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Electric Bike With Sidecar – What Are The Benefits?

Do you want to take someone along with you next time you go biking? Or do you want to have extra storage next time you go somewhere on your e-bike? A sidecar is a perfect solution for your problems.

Sidecar is a one-wheeled device attached to the side of a motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle, making the whole a three-wheeled vehicle. It is the best way of carrying a passenger on an electric bike. It provides easier and more secure storage than saddlebags.

What Is An Electric Bike With a Sidecar?

E-bikes are bicycles with an added motor power. Electric bikes work similarly to a regular bicycle. The electric component is meant to supplement human power. It makes riding through hilly terrains easier and allows you to travel further without getting tired.

One can ride them solely by pedaling, entirely using electric power, or most commonly, pedaling with motor power for easier work and higher speeds. It is a regular bike that is much easier to ride with extra power.

The concept of sidecars goes back to the late 80s or early 90s. It was invented to carry a passenger comfortably. Few years down the line, Companies offered sidecars, not only for a passenger but also for cargo boxes or side-vans for delivery vehicles.

The rising trend in electric bikes paved the way for an electric bike with a sidecar.

The sidecars are not balanced. They have more weight on one side of the e-bike. Sidecars are a great addition to any electric bike. They are a more stable alternative than two people riding the same bike, making it easier to bring another person along.

What Are Some Of The Best Electric Bike With a Sidecar?

#1 Beach Vintage Side

The Beach Vintage Side was the first entrant in the e-bike sidecar segment from Bad Bike in Italy. It has a 360W battery, which feeds into a 250W rear hub motor. There is a 500W motor option available as well.

It weighs only 66 pounds and can carry up to 265 pounds.

#2 Ural All-Electric

The Ural All Electric with a sidecar is open for registration now. This concept bike uses a Z-Force motor with a 60HP max output. It can reach a max speed of 88mph and can ride 103 miles in one go.

The bike has 19.5KwH batteries, with a maximum torque of 81 ft.

How To Drive An Electric Bike With A Sidecar?

A sidecar is constructed to handle the load, be it cargo or passengers. When you ride without any load, it is better to remove the sidecar. If removal is not possible, add in some weight to balance it.

One of the hardest parts while riding a bike with a sidecar is well-calculated steering. The sidecar adds an unbalanced force to one side. The axle of steering stays in the electric-bike center. It means turning on one side feels very different than turning on the other.

If you have attached the sidecar properly, then the e-bike will track straight down the road and lean against the turns.

An essential part of sidecar safety is staying in control. A rough driving of a bike with the sidecar can lead to a loss of control as sidecars tend to flip towards where the driver is seated.

Things To Consider While Using A Sidecar

It would be best to connect the sidecar to an electric-bike via a pivot bearing, allowing the sidecar to move quickly with the bicycle. It can help you ride your bike normally, and the sidecar will not tend to lift one wheel when making a turn. Lifting of the wheel would happen if you fixed the sidecar solidly to the bicycle.

You may not need the sidecar frequently. It is suggested to use a detachable sidecar to use with your electric bike. This feature makes it easier to remove the sidecar when not needed. Some sidecar options come with space for two children at a time with built-in seatbelts to secure them during a ride.

The sidecar can be hooked up to the bike using only a mounting bracket. However, additional brackets for the same sidecar are also available. The brackets can be used to mount the sidecar on various electric-bikes. It helps in attaching the sidecar to an e-bike. It is not recommendable to hook it onto carbon bicycles or bikes with very narrow wheels.

It is challenging to travel on a particular lane or a straight line on the sidecar as it has three wheels. For a safe ride, keep both your hands on the bars firmly and concentrate on the path. Have a clear mind and look straight as it will help you move ahead correctly. It can, however, result in soar arms as you’ll have to pull the handlebars always.

Pros Of Adding A Sidecar To An Electric Bike

Sidecars provide extra storage space to allow more battery power for an electric bike.

Electric-bikes with a sidecar have more excellent stability in wet or slippery conditions.

Some even have two wheels drive to provide better stability. Sidecar rigs are slower than regular bikes and help riders drive safely.

People often use sidecars to carry another person along with them. Sometimes the sidecar body that can carry passengers is replaced with a box to carry something bulky.

Cons Of Electric Bike With Sidecar

Sidecars are not made for everyone. They are much slower than e-bikes alone. They cannot filter in heavy traffic, and they corner flat. They can tip. Most road vehicles are designed to slide before they tip over; sidecars are fundamentally more unstable.

They have a reasonably high center of gravity similar to quad bikes and trikes, and as such, are prone to tipping. You would need different driving skills to have a safe ride on an e-bike with a sidecar.

They are unbalanced or lacks symmetry, which means their cornering features are different for left and right-handed turns. These things can make driving a bike with a sidecar hazardous.

Sidecars can tip in either direction. If you take a turn too fast when turning towards the sidecar, the sidecar can leave the ground and tilt towards the driver and vice-versa. You can avoid both cases. With a correctly set up sidecar, it should not be a problem with responsible riding.

Final Thoughts

You can attach the sidecar to most standard electric bikes. Adding a sidecar to your bike increases your bike’s versatility and gives it a unique look.

It also allows you to fit in with more people or loads while on the go. People also consider getting a sidecar for their e-bikes as it makes the ride more stable.

Written by Lee Hill

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