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6 Best Off-Road Electric Bikes

Do you love to ride in the mountains and would like some assistance to explore long-distance trails? One of the best off-road electric bikes would be ideal for you.

According to a report, North America is the fastest-growing market for off-road electric bikes. The electric bike market is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 6.2% during the years 2020-2025.

With the advancement in technologies, manufacturers are making some of the best off-road electric bikes. These electric bikes have all the features of an off-road bike with motor and battery power. It allows a biker to ride long-distance or uphill without draining all their energy.

Best Off-Road Electric Bikes

In this article, we have shortlisted the six best off-road electric bikes. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Best Off-Road Electric Bike: The Best 6

Ancheer Sunshine Off-Road Electric Bike

This Ancheer sunshine is our top choice in the best off-road electric bike. It has a 36V battery with a 350W motor, which offers the largest speed of 20mph with a mileage of 22-40 miles. This electric off ride bike has a high 21-speed gear shifter and a strong aluminum alloy frame.

Features and Benefits

  • Empowering motor: The Ancheer sunshine has a powerful 350W motor that provides enough power for your daily commute or to ride a steep hill. With a maximum speed of 20 miles, you can reach your destination faster.
  • Removable battery: It has a 36-volt battery, which offers a mileage range of 22-40 miles, which can last for a day’s ride. The removable battery pack allows you to charge it on or off the bike, which reduces the risk of theft.
  • 21-speed gear shifts: With its 21-speed gear shifts, the Ancheer sunshine is one of the best electric off-road bikes. The 21-speed gear shifts assist in easy pedaling on steep hills. It allows you to travel on several terrains comfortably.
  • Comfortable ride: This off-road electric bike has a front suspension fork for a comfortable ride on rough terrains. The dual disc brakes offer powerful braking, which assists in safe driving on risky road conditions.

Why should you buy it?

With a high-speed motor and long-life battery, the Acheer sunshine is the best choice in off-road electric bikes. You can travel a distance of up to 40 miles on a single charge. The removable battery helps in easy charging without the concern of being stolen. With the front suspension, dual brakes, it offers a smooth and safe ride on rough terrains.

Ecotric Fat Tire Off-Road Electric Bike

Ecotric is our second choice in the best off-road electric bikes because of the powerful motor. It has a 1000W motor with 48V batteries, which enhances the bike’s performance. The disc brake offers better-stopping power, and the 7-speed gear assists in pedaling.

Features and Benefits

  • High performance: With a high-power 1000W motor, this electric bike can reach up to a speed of 20mph. A powerful motor assists in riding on a steep hill. With 48V batteries, this electric bike offers a pure electric power mileage of 25 miles.
  • Safe and comfortable: With its anti-skid fat tires, this electric bike is safe to ride in the snow, sand, and other terrains. The front suspension fork allows for a comfortable ride, even on bumpy terrains.
  • Night assist: This electric off-road bike is safe to travel even during nighttime. The headlamp offers better visibility during late-night rides. The reflectors reflect light and make you visible to other drivers at night.

Why should you buy it?

This Ecotric off-road electric bike will offer smooth riding in the mountains with a high-power motor. The skidproof fat tires provide better grip in sand or snow or on the pebbly surface of terrains. With the headlights and reflectors, you don’t have to worry about getting late to reach home.

eAhora Off-Road Electric Bike

This eAhora off-road electric bike offers incredible riding through mountain terrains. It has a 350W motor with a 48V removable battery to amp up your riding experience. The front light, disc brakes, and front suspension allow you to have a safe and comfortable riding experience.

Features and Benefits

  • Amplified riding experience: eAhora off electric road bike has a 350W motor and 48V battery. It offers a high speed of 21mph for less time taken while traveling. The aluminum alloy frames make it lightweight for easy loading over bike racks. You can keep track of the battery and speed with its password-protected display.
  • Energy-efficient: This electric bike uses the eAhora Power Assist System or E-PAS technology. It optimizes efficiency and enhances battery life. The E-PAS is a regenerative technology that recharges the battery while you ride at a speed of 15 miles or higher. This bike offers a mileage of 55 miles while using E-PAS mode.
  • Safer riding: This bike comes with a front light to offer visibility during the night. With the soft seat and leather grip handlebars, this electric bike is comfortable to ride for a more extended period.
  • Smooth shift: The Shimano 7-speed shifter allows for a smooth change between gears to ensure ease of pedaling even while going uphill. The wide gear range makes riding easy on different terrains without much effort.

Why should you buy it?

This electric off-road bike is an excellent choice as it offers both comfort and efficiency in one. With the E-PAS technology, this bike provides extended battery life for mileage up to 80 miles. With the large seat and powerful brakes, it allows for a safe and comfortable ride.

R Rattan Fat Tire Electric Off-Road Bike

The R Rattan electric off-road bike has three working modes. It comes with I-PAS technology for enhanced efficiency. The Shimano 7 speed gear shifter makes it easy to travel over different terrains. It has a front light and powerful brakes for a safe night ride.

