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13 Reasons to Buy an Electric Bike

There’s no better time to switch from four to two wheels. But wouldn’t it be great if you could make cycling easier? There are several reasons you may choose to buy an electric bike today as they’re lots of models on the market and they’re becoming trendy. People from all walks of life feel e-bikes can change their lives because they’re fun and easy to control.

Changing the way you travel has a significant impact on the quality of your life, and will also affect the environment. Keep on reading to learn more about why you should get an e-bike today.

What is an Electric Bike and How Does it Work?

You’ve probably seen the big fuss about electric bicycles, as everyone is trying to get one today as they transition from using petrol and diesel cars. E-bikes don’t represent a trend that might go away in a few years; they’re here to stay.

An electric bike is basically a bicycle with an integrated motor. It has the same parts found in a regular bicycle but comes with a motor, battery, and controller that work together to help you go faster. The electric components help with pushing the bike faster and longer, reducing the effort put on your muscles. However, you still have to pedal when you’re riding an e-bike.

There are several types of e-bikes, based on the way the motor is mounted. Front hub e-bikes feature a motor that has been installed at the front of the frame. This model will pull the e-bike forward. A rear hub bicycle features an electric motor that has been mounted at the back, where the motor pushes the e-bike to the front.

Mid-drive motors send power to the drivetrain. These e-bikes provide a natural experience that resembles regular biking, but it will be a lot easier.

The battery should be charged to provide power for the motor. Some batteries can go between 20 and 60 miles per single charge, depending on the pedal style and road condition.

You can activate the pedal only mode. In this case, your e-bike works just like a regular bike. This option can be activated if the road is clear, and you want to exercise a little bit. You will burn calories by peddling as the power of your muscles push the bicycle forward.

The pedal-assist mode is the most common choice for riders. In this mode, the motor is only activated when the rider is peddling.

This means that you still have total control over the bicycle, and you still have to pedal to get it moving. Although you have to put in some effort, the pedal-assist mode is more comfortable than regular peddling as the motor gives you an extra push. Your ride will be smoother, and you will be able to ride more without getting too tired or sweaty.

The electric mode depends on the motor, with no to minimum input from the rider. You can set the motor using the throttle, and the bicycle will go forward on its own without any peddling.

This can work if you’re extremely tired at the end of the day because you don’t have to pedal. However, this mode puts much strain on the motor, so your battery is likely to run out fast.

Why should I buy an electric bike?

Check out the top reasons why you should buy an electric bike.

1.  E-bikes are Fun

Riding in the fresh air is a fun experience, and e-bikes don’t take away any of that fun. You can still enjoy your time on an e-bicycle because the motor doesn’t make it less fun. It only reduces the effort needed to push your bicycle forward.

You can still enjoy the breeze and go on cool trips with your friends and family. The motor will help you manoeuvre around cars and give you a head start at the traffic lights, so you can start your journey.

2.  Better for the Environment

Although an e-bike comes with a mounted motor, it’s more environmentally-friendly than a car. Lots of people are concerned about sustainability, but riding a regular bicycle might not work for them because they’re either too old, suffer from health problems, or need to commute to far destinations.

The e-bike overcomes these problems because the motor does most of the work on your behalf. You can depend on the motor to give you more push or totally engage it to work on its own, so you don’t have to exert an enormous amount of effort to reach your destination.

Using the bicycle can encourage more reluctant people to say goodbye to their cars, even if they can’t ride a regular bike – they can buy an electric bike.

3.  More Convenient than Public Transport

If you’re thinking about the fastest and best way to go to work or school, then the e-bike might be your best option. It saves you from the crowded public buses and trains and doesn’t force you to pay the fare of a private taxi or car.

With the help of the motor, you can ride for long distances without getting too tired. This can be a good solution when you’re traveling to work or school in the morning and are running out of time. At the end of the day, your e-bicycle will be quite easy to ride when you don’t have much energy and want to go home to rest.

The e-bicycle will be an investment as over time you will save money on transportation and will make for a more comfortable for those that live in busy cities where the public transport is overcrowded.

4.  Fewer Regulations

Compared to cars and other road vehicles, there are fewer and easier regulations and laws regarding e-bikes. Your battery powered bicycle has a built-in motor, but you don’t have to apply for a license to ride it. You don’t need license plates or insurance to start riding your e-bike.

In most cases, the rules of regular cycling will apply to your new bicycle. If you already have experience with standard bikes, then transitioning to an electric one won’t be a big issue.

5.  E-bikes Come in Different Models

There are several models of electric bicycles, so you can definitely find the one that works for you. Electric bikes are available in fat, cargo, commuter, mountain bike, hardtail, and performance bike styles. This means that depending on your needs, you will find a bicycle that works for all people and activities.

