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Electric Bikes Vs. Mopeds – Which Is Better For You?

Electric bikes and mopeds are both two-wheeler vehicles. Both of these vehicles have different features and specifications.

Although an e-bike and a moped have a similar structure, they are very different. Electric bikes are smarter and more environmentally friendly than a moped. On the other hand, you get the long built trust and reliability when purchasing a moped.

Owning these vehicles is a vastly different experience. To help you choose between them, we have tried to point out the main differences.

We have mentioned both the advantages and disadvantages of both these vehicles in the article below.

What is an electric bike?

Electric bikes are pretty similar to a standard motorbike. They are a two-wheeler vehicle operating on electricity.

Electric bikes offer a smart and innovative way of traveling from one place to another.

There are different models of electric bikes available for diverse terrain and landscape. These bikes are very versatile and popular.

You get to choose from a wide range of different models with different features.

An e-bike is unique because of its electric motor, battery, and electric driving system. Another distinguishing feature between a motorbike and an electric bike is the weight. E-bikes are pretty lightweight and can be pedaled. Motorbikes are heavyweight and cannot be pedaled.

Benefits Of An Electric Bike

Electric bikes have pedals or throttles.

Electric bikes can be pretty easy to operate. They have two assisted modes of operation.
The first is the pedal-assist mode. In this mode, your motor supplements your pedaling efforts by adding force.

The second is the throttle assist mode. Throttle mode is similar to riding a motorbike, where the motor powers the bike completely. You do not need to pedal in this mode.

There are hybrid bikes that have both pedal-assist and throttle modes.

Electric bikes serve two purposes in one vehicle. They help you to exercise as well as travel to your destination simultaneously.

Electric bikes run on batteries.

The batteries of electric bikes are continually getting better. Electric bike manufacturing companies are investing a large amount of money in improving existing battery technology.

Currently, a majority of these bikes have a lithium-ion battery. A lithium-ion battery is very durable. It has a long run time without compromising on-bike speed.

Electric batteries are environmentally friendly. There is no gas used, no harmful emissions. Most e-bikes have a brushless motor, which does not produce much noise either.

Electric bikes are slower and safer.

Electric bikes have a speed of around 20-22 miles per hour for most models. This top speed lies under the maximum allowed speed of an electric bike of 25 miles per hour. Some expensive and high-end models can move at a higher set speed limit. Moving at a speed higher than 25 miles per hour is illegal in the majority of the states. E-bikes are also safer than a moped as they move at a considerably lower speed, have a hydraulic braking system, and some other features.

Electric bikes are not regulated.

Electric bikes are not regulated, meaning they are not recognized by the state and federal government as a proper motorized vehicle. Due to this reason, you don’t need to have a license to ride an electric bike. There is no registration necessary for an electric bike; the age limit for riding one is 14 years old.

Electric bikes have a low overhead.

Electric bikes have a low overhead or additional costs associated with them. There is no gas cost, and the amount of electricity it requires to run on is very cheap and affordable. An electric bike hardly requires any maintenance, so it is very cost-efficient in that department as well. As an electric bike is not regulated, there is no licensing and registration fee for it as well.

Electric bikes are more comfortable to use

E-bikes don’t have any fear or clutch system, which can be too complicated for some people. Some mopeds have a gear system, and people require more training and practice to use them efficiently.

You can pedal an e-bike or use the throttle and accelerate. Some people also join driving schools to learn the basics and functions of a moped, but this is unnecessary in an electric bike. People who know how to ride a regular bicycle instantly adapt to an e-bike.

What is a moped?

A moped is a two-wheeler with a motor and pedals. You may easily confuse them with a scooter because they look very similar.

Mopeds are lighter than scooters or motorbikes. The motor of a moped does not run on electricity. It instead runs on gas or manual pedaling power. The size of a moped motor is larger than a motor in an electric bike.

The primary function of an electric bike and a moped is similar, traveling from point A to point B. Both these vehicles offer some different features; the advantages of a moped are discussed below.

Benefits Of A Moped

Mopeds are trusted

The mopeds have been around and popular for a very long time. Many people still use and buy them, obviously with time these mopeds have also improved. But the people have trust in this type of vehicle because of its longevity. Electric bikes are very new in their comparison because of which people still do not trust them completely.

Mopeds are cheaper

Mopeds are cheaper than an electric bike. These bikes run on gas and don’t need expensive electrical systems. If you are looking to get a two-wheeler on a limited and constrained budget, then mopeds are ideal for you. The initial cost of purchase for mopeds is far less than the initial price for an electric bike.

Mopeds have been continuously upgrading.

Mopeds have received a lot of upgrades over time. These upgrades include structural design upgrades, fuel efficiency, better comfort, and improved mileage.

Mopeds are continually upgrading with better design and newer features. Mopeds are a practical and convenient way to travel.

Mopeds are regulated

Many states and the federal government recognize a moped as a vehicle. What this means is that you must have a license for riding a moped on the road.

Most states have the same age limit for driving a moped as they do for a motorcycle. All the rules and laws acting on a bike are also applicable on a moped.

Requires Insurance

If your moped has a motor with a 50 cc engine, then you must also have insurance for it in many states. In many states, two-wheeler vehicles running on gas with an engine power than a 50 cc engine are considered a motorbike.

Mopeds have a higher additional cost.

Mopeds don’t cost as much as an e-bike upfront. They do have some additional pricey expenses such as extra accessories. Extra accessories like high-quality shock absorbers and an automatic braking system can be expensive but are necessary for your safety.

If you live where you have to pay for parking, you have to account for that cost. In many cases, the people also require driving schools to learn driving a moped thoroughly. Paying for the gas can be difficult among the monthly expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between driving an electric bike and a moped?

There is a lot of difference between driving an electric bike and a moped. Firstly driving an electric motor has a different feel than driving an engine running on gas. The motors on electric bikes are also less powerful than the motor of a moped. Due to this difference between the power, electric bikes are considerably slower than a moped.

In many states, electric bikes are not even allowed on the road. These states have separate bike lanes for regular bikes, electric bikes, and electric scooters. At the same time, mopeds are only allowed to run on roads.

Are electric bikes safer than mopeds?

Yes, electric bikes are safer than mopeds. According to recent research studies, moped riders have more accidents than electric bike users. This may be because mopeds have more powerful motors than an electric bike. There is also a vital difference between the top speed of a moped and an electric bike. E-bikes don’t have gears and are run on a hydraulic braking system that makes them a safer alternative. Many electric bikes also have larger tires that allow you to have the right balance even on irregular terrain to prevent accidents and crashes.

Final Thoughts

Mopeds and E-bikes are both great ways to travel. If you live in a large city with many traffic jams, they can be real lifesavers.

Mopeds have been around for a while, which makes people trust them more. They are regulated vehicles; you need a license to operate them.

E-bikes are environmentally friendly, smart, and have a lot of new features like connectivity to apps, easy parking, and most importantly, you can use them for exercise as well.

While deciding which bike works best for you, consider the various benefits each possesses. In the end, whether you’re traveling across the city or the county, these smaller vehicles can help you travel and see your world in new and fun ways.

Written by Lee Hill

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