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Best Electric Dirt Bikes for 6 Years Old

Riding a dirt bike is one of the most exciting activities for kids. The thrill of the rude can boost their confidence and determination in facing challenges. Dirt bikes have been motorized to be operated on dirt roads or pathways.

While determining the best-suited dirt bike for your young riders, it is best to figure out their riding experience level and their interest in operating a dirt bike at such a young age. You are probably concerned about your kids’ safety and which bike to buy in the first place for your youngsters. So here are eight of the best electric dirt bikes for six years old.

Best Choice Products 6V Motorcycle

This electric dirt bike will help your young rider get a good feel for dirt bike riding. The kid’s ride on this electric bike combines adventure and safety. The bike lets your kids conquer the backyard and the outdoors with a minimum speed of 2 miles per hour.

The ride ensures a better adventure with full-on safety. Your child can enjoy a fun trip on this dirt bike while controlling the speed as per their convenience. The direct steering gives your kid a sense of motor control and helps them learn to ride vehicles quickly. The motor control feature is easy to use and provides a better understanding of controlling the vehicle to your kid.

Its colorful decals with the working headlights add to your kid’s conveniences and enhance this motorcycle’s look. The realistic sounds include a horn, blinker, ignition and the music will make your child get a realistic feel while riding the scooter.

with a single charge the scooter can run for 40 minutes continuously. You need to charge the six volts battery of the scooter with the charger that is available with it for overnight. This will help your child to ride the scooter without stopping.


  • Give a safe and enjoyable ride to your kids.
  • Your child can enjoy a fun trip at up to 2mph of minimum speed.
  • The weight capacity of this bike is 44 lbs.
  • Training wheels keep the bike safe and secure on challenging terrains.


  • Wheels sometimes slide and don’t get more stable.

Fit Right Kids Dirt Bike

Fit Right 12V kids bike is a suitable dirt bike for boys or girls of 2-6 years old with the maximum rider weight of up to 66 lbs.

The bike is safe to ride, and the throttle’s variable speed control is up to 4 mph. One reverse with accelerated handlebar control and foot break to give your a safe riding experience.

It works on smart battery charging technology that automatically controls battery charge and also prevents overcharging. Powered by a 12V SLA smart recharging battery, its riding time is up to 1.5 hrs depending upon the riding conditions.

There are a horn and music sound button on the steering wheel that integrates to give a better sound. The Bluetooth with the MP3 player and MP3 audio input let you instantly connect with the external devices and let your kids enjoy the music while riding this dirt bike.

The scooter has LED headlight and a tail lite that makes the scooter safe for night rides. It give better visibility to your child at night. The dirt bike requires zero maintenance and is easy to clean. The tires are of EVA material that make the rides smooth and stable.


  • LED Wheels and training wheels ensure full safety.
  • The electric brake system provides gradual acceleration.
  • PU leather seat and spring shock absorber for a comfortable ride.
  • A battery charger controls your battery and prevents overcharging.


  • Taillight may break easily and often create problems.

JAXPETY 6V Kids Ride

The real mimic kids’ bike is among the best electric dirt bikes for six years old. The kid’s bike ensures a better ride. It features realistic equipment like a police siren, starting sound, horn, and built-in music. It provides ultimate adventure with an exciting yet safe speed.

The kids’ bike features humanized training wheels, ensures better safety while riding the bike. The training wheel provides that the toy motorcycle won’t turn over when your kids turn left or right. The curved seat of this bike ensures your kids will feel comfortable after a long-hour of playing.

With the bright working headlights and a powerful motor, the cool electric ride on a motorcycle is an ideal gift for your kid. Kids can drive independently by efficiently operating the start moving a switch, and the nonslip handlebars ensure better gripping.

The kids’ motorcycle is sturdy enough for indoor and outdoor enjoyment. It is made of high-quality PP material and can support a weight capacity of up to 44 lbs. the two big wheels are designed with knobby treads ensures smooth and safe riding on various terrains.

The minimum speed can be up to 4mph, allowing your kid to enjoy a safe ride. This motorcycle is easy to operate and takes less time in assembly.


  • Two small training wheels provide stable support.
  • The curved seat gives a more comfortable feel for long hours of seating.
  • The multifunctional control panel allows controlling the settings easily.
  • A sturdy bike ensures better stability on uneven terrains.


  • Headlights may stop running after some time.