Whether you’re a beginner or an avid cyclist, you can still find the right e-bike for you. If you’re confused about which one to buy, you can study their features to pick the most suitable one.

6.  An E-bike Can Go Where no Car can Go

One of the perks of owning an electrical bicycle is that you don’t have to stick to the regular roads that might be too crowded, especially during rush hour. With the help of the motor, you can explore less crowded tracks, where your car wouldn’t normally be able to access.

An e-bicycle can go on all types of roads and terrains without any issue. It can be used for leisure, exercise, or regular commuting, thanks to the built-in motor that reduces the strain on your muscles.

7.  You Go Faster and Longer

Although you still have to use the pedals, the motor takes the strain off your muscles, so you can pedal for a longer period. This is an excellent choice for those who like to use bikes for commuting as you will arrive at your destination without feeling too tired.

Thanks to the built-in motor, the e-bike can go fast compared to a regular one, using the same amount of effort. Some models can go as fast as 50 mph. However, the law states that a bike with assisted peddling, shouldn’t go more than 20 mph in most states, for the safety of the rider and other people around.

8.  Save Money

The initial cost of buying an electric bike is higher than the price paid for a regular one. However, it’s still lower than the cost of a petrol or diesel car. It offers some of the comfort you can achieve with a car, without enduring the high cost.

The cost of maintenance is similar to that of regular bikes. You will need to maintain the tires and chains, and might have to pay more attention to the motor and the battery. Nevertheless, the electric bicycles are an affordable solution to help you go faster.

9.  E-bikes Can Still Make You Stay Fit

Although there’s a motor, you still have to pedal to keep the electric bikes going. This means that you can still lose weight while peddling on an e-bicycle.

Regular exercise boosts blood circulation and drives more energy to your lungs and other organs. E-bikes can help with aided exercise because you still get to pedal with some help from the motor. This is an excellent choice for those who aren’t very fit or can’t pedal because of their age or a medical condition.

10. Is an Electric Bike Cheating?

People who own electric bicycles use them more often than those who own standard bikes use theirs. The price you pay for an electrical bike is an investment because you’ll ride it more often.

Regular bikers might think that using an electric bike is some sort of cheating because the e-bicycle doesn’t offer the same exercise. However, the truth is that some people are unfit to cycle or can get too tired when they’re on a regular bike.

The motor helps you to ride longer without putting much strain on your ligaments and muscles. An e-bike is as convenient as a car, unlike a regular bicycle that you might be too tired to cycle. Moreover, since an electric bike costs more than a regular one, you’re most likely going to ride it more often to make more of your money.

11. You Can Go Up Hills

This is probably one of the best features of e-bike because the motor gives you an extra kick when you’re climbing uphill. With regular bikes, you have to put a lot of effort into helping the bicycle go on an upward slope. The motor on your e-bike will tackle hills like a breeze, reducing the strain on your muscles, making the uphill climb much easier.

This is probably why outdoor enthusiasts love electric bicycles because they spend more time enjoying their outdoor adventure without worrying about challenging terrains. Mountain bikers are also fond of e-bikes because they allow them to go uphill with minimum effort.


12. Crosswinds and Headwinds Won’t Stop You

In addition to the terrain, the wind is another factor that can affect your experience as a rider when you’re going on a regular bike. However, e-bikes can overcome this problem easily.

There’s no problem when you’re riding, and the wind is behind you, pushing you to the front. However, if you have to cycle against the wind or if it’s pushing you to the side in the winter months, you might end up losing control as you try so hard to maintain your speed.

With electric bikes, there will be no such problem because the motor gives you enough power to overcome the wind speed. You can increase the motor setting to overcome any obstacle that might affect the quality of your ride.

13. E-Bikes are Safe

Battery powered bikes are more secure than standard bikes that can be easily stolen. Most e-bicycles come with built-in tracking systems or can be easily connected to your smartphone. As a result, you can leave your e-bike unattended because it won’t be easily stolen.

Nevertheless, you still want to use regular safety measures to protect your e-bike from theft. Parking your e-bike in a good area and buying a safety lock is essential to make sure that your electric bicycle will stay in excellent condition.

So, Is It Worth Getting An E-Bike?

Electric bikes allow you to enjoy all the cool perks of riding a traditional bike without the sweat and tiredness that you’re likely to experience with continuous peddling. This assisted-riding style is good for the environment because you don’t have to use petrol or diesel. However, it puts less strain on your muscles, so you can cycle more and enjoy your time with your friends and family. Overall, now is the time to buy an electric bike to benefit not only your health and finances, but also the environment.

Written by Lee Hill


9 Advantages of Owning an Electric Bike