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What Is the Best Electric Bike Kit on the Market?

Have you heard about e-bikes recently? Are you thinking of buying one for yourself? E-bikes are all the rage right now. They’re easier to use than regular bikes, save a lot of money on gas, and give you some good karma because they run on electricity, not hazardous gas, unlike motorcycles or cars.

But that’s where most people stop. The moment they see the prices on e-bikes, they start questioning whether it’s worth the money. A good e-bike can cost anywhere up to $10,000. But why buy it when you can change your regular bike into one? Surprised?

An electric bike kit will help you do just that. The electric bike kit is an electric hub motor and controller assembly, which can be connected to a regular bike. Once that’s done, all you need are batteries, and you’re all set.

The cost of using an electric bike kit can be as low as a quarter of what you pay for a new bike—interested in buying one? We are here to help. This article will answer the question: what is the best electric bike kit on the market?

#1 AW 26″x1.75″ Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor Kit

This electric bike kit can convert any bike into an e-bike. Replace the rear wheel with this wheel and reduce all the challenges that come your way. This power will help you cover small or large distances, smooth or steep height with ease.

Features and Benefits

  • LCD: The on/off switch is on the LCD screen; hence it is an integral part. It shows you time, speed, mileage, battery power, and gears. The best part is the LCD is water-resistant.
  • Complete wheelset: there is one reel wheel 26 inches. It is reinforced with a 32 mm rim and 40mm tire. As the rim is double-walled and the spokes are pretty thick, it becomes a powerful and robust tire. You can smoothly pass through rough terrain without any damage.
  • Dual-mode controller: Dual-mode controller helps the motor to work both under hall effect and non-hall effect. Thus it helps in extending the lifespan of a bike. The controller module works better all the time.
  • PAS system: does open cycle to work need a pedal-assist system badly. It’s not that you don’t have to pedal. The motor gets engaged while pedaling. Pedal-assist consumes power from the motor and helps you to move faster. This decreases your effort, and you reach your destination with lesser effort.
  • Carrying bag: You get a carrying pouch made of 600D Oxford cloth. It is zippered. 600D Oxford cloth is known for its durability. You can keep the controller inside to safeguard it.

Why should you buy it?

This is suitable for bicycles only. The motor’s diameter is 45 mm and has more than 80% efficiency. You get brake pullers, speed throttle, handlebar grips, battery connection cable, fuse, rope, and twist throttle, along with others in the package.

#2 Voilamart 26″ Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

Why struggle with your existing bike when you can do the same work with less effort? An electric bicycle lets you do that. No need to buy expensive bikes because this conversion kit can turn your existing bike into an expensive one.

Features and Benefits

  • Brushless motor: Brushless motors have more life than brushed ones. They lack a brush. This is why this motor is built with a brushless mechanism. It is 48 volt 1000 watt that can give you 28 mph high speed. The speed can be restricted to 24 mph. Also, it is a gearless motor. The gearless motor is half the size of geared ones. This means You get more efficient power without carrying extra weight. The motor contains a rare earth metal magnet that boosts the power to a high level.
  • Battery: Battery is not included in the pack. It requires a 48-volt electric cell. It does not require more than 11.6Ah. So don’t expect a high-end battery to fix it.
  • LCD: There is a small LCD that shows everything from battery level to petal assistant settings. It indicates to you every time that your ebike is never out of charge.
  • Pedal assistance system: The system allows you to pedal the cycle. It is not as challenging as riding a traditional bike. The motor gives power so that you pedal it swiftly.

Why should you buy it?

330-440 lb load capacity makes it suitable for an overweight person. Brake levers immediately cut off power to the motor that provides a safety brake. You get all other things in the kit like twist throttle, manual, rear-wheel, and much more.

#3 Bafang 48V 750W Mid Drive Electric Bike

You want to go to your work or a local coffee shop, cover every mile with an electric bike. Install this electric bike kit and boost the power of your bike. No matter how far your destination is, you can reach it in minutes. The installation process is way too easy.