Best Ride On Cars Dirt Bike

The one bike that lets your kid enjoy a fun and exciting ride around the backyard or outdoors. It is made to go up-hill and for riding the scooter any uneven trail. You can control the speed of this bike to ensure the safety of your kids. You can tailor the rate, and your kid can get interested in engineering to learn how to manage the bike.

This dirt bike is as fast as a standard electric bike. This riding bike’s maximum speed limit is three mph and ensures your kids’ full safety while riding this bike. It comes with an upgraded 6-volt battery and a motor that gives a long-run battery.

This bike has a more realistic and powerful engine, which ensures a smooth ride for your kids. The stylish decals on this bike give it a more modern and attractive look.

The bike is made with training wheels that give full security. You can use this bike on any hilly and uneven terrains while ensuring maximum safety. The wheels are ideal for controlling grip on uneven surfaces. The handlebars provides perfect grip and helps comfort to your kids so that they can smoothly enjoy their ride.


  • A 6-volt battery gives good charging ability.
  • Training wheels ensure better stability on challenging terrains.
  • Startup sound gives the experience of driving a good bike.
  • The realistic engine assures a better riding experience.


  • The training wheels are not sturdy and may bend while driving.

Costzon 12V Kids Motorcycle

Enjoy the easy and comfortable riding experience with this kid’s bike. This bike is a perfect present for your kids to have a stable and comfortable driving experience. It features a startup key, making it easy for your kid to either power or stop the motorcycle.

The forward and backward function can be controlled by a foot pedal, which is very easy to handle. This motorcycle’s curved seat fit well with kids’ body curve and can improve the level of driving comfort.

The bike features two training wheels that keep your motorcycle as steady as possible while preventing it from falling over. This further ensures the safety of your kids.

The motorcycle is designed with a shock absorber spring that assures it to move smoothly. So you can trust this bike for your kid’s safety and protection.

The motorcycle comes with the feature of adopting various stories and music to entertain your kids.

You can connect the music device with a USB and MP3 port. The adjustable volume feature adds to your convenience. In addition to this, the headlights and taillight give better visibility in darkness.

The wheels feature excellent wear-resistant that allows your kids to run this bike on all sorts of grounds. Besides this, the anti-slip tire pattern increases the friction with the road.


  • Training wheels keep your bike more steady.
  • Shock absorber spring lets it move safely.
  • The wheels allow you to run this bike on all kinds of grounds.
  • Headlight and taillight make riding easy at night.


  • Assembling this bike is complicated and may take a lot of time.

YAMAHA 6-Volt Motorcycle

The YAMAHA bike is an ideal choice for your little ones to get a stable and secure riding experience. This 6-volt bike may look like a professional bike, but it is equipped with all the safety features you are looking for in a kid’s bike. The volt bike by YAMAHA features training wheels that keep your child safe on all kinds of surfaces.

The bike is designed to ride smoothly on demanding and challenging terrains. The steel frame adds to the stability and support. With a top speed of 2.5 mph, your kid can control the speed as per their convenience.

Your child can start and stop this bike quickly with the braking system when the foot is lifted from the pedal. Assembling this bike is very easy and takes less than 30 minutes to assemble.


  • The steel frame gives better stability while riding this bike.
  • Training wheel ensures full safety on uneven roads and terrains.
  • The braking system provides complete control over the speed.


  • The plastic material may get damaged with time.

GMOON Children Dirt Electric Motorcycle

This children’s electric motorcycle is an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor games. The motocross bicycle is good to use for both boys and girls. This motorcycle is made of durable plastic material that is of reliable quality.

This dirt bike gives an unforgettable driving experience to your kids. The cool simulation model of a motorcycle with auxiliary wheels allows children to have a better riding experience and to ride this bike with full comfort and safety.

Your kid can operate this motorcycle with the help of a foot pedal and steering wheel. The steering wheel is good to turn the bike forward or backward without needing much effort from your kid’s side.

It has an adjustable seat belt that gives a better seating experience to the kids. Moreover, the auxiliary wheels are good to take this bike on uneven surfaces as it ensures a strong grip.

The bike has a 12V 7A battery that has a charging time of 8-12 hours. Moreover, its playing time is 40-60 minutes. The motorbike can be connected via USB to play music or stories while riding. Thus, it gives your kid an enjoyable and fun-filled ride. It moreover includes LED lights that add to the looks of this electric bike and ensures safe driving at night. This electric bike can hold a weight capacity of up to 66.13lbs.