Features and Benefits

  • Different working modes: This R Rattan fat tire electric bike has three working modes. The e-bike mode allows you to travel only on motor power without pedaling. The PAS mode enables you to pedal the bike with motor power for long-distance travel. In the normal bicycle mode, you can only pedal.
  • I-PAS technology: The Intelligent pedal-assist system or I-PAS improves motor efficiency up to 86%. It helps a rider travel an extended range over a single charge.
  • Durable design: The 6061 aluminum alloy frame has a sturdy built. The rust-resistant material is long-lasting and saves you money. The fat tires are skid and wear-resistant to offer better stability in rough terrains.
  • Risk cover: With a one-year warranty, you can rest assured that the company will deal with any manufacturer defect. In case of a defect, it saves you a lot of money.

Why should you buy it?

With the options of three working modes, it is one of the best off-road electric bikes to choose for riders exploring long trails. R rattan electric bikes allow you to ride even without any battery power, which means you won’t get stuck somewhere. The I-PAS technology provides a mileage of 60 miles.

Vivi Off-Road Electric Bike

The Vivi off-road electric bike has a 50W motor, which offers the same efficiency as a 350W motor with the Vivi smart chip. The dual disc brakes allow a safe ride while going downhill.

Features and Benefits

  • Smart chip: This electric bike comes equipped with Vivi smart chip. It processes signals between batteries, motor, and other parts for working together. It enhances efficiency while reducing energy consumption, which makes the batteries last longer.
  • Sensitive brakes: The Vivi electric off-road bike has front and rear disc brakes for powerful braking in an emergency. The multi-hole disc brakes offer more sensitivity that even applying a slight pressure will result in you slowing down.
  • Adaptable: With the 21-speed gear shifter, this electric bike is flexible. The Shimano gear shifter allows you to change gears during a ride to better adapt to the different roads.
  • Comfortable seat: The saddle of this electric bike has memory foam material. It offers comfort even during long-distance rides. The damping springs used in it provide shock absorption during rough roads.

Why should you buy it?

The smart use of a low-power motor to yield high energy makes this electric bike one of our top choices. With its smart chip, the Vivi electric scooter offers better efficiency. The powerful brakes and large seat allows for a safe and comfortable ride.

eAhora Fat Tire Electric Off-Road Bike

The eAhora fat-tire is one of the best off-road electric bikes having the highest load capacity of 330 lbs. With its super powerful motor, this mountain bike offers a speed of 28 mph. With its unique EPAS technology, this electric bike provides an extended battery life.

Features and Benefits

  • Efficient Design: This electric off-road bike by eAhora has a high load capacity of 330 lbs. Even a heavyweight person can ride this off-road bike with its high-grade aluminum frame. The upgraded tires are puncture-resistant means no more breaks in your adventures due to flat tires.
  • Incredible efficiency: With a 48-volt battery, it can offer a mileage of 45-80 miles means you can ride long distances over a single charge. The high-power 750W motor allows a speed of 28 mph helps you reach your destination faster.
  • E-PAS technology: The E-PAS technology offers a long battery life by saving energy and generating power while you ride. It recharges your bike battery when you ride downhill at a speed above 15mph, which allows you to ride a longer distance.
  • Adjustable suspension: The eAhora off-road electric bike has dual suspension for shock absorption. You can adjust the air front suspension and rear hydraulics suspension to better suit your weight and riding style.

Why should you buy it?

E-PAS technology makes this eAhora electric off-road bike one of the best choices for a long-distance all-terrain ride. It offers a range of 80 miles in the sport mode. Its high load capacity makes it suitable for a heavyweight person. With the adjustable suspension, this bike offers a comfortable ride even on bumpy mountain roads.

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Off-Road Electric Bike

Off-Road Electric Bikes

Motor Power

While buying an electric bike, motor power is an essential factor to consider. The motor power of the electric off-road bike offers high speed. Motor assistance while pedaling helps in traveling a considerable distance without getting tired. Good quality and high power motor make riding uphill easy.

Battery Capacity

The battery capacity is another crucial factor to consider while buying an electric mountain bike. The battery capacity decides the mileage of an off-road electric bike. A good quality battery will last longer and need less time to charge. It would be best if the battery pack is removable to reduce theft risk.


Gears are another essential factor to check while choosing an electric off-road bike. Good quality and high range gears assist you in pedaling in different terrain types. They help make your ride easy and comfortable while going uphill.

More Features

Powerful brakes and suspension are essential for a comfortable and safe ride. Skidproof tires offer a better grip on rough terrains. Front light and reflectors for safe riding during the night are also important.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are off electric road bikes any good?

Off-road electric bikes offer help that allows you to travel distances you have never thought of traveling. While riding uphill with the motor-assist, you can save energy that you can use while riding down.

Can electric bikes go uphill?

With the advancement in design and technology used in electric bikes, you can use them to travel uphill. Manufacturers are designing specific road bikes for traveling in mountain terrains. These bikes come with gears for easy pedaling while going uphill.

Can you ride electric bikes in the rain?

Riding an electric bike while it is raining is not safe, even with a water-resistant battery and motor parts. In rains, due to slippery roads and less visibility, it is not safe for you to ride an electric bike or any bikes, to be precise.

What is the best off-road electric road bike to buy?

While buying the best off-road electric bike, there are several features and factors to consider. The above article discussed the six best electric off-road bikes based on several parameters. You can choose any one of them according to your budget and needs.

How can I convert my existing bike to an electric bike?

You don’t always need to shell out a huge amount to get an electric bike. Your existing off-roader can become an e-bike by using an off-road electric bike conversion kit. We suggest BAFANG Rear Wheel 500W 48V conversion kit if you are looking for the best results.

Written by Lee Hill

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