The Ultimate Guide to Electric Travel

From electric bikes to electric scooters and everything you need to get around, clothing, helmets, locks lights and accessories.

Electric Bikes

What’s the best electric bike for work, play or for the kids, check out our reviews and guides.

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Electric Scooters

Looking for help and guidance on the scooter that is perfect for you, read our professional guides and reviews.

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Clothing & Accessories

Everything you need for your electric ride. From helmets, clothing, locks and lights.

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Are electric bikes legal?

Yes electric bikes are legal but there are restrictions on speed which varies based on your countries law. More information can be found in our legal guides.

Are electric bikes suitable for kids?

Electric bikes are suitable for children. There are specific e-bikes made for children that suit their height and have speed limits to ensure safety. 

Should i buy an electric bike or scooter?

Depending on what you will use your e-transport for depends on whether you should opt for a scooter or a bike. E-Scooters are great for city transportation but not suitable for rough terrain – e-bikes can be purchased specific to your requirements i.e Mountain e-bikes, road e-bikes.

how fast can electric bikes go?

E-Bikes are limited to between 15.5mph in the UK but other countries allow e-bikes that can reach a speed of 28mph.

how much is an electric bike?

Electric bike prices vary from £800($900)-£8000($10,000). There are e-bikes suited to all budgets.

can i ride an electric bike on the path?

E-Bikes and bikes alike are not meant to be ridden on public sidewalks, pavements. Many cities have bike paths but if these are not available cyclists should use the road.

do i need a licence to ride an electric bike?

You do not currently need a licence to ride an e-bike, as long as your e-bike does not exceed your countries legal speed limit. 

how long do batteries last on electric bikes?

Battery life varies depending on the e-bike you purchase. The battery life averages at around 4-5 hours.

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