  • The foot-pedals and steering wheels can easily operate it.
  • The non-toxic plastic body of this electric dirt bike makes it more suitable.
  • The cabinet is added for your kids to store their necessary items.
  • It has up to 40-60 minutes of continuous run time.
  • Wheels and lights make it safe to drive in the evening or at night.
  • Training wheels are sturdy and give a secure ride.


  • The lights may stop working after some use.

Buyers guide

Riding a dirt bike is fantastic and gives an ultimate riding experience. There are plenty of stylish, safe best electric dirt bikes for six years old that ensure a smooth and safe ride. But before the right dirt bike for your kid, you need to consider certain factors.


When you are buying a dirt bike for a kid, you need to consider its size. They need to feel comfortable sitting on it while their hands must reach on the handle and their foot on the ground. If the bike is too big, they won’t be able to control it fully.


While choosing your dirt bike, speed is a crucial factor to consider. If it does not move fast, your kid will not enjoy riding on this bike. But you don’t want to hand them a super-speed bike at this age. Therefore, you must consider that dirt.

Bikes within a speed range of 12-25 miles per hour speed. But you must also consider the minimum rate while buying a dirt bike.


Tires also play a vital role in riding on the surface. If your tires don’t have a good grip, there are chances that it would slip on uneven surfaces and may cause the kid to lose balance on the bike. It would help if you always chose the bike with the pneumatic knobby tires as they work great on all kinds of surfaces.


It would help if you chose a dirt bike that offers a good grip on the handlebars. That is why your kid will have a better grab on the handle even if he sweats a lot. It would be best to look for an adjustable handlebar depending upon your kid’s comfort needs.

Training Wheels

You must choose those electric dirt bikes that have training wheels. The training wheels are designed to help kids stay upright on a bike and learn to pedal at a young age. The wheels should be set so that your kid can learn a little before the wheels touch the ground. It helps kids to balance the bike properly. However, you can remove these wheels as soon as your kid starts learning balance techniques. These training wheels on a dirt bike are good for a stable and secure ride.


The battery life of these electric dirt bikes is an important thing to consider while buying them. The electric dirt bikes must have powerful battery life. You must take into account the bike’s battery capacity or hours of operation and the operational distance. Bikes with a powerful battery are always ideal to choose from as they can run for longer hours. Some can have a fast-charging system that also prevents your battery from overheating.

Other Features

You must choose the lighter electric bikes for your kids as the lighter the bike, the easier it will be for your kid to control it. They must have strong training wheels to ensure more stability on rough terrains. Then you must look for the electric bike with the handlebars and throttle to control and adjust the speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a six years old ride a dirt bike?

Yes, a six-year-old can ride a dirt bike as small electric dirt bikes are specially designed for kids. These dirt bikes come with training wheels that ensure smoothness depending on uneven surfaces and give your kid an ultimate riding experience.

What is a good dirt bike for six years old?

Along with the safety features and overall features, the best dirt bikes for kids are

  • Yamaha 6 volt Ride On Bike
  • Honda CRF50F
  • Kuberg Young Rider Trial E
  • KTM 50 SX Mini
  • Yamaha PW50
  • Suzuki JR 50

Can you ride a dirt bike in a neighborhood?

If you talk about an average suburban neighborhood in the USA, as a general matter, if the dirt bike is not street legal as if it does not have appropriate lights, is not registered, has a license plate, or complies with the noise rules. It would be illegal and unlawful to ride your dirt bike on the public roadways of your neighborhood.

Do electric bikes help uphill?

Today, most electric bikes are designed for uphill and off-road adventures. The wheels are designed in a way to take these bikes uphill or on rough terrains. These electric bikes are designed to ensure that hill climbing is easy and secure. Through their gear system, these bikes are good enough to climb steep hills. While doing this, your average speed will low to climb the hill with full safety easily. Moreover, it also ensures proper balance while riding the bike.

How often should I charge my electric bike?

You don’t need to let the battery of your bike discharge completely. You must try to change the battery when there is between 30 to 60 percent of the capacity remaining. Some battery experts, moreover, suggest occasional full discharge, once every 30 to 40 charges. But make sure to select the electric bike with a strong and powerful battery.

How far can you ride an e-bike?

The current longest range of electric bicycles can reach up to 350-400 km. Such e-bikes are usually powered by 5KW batteries and can ride for longer distances. The standard e-bikes would, however, ride up to 100-120 km on one charge.

Written by Lee Hill

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