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Fast Electric Pocket Bikes For Adults

You may have seen the small “toy-like” bikes which children drive around these days. Those mini bikes are also called “Pocket Bikes.”

Pocket Bikes have always been battery-based, although there are gas-powered options as well. It is easier for the parent to charge a kid’s bike at home rather than get gas for the kids’ bike.

Pocket Bikes were originally not designed to be very powerful or fast (because they are kids’ bikes). But over time, a new market has emerged – adult riders who want fast pocket bikes that can be used for various stunts and racing.

That’s probably the market we are addressing in this article. We will talk a bit about fast electric pocket bikes, some of the key points that you need to know about them, and what to look out for when buying a good one for yourself. We will also lay out some of the top picks that you should buy.

Electric Bikes and Electric Pocket Bikes- What’s The Big Difference?

While electric bikes are similar in size to regular bikes, pocket bikes are smaller. Originally intended for kids, these bikes have taken on adult admirers as well. A lot of people use pocket bikes for recreational and fun uses such as racing and stunts.

Gas-powered pocket bikes use two-stroke internal combustion engines between 40-50 cc, and electric pocket bikes can deliver the same speed, even though the acceleration might be a bit lower.

How Fast Do Electric Pocket Bikes Go?

Electric Pocket Bikes are commonly for recreational activities like performing stunts, tricks, and racing purposes. To suit these needs, they have a sleek aerodynamic design that supports higher speeds. They can speed up to even 30 mph (but those aren’t street legal).

What Gives The Speed to Electric Pocket Bikes?

These bikes are designed for racing and whirlwind spins around the block. From their engine to tires, every part supports powerful speed and has high endurance.

The high torque motor and the high powered engine is primarily responsible for providing it with high speed.

Their aerodynamic design gives the rider enough control and stability over the bike, even at high speed. Apart from this, the presence of pneumatic tires provides a throttle and smooth grip to the bike.

Are Pocket Bikes Safe?

Minibikes and pocket bikes can be dangerous at times. As they are specially designed for recreational activities, their high speed may be one reason behind accidents.

However, they are exciting and thrilling when ridden safely. Thus, the rider should always take extra care while riding pocket bikes and be extra cautious. Usage of protective gear such as elbow pads, knee pads, gloves, and helmets is necessary.

Can Adults Ride Pocket Bikes?

Adults can easily enjoy the fun and thrilling experience of pocket bikes. A typical 40cc pocket bike has a weight-bearing capacity of 150 pounds and travels up to 15 miles per hour on average.

Adults should ride the pocket bikes that suit their height and weight; otherwise, the ride may become uncomfortable after a while due to flexing of knees and may cause strain on the lower back and hips.

Are pocket bikes legal?

The operation of pocket bikes is illegal when it comes to public roadways, streets, and highways. One can only ride it on privately owned properties such as race tracks.

In the context of law, pocket bikes do meet the definition of a motor vehicle. Still, they do not fit the descriptions of mobility aid. Their miniature size with a high power engine is not the right combination of a traffic law’s perspective.

Can Pocket Bikes Be Legal On Road After Modifications?

The idea of riding a pocket bike is fascinating, but it is illegal to ride it on roads. They can’t be ridden legally on public roadways or streets. The bike needs to have certain legal characteristics, which can only be achieved after doing some significant modifications.

Some of these adjustments include adding a functional horn, switching headlights, adding a rearview mirror, etc. After one such change, you can take it to the Department of Motor Vehicles to see if it will pass inspection.

What Are The Fastest Pocket Bikes In The Market?

When it comes to fast electric pocket bikes, the market has a vast buffet of options to offer.

Razor MX 650

One of the top-rated choices is Razor MX650. It is preferred by many due to its powerful and affordable nature. It offers excellent acceleration and delivers a top speed of about 17mph. It is also suitable to be ridden on the ramps and mount hills due to its high power torque.


Another option is the MotoTec 1000w, which has a top speed of 25 miles per hour and runs for an astonishing 23 miles on a single charge. Like half-way variable throttle and suspension, the other features give it an upper edge over others in the market.

Burromax TT750R

The Burromax TT750R Thunderbolt is another great pocket bike for kids and adults alike. With a 750W motor, this bike stands alone as far as power is concerned. It has great features like front and rear suspension, keyed ignition, rear disc brake, variable throttle, and a 21-inch high seat.

It also has a powerful LED Headlight and a tall set of handlebars. If you were looking for the speed rating – you can go a whopping 27mph with this mini bike.

Buyers Guide- Electric Pocket Bikes

Following are some points which should be kept in mind while buying an electric pocket bike:


Pocket bikes are meant for recreation stunts and professional racing. Thus, speed plays a vital role here. A typical pocket bike provides a mileage of 15-20 miles per hour on average. The initial acceleration should be exceptionally high to provide a thrill to the rider.


Pocket bikes are designed to have fast speeds. While choosing a pocket bike, make sure it has a sleek and easy to use design. Usually, mini racing bikes are designed to have an aerodynamic, structural design that provides the rider with maximum control and stability while riding.

Battery Life

In general, electric bikes of any size have a battery life of 3 to 5 years. But the range your bike achieves on a single charge becomes the game-changer. Look for the bikes which can cover longer ranges in a single charging spell.


Design can include many things, but what is important is the purpose for which you are buying the bike.

As an adult rider looking for racing and stunts as a primary use, you would need to have a pocket bike with front and rear suspension and disc brakes.

If, instead, you are a kid who just wants to get around to school and the ground, you are probably looking for a simple electric bike with basic suspension and a durable frame.


Pocket bikes originally started as kids’ bikes that will help them get introduced to the world of biking. Over time, pocket bikes have acquired a new market, that of adult riders looking for thrill rides and stunts.

Whatever may be your reason to buy, fast electric pocket bikes are a rage these days, and since they are not too expensive on the pocket, they tend to sell like hotcakes.

The highest you can expect an electric pocket bike to go is around 25-27mph, and those are enough for you to get a fun ride on them.

Written by Lee Hill

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