Electric Scooter Rear Wheel Assembly

Electric Scooter Rear Wheel Assembly

The electric scooters usually have two wheels, one at the front and another at the back. They have a platform which we call deck, and a handlebar to steer.

They are different from other scooters because there you find the battery, an electric motor, and tires which are large and filled with air. You can ride these scooters by standing on the deck.

Electric scooters are in demand; their market size was $18.6 bn in 2019, growing at about 10% every year. You will find many brands of electric scooters in the market, but the most popular one is Razor which mainly targets to make electric scooters for kids and the young generation.

A rear-wheel plays a vital role in an electric scooter. As a scooter rider, you should know about electric scooter rear wheel assembly so that if there is a problem with the rear wheel, you can purchase it from the market and assemble it on your scooter.

Significant Components of Electric Scooter

#1. Battery

An electric scooter runs on a battery. So we can say the battery is a fuel tank. The battery provides power to the various components of an electric scooter. As a result, it runs on the road.

There will be either lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries in an electric scooter, and you can determine the capacity of your battery by watt-hours. It ranges from 250Watt hours to 3000 Watt-hours in electric scooters.

So, the battery capacity varies from one model to another. Again you need a good battery charger to charge the battery of your electric scooter.

When you see the red light on your charger, it indicates your battery is not in complete charge condition, and the green light shows that the battery is in complete charge condition. You should fully charge your battery before riding your electric scooter.

#2. Brakes

An electric scooter has brakes to control its speed on roads. You will find two types of braking systems. In mechanicals, system disc brakes are there in an electric scooter to control your speed. But, it needs maintenance within a fixed interval.

Another braking system is the electronic type, where you need to depend on the motor to control your scooter’s speed.

Well, in some scooters, you may find both types of braking systems. If one fails, then the other will help the rider to control his scooter.

#3. Controller

Another critical component of the electric scooter is a controller, which sends the power to the motor on an acceleration basis. As a result, the wheel of your scooter rolls on the road. You can rate controllers based on voltage and current.

You will see a rectangular box with a lot of wires inside the electric scooter. That is your controller, which does its work quietly.

But, if you have any problem with the controller, then it can create serious problems.

#4. Deck

The deck is the place where you stand and drive your electric scooter. The deck usually varies from one electric scooter to another. Some have a good surface finish which will provide good gripping on the roads, whereas some have electrical motors inside the deck.

Significant Components of Electric Scooter

#5. Handlebars

You use handlebars to steer your electric scooter. You will find brakes, accelerators, the power button on your handlebar. Again you can fold handlebars if needed and carry them anywhere.

#6. Lights

Lights are pretty important at night time because they allow the rider to visualize everything on the road. You will see one LED headlight and a tail light on your electric scooter.

#7. Motors

The electric scooters have motors that attach to both the front and rear wheel. You can rate the motors by their power consumption.

#8. Stem

You will see a tube-like structure from the handlebar to the front wheel, and we call that tube the stem. You can fold that when needed.

#9. Suspension

Some electric scooters have suspension systems, whereas some don’t have any suspension systems. Even the suspension system varies from one scooter to another. But, the most common one is the coil and spring suspension system.

#10. Tires

You will find two tires on an electric scooter. They are pneumatic, so your tires can grip properly on roads.

Rear Wheel of Electrical Scooter

Razor electric scooters are quite popular today. The razor electric scooter rear wheel is on the backside of your vehicle. You will find a round-like structure on the center portion of the rear wheel, which we call a hub. An electrical motor fits on the hub of the rear wheel.

The hub motor is in two parts: one is inner, and another is outer. We call the outer part a rotor which rotates when your electric scooter runs on the road. The inner part is called the stator, which remains stationary.

Rear Wheel of Electrical Scooter

For a better understanding, you can compare the construction of the hub motor with the fan. Your hub motor looks precisely like that of your fan, but their working principles are different.

Again, if you open the electrical hub motor by fastening various bolts and washers, you will have lots of copper windings.

We call these copper windings concentrated windings because, in one slot, you will find a lot of copper windings wounded one over the other. The rotor contains permanent magnets in an alternative form.

How Does the Electrical Hub Motor of Rear Wheel Work?

An electronic device usually attaches to the inner part of the hub motor. We call this device a hallmark sensor. This sensor senses the magnetic, whether it is the north pole or south pole, and sends the feedback to the controller.

The controller generates a feedback signal which magnetizes the windings. Finally, the hub rotates clockwise and anticlockwise by the attractive and repulsive force. The rear wheel electric scooter kit is readily available online and offline. You can easily buy the rear wheel electric scooter kit.

Tools Required to Assemble Electrical Scooter

The electric scooter has made our life comfortable. If you are riding an electric scooter, you should know every component and assembly of the rear wheel.

The electrical scooter rear wheel assembly is relatively easy, and it will just take 20 minutes. But you need to follow a few necessary steps.

Tools Required

    • Screwdriver
    • 10 mm open-end wrench
    • Two 8mm open-end wrenches
    • Two 16mm open-end wrenches.

How to Assemble a Rear Wheel of an Electrical Scooter?

#1. Remove Chain Guard

First, you need to remove the chain guard of your electric scooter. For this, you need to remove the screws with a screwdriver. It is pretty straightforward. After removing the chain guard, keep it aside along with the screws.

#2. Disconnect The Brake Cable

Now remove the bolts, which secures the brake cable with the help of a 10 mm open-end wrench. Keep It aside. Then you hold the spring again and slide it back, and put the bolt and washer on the spring so that you will not lose it. These are very tiny things, and there are maximum chances of losing. So, putting the bolt and washer on the spring is the safest place. Then disconnect the brake anchor with the help of two 8mm open-end wrenches.

How to Assemble a Rear Wheel of an Electrical Scooter

#3. Remove The Old Wheel

Now you need to keep your 16mm open-end wrenches on both sides of the axle and lose it. Once you lose the bolts, remove the rear wheel. Then pull the chain from the sprocket.

#4. Install The New Wheel

Now wrap the chain on the sprocket of your new wheel and try to install your new wheel on the electric scooter. You need to slide the axle to fit the wheel. While fitting all the nuts, keep the spacer near the chain and lock the washer outside the chain. Again take your 16 mm wrenches and keep them on both sides, and tighten the axle.

#5. Reinstall The Brake Cable

Now put the brake cable in its correct position and tighten the screws and nuts.

#6. Reinstall The Chain Guard

You need now to do the final work, i.e., reinstall your chain guard. Once you do your installation of the rear wheel in an electric scooter is ready. You will take some time to remove a few bolts, nuts, and screws. So, it’s very simple.

Advantages of Electrical Scooter

    • Portable
    • Less physical Effort
    • Travel to your destination at a more incredible speed
    • No regular maintenance


Nowadays there is heavy traffic on roads. So, reaching your destination requires a lot of time. But thanks to the electric scooter. You can travel at a much greater speed to your desired location.

A rider doesn’t have to pedal or put a lot of force to ride. It runs by battery. So you can go to your favorite place without making any physical effort. You can fold your scooter if necessary.

Electric scooters have many advantages, and you can buy a scooter for $300 for adults. The price may go up to $2000.The Razor electric scooters are quite popular now.

This article discusses electric scooter rear wheel assembly. I hope the steps will help you a lot in fitting a new rear tire on your scooter.

Written by Lee Hill

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