Features and Benefits

  • Motor: 48V 750W Mid Drive Motor is what makes it must-have equipment in your bike. 750 watt motor gives at least 20 mph speed. So you can push the throttle after that payment. Neither is it weaker nor is it louder. It does not irritate you with high noise when you ride it.
  • Torque: It has a torque≥160Nm that helps you to accelerate the bike as per your convenience. The starting torque is also pretty high. It is overall beneficial for climbing hills or uneven surfaces.
  • Safety: No matter what you ride, it’s your bicycle or any vehicle, safety comes first. This is why you get a double-clutch, speed sensor, and torque sensor. It ensures a super safe and smooth riding experience all your way.

Why should you buy it?

It is a powerful motor and consumes less electricity. It is suitable for covering local distances within your city. Also, it is easy to put together.

#4 JAXPETY 36V 500W Electric Bicycle Kit

This wheel kit can convert your bicycle into a brand new e-bike with the least effort. It works well with touring bikes, commuter bikes as well as mountain bikes. Enjoy 20 miles per hour speed with an excellent motor.

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful motor: It has a 36 volt 500 Watt powerful hub motor. You can restrict it to work on 750 watts that give 19.88 miles per hour speed by default. As it is a brushless and gearless motor, it works efficiently and is light in weight. Adding this motor makes your bike a road legal one that can surpass all the street’s dirt. In addition to this, the motor contains rare earth metal magnets to enlarge power capacity.
  • Wheel: It is the front wheels here that change your cycle into a bike. The front wheel is equipped with an electric motor, which creates power when you switch it on. You get one wheel of 26 inches in this pack. It has a nylon tire and alloy made rims. Spokes are of stainless steel.
  • Pedal-assist: Crank speed sensor gives a pedal-assist system so that you can pedal with less effort and go as far as possible. Pedal assists are better than throttle as you can cover more range.

Why should you buy it?

Brake levers immediately cut off power when pushed, and so they keep your ride safe. The controller is of aluminum alloy. As aluminum is a good electric conductor, it supplies an ample amount of current. Does a twist throttle that displays battery level and power cut off button. It’s easy to use so children can also use it.

#5 BAFANG BBS02B 48V 750W Ebike Motor Kit

This kit can convert your standard bike into a brand new bike in the simplest way. Don’t worry, as your bike remains almost the same. Only it’s features become upgraded. Here you can choose if you need the motor kit with a battery or without it.

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful motor: You get a mid-drive motor of 48 volts and 750 watts. It is a brushless but geared motor. As it is brushless, it is long-lasting. The controller is integrated into the motor. You can power the motor at a 48 volt and 52 volt Battery. It becomes potent and accelerates speedily with a 52V battery.
  • Accessories: Not just a motor, but it consists of the essential accessories like thumb throttle,  brake lever,  crank, battery, charger, chainring wheel, and much more. A thumb throttle allows you to change your regular pedal bike into electric. Brakes work fantastic. Wires are pretty large, so they offer better connections.
  • Pedal-assist system: Pedal assist allows you to go anywhere by pedaling your bike. It reduces your hard work as it consumes power from the motor. You can ride it without pedaling as well. It works 2 in 1. Thanks to the thumb throttle and pedal-assist system.
  • Compatible: This mid-drive motor kit is designed in such a way that it can fit any standard bottom bracket of 68-73 mm size. So it goes well with fat bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, and other parts of it.

Why should you buy it?

Installing this kit is super easy. You get one instruction manual and installation video to help you. Hardly it takes an hour. It has one USB port. It is built to protect from overcharge or over-discharge, short circuit, and BMS protection.

#6 EBIKELING 48V 1200W 26″ Direct-Drive Electric Bike Kit

This electric bike kit offers more than its competitors. Whether it is a powerful motor, less electricity consumption, high speed, or long-running battery, you get them all. Electrify your current cycle with minimum cost and time.

Features and Benefits

  • Already assembled: Yes, this kit comes already assembled. All you do is transfer the original tire. Rim and hub motor are already attached.
  • Pedal-assist sensor and throttle: It works 2 in 1 as it provides you both a pedal-assist system and a throttle system. You can use a pedal-assist system to reduce the intensity of your hard work while pedaling. Throttle system can take you from one place to another without pedaling just like petrol bikes. If your wrists are tired or your legs, change the mode anytime.
  • LCD: It comes with an upgraded LCD console. There you can view battery percentage, and distance covered, wattage, headlight switch, or other features. You can also troubleshoot any potential errors if present.
  • Hub motor: the diameter of the motor hub is 242mm. It contains magnets. At its peak, the power is 1.45 kilowatt. The best part is that the hub motor is sealed, so it is waterproof. It is a front-wheel kit.

