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Super Lithium 1500 Brushless Electric Scooter Review

Super Lithium 1500 Brushless Electric Scooter Review

I am a 20-year-old young professional and have to commute regularly to my workplace by bus. I’m also taking classes at my local college campus on the weekends. I grew tired of relying on bus schedules and public transportation every day, but unfortunately, I cannot afford a car.

When I started exploring the fastest affordable options for short-distance travel, my partner told me about electric scooters, something she had just been reading about. My search began, and it ended up with me purchasing a Super Lithium 1500 Brushless electric scooter, which has helped me get around town faster than ever before!

So if you’re tired of taking public transit everywhere you go, or if you’re just looking for a more cost-efficient way to commute short distances, then read my review of the Super Lithium 1500 Brushless electric scooter below.


  • Stylish.
  • Durable tires.
  • Power package agreement provision.
  • Low maintenance brushless motor.


  • The rear lights on the scooter are absent.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Super Lithium 1500 Brushless Electric Scooter


If you want to travel a good amount of distance with an electric scooter, you must choose one with a high-voltage battery. Along with this, battery durability is also of primary importance. Lithium-ion batteries are durable as well as highly efficient as they do not have much self-discharge.

These are suitable for long-distance travel as well as regular use, as lithium-ion batteries require less time to charge than other types of batteries.


A 750 W motor is suitable for climbing hills and reaching high speeds while covering a long distance. They give good mileage and a top speed of 20 miles and 15 mph.

If the rider has to use a scooter regularly, the parts should require low maintenance to cause you less stress. The best low-maintenance motor in the market is a brushless motor. They are erosion-free and long-lasting.


The type and size of the tires on an electric scooter determine its stability. Low maintenance tires like tubeless tires last a long time and keep the ride smooth. Tires with a minimum width of 3″ are appropriate for any electric scooter.

Alternative to Super Lithium 1500 Brushless

Features and Benefits


The Super Lithium 1500 Brushless electric scooter, as the name indicates, comes with a 48 V lithium battery. These are fantastic batteries and quite environmentally friendly. They also require very little maintenance.

They have excellent durability and need replacement rarely. The battery needs less time to charge fully and lasts a long time as self-discharge is significantly lower than other scooters.

The battery enables the rider to cover 35 miles, although this number may vary based on weight and speed. This scooter’s power package agreement guarantees the battery’s efficiency as the battery can be replaced within 18 months if it becomes defective or cannot be charged.


The 1500 W brushless motor makes the scooter suitable for any road or climbing hills. These motors do not easily overheat and produce very little noise. The chance of erosion is low as the engine is brushless and easy to maintain.

Loss of friction is limited with these motors, so they last longer. The motor can allow you to reach a top speed of 40 mph, which lets the rider use it anywhere.


The scooter comes with a provision to attach a hill kit. Once the chain 54 toothed sprockets are fitted into the scooter, the rider can do standing wheelies and climb hills more efficiently with this scooter.

The scooter is also compact enough to fit anywhere. The deck size of the scooter is wide to accommodate the rider easily. The rider can comfortably sit and ride the scooter with the addition of a detachable seat.

The LED light on the front makes the road visible to the rider even in dim-light conditions.

Other motorists will notice the presence of a Super Lithium 1500 scooter on the road even at night. The kickstand of the scooter will let the rider park their scooter anywhere. The handbrake on the left side will allow the rider to access it quickly and stop the bike whenever needed.


The scooter comes with tires that are 4″ wide. This width will easily accommodate the tire to the Super Lithium 1500 scooter providing firmness on the road. The height of the tires is 12″, which will eliminate any skidding on the roads.

These tubeless tires are long-lasting as they are puncture-free. They are low weight, and the air releases very slowly from these tires if there is a puncture. These tires have great traction on the road and stay stable even on bumpy roads as they absorb shocks effectively. The tires make

sudden turns easy as they do not tend to slip.

Alternatives to the Super Lithium 1500 Brushless Electric Scooter

#1 UberScoot 1600 W Electric Scooter

UberScoot is one of the best alternatives to the Super Lithium electric scooter. The motor of this electric scooter is 1600 W, which is slightly more than the 1500 W of a Super Lithium electric scooter.

Still, the mileage of the Super Lithium scooter is greater than the UberScoot. The batteries used in this scooter are sealed lead-acid batteries, which take eight hours to fully charge, while lithium-ion batteries are used in the Super Lithium scooter.

The 11″ pneumatic tires in this scooter are durable and stay firm on the roads. The disc brake system makes it easy for the rider to come to a smooth halt. The rider can achieve a speed of 30 mph by sitting and riding this UberScoot electric scooter.

The best feature of this UberScoot scooter is the economy mode button which will help slow the acceleration down.

This feature is not present in the Super Lithium electric scooter. With the help of a 48 V SLA battery, the rider can climb any hill easily. The front and rear lights on the scooter make the rider visible and keep them safe on any road.


The Super Lithium 1500 Brushless electric scooter is the best choice for anyone who regularly uses electric scooters. The high-powered motor with an efficient battery makes commuting easy.

The scooter is fun to ride and has high speed, allowing you to ride on any terrain and still be free of sudden jerks.

I have listed the features I liked best about this scooter and suggested an alternative – the UberScoot 1600. If you have tried either of these electric scooters and liked their performance, please give me your review!

Written by Lee Hill

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