best 24-volt DC motor speed controller having some great features and uses.

#1 LEDMOMO DC Motor Speed Controller

This controller provides a current of 3A to your motor load. It helps control the speed of the DC motor by making a few adjustments. It is made of good quality material, making it durable and long-lasting, having a cable length of 15cm.

Key Features

    • 1203BB DC Motor Speed Controller
    • 6 to 24 volt
    • Built-in Switch
    • 3A Fuse

1203BB DC Motor Speed Controller. You can regulate the speed of the motor with this controller with ease. You need to adjust the speed with the Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM).

6 to 24 Volt. It works with a voltage of 6 to 24 volts. The controller produces a continuous current of 3A to your motor load. The maximum power it can produce is 80 watts.

Built-in Switch. You can control the forward and backward direction using the built-in switch in the controller. You can stop the motor using the switch button.

3A Fuse. The current works in 3A fuse. This makes it safe to use the motor.


    • Excellent speed control
    • Continuous current of 3A


    • Suitable for low current devices only.

This speed controller works great. One good thing about the controller is you can adjust the speed as you need. Before connecting the controller to your motor, make sure to switch it off. First, connect the wires and then switch it on and make the adjustments. If you reverse the positive and negative load, it will damage the controller.

#2 PWM DC Motor Speed Controller

If you are looking for an easy-to-operating DC speed controller and is well built to provide excellent performance, then the PWM DC speed controller is a perfect choice.

Key Features

    • Excellent Performance
    • Easy To Operate
    • Switch Control Function
    • Application

Excellent Performance. The enclosure of this speed controller is well built and has an aluminum enclosure. The aluminum is strong enough to prevent any damage. There are holes on the top and sides of the motor that are beneficial in heat dissipation.

Regulate Range. It has a voltage of 10V to 55V, having a maximum current of 60A. The speed range is 0 to 100% and a control frequency of 15KHZ.

Easy To Operate. The potentiometer knob in this motor can be easily adjusted from 0 to 100% motor speed. It does it very smoothly. You can see the motor speed clearly in its LED display.

Switch Control Function. This DC speed controller comes with a switch button. It makes it easy to use. With a high-power controller, you can change the motor direction at your convenience.

Application. You can use this speed controller to regulate your brush motor speed or regulate the DC circuit’s dim lights.


    • A high-Speed Power controller
    • Heat dissipation performance
    • Easy to operate the controller


    • You cannot use it in electric vehicles.

Overall the PWM speed controller is well built. Ensure the speed controller is equal to the motor’s voltage, or else it will get burnt.

I had 6-volt power wheels for a 4-year-old kid, but I needed a speed controller to reduce the speed, so I bought this PWM DC motor controller. And yes, it worked great.

#3 RioRand Speed Controller

If you are looking for a speed controller that gives at least 30A current and works smoothly with no vibration sound, then the RioRand speed controller is a great choice. The aluminum shell is well built and durable.

Key Features

    • Voltage Range
    • 30A Current
    • Circuit Optimization
    • Operation And Brake Function

Voltage Range. This speed controller can work in the wide voltage range of DC 7 to 70V. Make sure to leave some margin, as 70V is the maximum voltage the controller can operate in.

30A Current. The current can work maximum at 30A. You will need to reduce current when you are working at high voltage.

Circuit Optimization. You can use this controller for long hours as it has an excellent circuit optimization design and is stable.

Operation. The controller has a potentiometer cable that is 15cm long, and you can separate it easily. You can adjust the motor speed smoothly, and there is no vibration sound.


    • The controller works smoothly
    • No vibration sound
    • Durable


    • It cannot be used to access AC power and brushless motors.

This RioRand controller is great with a wide speed range. When you need a high torque in a low-speed operation, this is a great option to go for. I have used it once for one of my equipment and found it very easy to wire it up, and it has a suitable voltage range.

Buyer’s Guide


A motor works with the current. If your engine produces a lot of currents, then it will damage your machine. It is essential to look at the operating and stall current for your dc motor.

The operating current gives the average amount of current your motor is expected to work on a torque. On the other hand, the stall current will run on 0 RPM or at a stall speed.

So make sure to know the operations and current of your DC motor before buying a speed controller.

24-Volt DC Motor Speed Controller

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

The PWM helps in adjusting the speed of the motor. It helps increase or decrease the voltage range. It thus helps in controlling the motor speed. Use the speed controller that is suitable for you.


Voltage is used to let the current flow in the same direction and reverse it back. The more the voltage, the higher the torque will be. If you want to know how efficient your motor is, look at its voltage.

If you keep it at a low voltage, your motor won’t be working at all. And a high voltage will damage the parts or cause power failure. Always apply the volt as recommended by manufacturers.


You will get to know the speed of the motor by RPM. Motors work great if they operate at high speed. But if the gear is required in your motor, its speed will get reduced. So it will automatically reduce the efficiency of your motor. Before purchasing the controller, you need to look at its speed and torque.


Before purchasing a DC motor controller, it is essential to know how efficient it is for you. A motor that will work on less energy comparatively will be cost-effective. So if you are looking to save some money, go for one that uses less energy.


The motor that has enclosures will help keep the parts of your motor safe. If you are using your motor in specific environments, make sure it has an enclosure to keep the engine protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know if the Motor Has Defects?

One sign to know if your motor has some defect is the vibrating sound of the parts that are inside the motor. You will hear the sound when you run the motor at high speed. Sometimes, the speed is difficult to control and will make the controls useless and defective.

Is It Essential to Have Speed Control in the Motor?

Yes, it is essential to have a DC speed control. The DC motor is critical for converting electrical energy to mechanical energy. To do a different motor task, you require a different speed as per the operation. So it is essential to have speed control and do the mechanical work in a better way. Thus, it helps your motor operate efficiently and with ease.

What Are the Uses of the DC Motor Controller?

There are different kinds of DC motor controllers available nowadays. DC motors are used in various toys, equipment, and household appliances. Various industries use DC motor controllers for conveyors and other machines.

DC motors are widely used in power pumps as they give great response in adjusting speeds. Most people prefer these motor controllers to use in fans as it saves a lot of energy.


I have shared the best 24-Volt DC motor speed controller based on my personal experience and reviews online.

In my opinion, LEDMOMO DC Motor Speed Controller is the best 24-Volt DC motor speed controller that you should have. It is made of good quality material that is long-lasting and durable. You can adjust the speed using PWM as you need, and it is safe to use.

The PWM DC Motor Speed Controller is another excellent choice. It is easy to operate using its switch controls and has excellent heat dissipation performance.

Written by Lee Hill

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