Why should you buy it?

Whether you want to go to a local coffee shop or a lengthy trip, cover everything swiftly with this ebike. The aluminum double-walled rim makes the wheel very strong. Not just the motor, but all the parts are sealed and water-resistant. So don’t worry about going out if it is a bad day.

#7 AW 16.5″ Electric Bicycle Front Wheel Frame Kit

For those seeking a simple and efficient wheel kit that can electrify your bike, this is the right product for you. Apart from this, it is framed with aluminum alloy that makes it more durable and stable. Forget about quick damage to your bicycle.

Features and Benefits

  • Hub motor: There is one brushless hub motor in the kit. It is 1000 watt 48 volts. Brushless motor arm durable than brushed motors. It gives quiet running so that nothing can interrupt your riding pleasure.
  • High speed: With this Ebike, you can move as fast as 28 miles per hour. For high speed and power, keep using the throttle and the pedal-assist together. As it has both, this bike works two in one. Use it as a pedaling cycle or self-moving Ebike. Changing speed is very easy because of the twist throttle.
  • Dual-mode controller: The motor is designed to work both under hall effect as well as non-hall effect. Hence, even during the breakdown, you can still use it. Thanks to the controller that automatically switches into non-hall effect mode.
  • Hand brakes: As you push handle levers, the hand brakes immediately cut off the motor’s power supply. This improves safety. It is CE certificated that ensures high safety.

Why should you buy it?

It has a super powerful motor. The framing is also heavy-duty that allows you to take it on dirt, gravel, sugar-sand trails. Brakes and speed controllers work to keep you safe while you ride. Motor efficiency is more than 80%. Ropes and cables are pretty long, which helps you to connect them easily.

Buyer’s Guide

Here are some quick tips which you should check before giving an order for an Ebike conversion kit.


There are five types of motors in the Ebike kit pack.

  • Hub drive: you can fix either the front or rear part of your cycle’s wheel. The motor is attached to the wheel hub.
  • Front or rear-wheel: Front-wheel is best for flat terrain, while rear wheel motors are suitable for off-road landscapes and hills.
  • Mid-drive or central drive: If you often have to climb through steep hills, then mid-drive is perfect as they are lightweight in design and small in size.
  • Geared motors: They contain many rotating gears that spin speedily to supply power. It is suitable for a high level of torque.
  • Brushless motor: stator or rotor replaces gears here. Here the battery supplies the energy to the motor, and then magnets use it to spin the wheel.


Your e-bike uses this voltage power to run the motor. The voltage indicates how much power it consumes to run.

Pedal-assist or throttle

Both work better in their place. It depends on what you need. If you often have to peddle to commute local distances, pedal-assist is better as it reduces your pedaling effort. At the same time, throttle demands to keep them pressed. It moves automatically without the need for pedaling.


Why is Ebike better than my current bike?

When it comes to the environment, Ebikes are the best and eco friendly. Because it does not emit hazardous gases like carbon dioxide, it works on electricity, and emission is zero.

If you don’t have one, you don’t have to buy it and panic about your budget. Many Ebike kits can change your current cycle into a beautiful mountain bike.

How long do Electric bikes last?

Average of the Electric bikes last for about 3 to 5 years. This counts in the bike that is in regular use. If some component of your ebike is damaged, then you can replace it rather than changing the whole bike.

Is there any consideration for Electric bikes?

Yes, there are some, but it does not affect your riding experience. Ebikes are a little pricey and have a shorter lifespan than traditional bikes because of the battery. They are heavier than regular bikes.

Also, the resale value is low. But it is beneficial for the environment as well as your health, which covers the cons.

Wrap Up

Getting an electric bike kit to convert your old and trusty pedal bike is a great idea. It saves on cost and makes the bike come to life again.

We felt that out of all the options we presented, the AW Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle E-Bike Conversion Kit is the best because it has a high motor efficiency of more than 80%.

If you’re looking to save up on money, the JAXPETY hub motor conversion kit is an excellent option for you.

Written by Lee Hill

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