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How Much Do Stealth Electric Bikes Cost

Stealth is the leading manufacturer of off-road electric bikes. They are known for building fast and high-quality electric bikes. They have great reviews and user feedback online. These bikes cost above $4000 or $5000.

You may be wondering: What’s the benefit of buying an electric bike that is not even street legal? These bikes may not be street legal, but they do qualify as excellent off-road vehicles.

If you are interested in a mighty and good off-road electric bike, you should opt for Stealth. These bikes are better than mopeds and electric scooters. This article will describe the details of some of the best Stealth electric bikes available in the market.

What Are Stealth Electric Bikes?

Stealth is an Australian manufacturer of electric bikes, and the company got its name from its B-52 Bomber model. This model is well built and has a very high top speed of 50 mph. It even had a mighty motor with a power of 4,000 watts.

The B-52 Bomber model was not street legal, but it was well-liked and appreciated by all the electric bike enthusiasts. Since then, Stealth has released the H-52 (50mph) and the F37 (38mph), both off-roaders.

Stealth released the P7, its street-legal range in 2017. The P37 is lightweight and agile and can go up to 20mph. Looking at the popularity of the P7, the company released the P-7R, which can go up to 28mph.

Cost Of The Some Of The Best Stealth Electric Bikes

The cost of an electric bike depends on many features, and the Stealth electric bikes are the premium quality electric bikes. The base price for these bikes starts at about $5000 for the street-legal model.

If you want to purchase the more powerful and off-road performance bikes, they start at about $8000. We have mentioned the price and specifications of the stealth electric bikes below.

The P-7

This electric bike model’s base price is $5400, and it has a street-legal speed limit of 20 mph. It also has a road-legal 250 watt motor with an excellent distance coverage of 100 miles. The gearing system of this bike is top-notch. It is an ideal choice for people as it is also has a lightweight frame.

The P-7R

The P-7R was designed to piggyback on the popularity of the P-7 model, with a speed limit of 28mph. The move was aimed at the UK market, where 28mph is considered street legal. The P-7R is dubbed as the “trailblazer” bike, meant for mountain climbing.

The P-7R’s fully adjustable suspension includes 7-inch front travel and 5 inch rear. You can fine-tune both to suit your size and style. The mighty Magura MT4 powers reverse thrust and give you safety with precision.

The bike has a powerful 1500W engine, which can run at 28mph and reach up to 93 miles in one go. It has large 27.5-inch wheels, nine gears, a concentric swingarm pivot that reduces pedal bob, a ruggedized kickstand, headlight, and a lifetime frame warranty.


This model has a base price of $9500. It can run up to 50 mph and a range capacity of 40 miles. You can travel very quickly with this electric bike as it has a powerful motor with 6.2 kW of power.

You also get a comfortable motocross-style seat with this bike. This will surely bring out the biking or off-road enthusiast inside you. You have the option to choose the type of suspension and the type of brakes in these bikes.


It is one of the flagship models of the Stealth electric bikes. The base price for the B-52 model is around $9800. This model also has a motor with a power of 6.2 kW and atop speed of 50 mph.

However, this model has a higher distance range than the H-52 model. You can ride this e-bike for about 60 miles. You can also customize the type of brakes and suspension according to your needs.

For instance, a heavy person would like to have a firmer suspension than a lighter person. It also has an optimum 9-speed sequential gearbox for superior transitioning and driving.


This model has a starting base price of $8500, and you also get a two-speed planetary gear with this electric bike. This model has a slightly less powerful motor than the previous models making it ideal for regular usage. You are also allowed to customize the types of brakes and suspensions available to you. It has a 3.7kW motor. This bike has a driving range of 60 miles and a top speed of 30 mph. This model is more close to being street legal, whereas the B-52 and the H-52 are not street legal and are more suited as an off-road vehicle.

Why is Stealth a Trusted Electric Bike?

Stealth electric bikes feature a wide range of innovative bikes in their product lineup. Some of these models include:

  • The Super Commuter
  • TrailBlazer
  • Single Track Slayer
  • Heavy Artillery
  • Mini Moto

These bikes are built for a lifetime. What do I mean? These bikes are sturdy, durable and will serve you over a very long period without any servicing or repairs. You can build a custom bike with your choice of features as well.

Best Features Of A Stealth Electric Bikes

Stealth electric bikes have great features. You get excellent assist, a solid frame, and a powerful motor for show-riding and trailblazing.

Stealth bikes are known for versatility and speed. The fun of having a non-street-legal bike is to use it off-road on dirt tracks, mountains, and trails. These bikes have a great suspension system, superb pedals, wide tires, and many cool features like headlights, a ruggedized stand, and extra gears for pedaling.

You can choose the street-legal pedal-assist bike for commuting to work, shopping for groceries, riding for fun, and a variety of other reasons as well. You will be able to ride for a longer duration at a consistent speed with less feeling of fatigue.


Stealth is easily the best off-road electric bike. These bikes are powerful speed demons that you can use for off-roading and trailblazing. These bikes are great for min moto as well.

But with speed and power comes expense. The cost of these bikes is upward of $8500. It is a significant investment, but for someone who enjoys the experience, it is worth it.

Written by Lee Hill

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