Scooter Tail Light Not Working

Scooter Tail Light Not Working

Taillights are one of the most important parts of modern-day scooters. They are responsible for left and ride indications which can prevent accidents. Taillights play a considerable role during fog and night driving as they indicate your presence to other vehicles speeding from the back.

If your scooter tail light is not working, you should be worried, as it can also lead to various unwanted accidents. It is essential to fix the problem at the very beginning to avoid expensive maintenance and replacement costs.

If you are searching for a scooter tail light, and starter not working, this article will help you get the correct answers.

#1. Inadequate Tail Lights Can Lead to Serious Troubles

Taillights are paramount for your scooter as they illuminate your bike’s rear to prevent fatal accidents. Today, we have sensor-based tail lights which turn on and off automatically depending on the climate.

Everything on earth has a life, and similar to any other important part of your vehicle, tail lights can also get damaged. In most countries, people have to pay fines if their rear lights are not working correctly.

#2. What to Do if Brake Lights Working and Tail Lights Not?

Scooter tail light not working is a big concern, and sometimes your brake lights might seem fine, but your tail lights will not work. Here are some of the reasons to look into when your brake lights are doing great but your tail lights fall ill.

What to Do if Brake Lights Working and Tail Lights Not

Inspecting the Tail Light Fuse

Every electrician would love to inspect the fuse when you have a complaint of insufficient light. Generally, a fuse is a metal band enclosed within a plastic container that gets bursts when there is a sudden spike in current flow.

The main job of the fuse is to sacrifice itself to protect other electrical equipment. You can open the hood to find the fuse. Once you find the fuse, the next thing you can do is take a tester and check whether it is running or not doing good. Your fuse will have a wrong or broken metal wire in the bad fuse.

Bad Tail Lights or Bulbs

If you find the fuse in excellent condition, then the main culprit must be the filament hiding inside the lamp or bulb. Open the cover of the taillight and check the filament of the bulb. If you find that it is broken, you have no option left other than replacing the light bulb.

You can replace it yourself or take help from your local bike repair store. To replace the bulb yourself, you will have to remove it from the socket and add a new one into the socket.

Socket Failure

Things might get heated if you find a fuse, and the bulb is in excellent condition. If this is the condition, you can check for socket failures as it can also cause a loss in tail lights. One of the prominent reasons for socket failure is moisture that enters inside the socket.

Most bike owners have to face this problem during the rainy season. You can check for broken pins or discoloration, which can cause socket failure. Sometimes the back end wires of the socket may not work correctly, and in such cases, reconnection is the best option.

You can also use a multimeter to check whether the socket is offering room to current and if the answer is no, then it is the right time to replace it with a new one.

Poor Wiring

The chances of poor wiring are high, and hence it can be one of the best reasons for tail light failures. You can solve this issue by understanding the wiring diagram. If you can find the true culprit, then you can easily switch on your tail lights.

Are Your Switches Working Properly

Sometimes your switches may fail due to overuse or accidents, which can result in tail-light failure. Check the wiring from both then ends, and it is recommended to take professional help. You need professional help here to remove the dashboard, which can be a daunting task.

#4. Headlights Working and Tail Lights Not Working?

One of the most common confusions for riders is they confuse electrical connections. The majority of riders complain that their tail lights are not working, but their headlights are excellent.

Headlights Working and Tail Lights Not Working

It is because both headlights and tail lights have different connections. There are various reasons which can turn off your headlights, and none of them coincide with your leading lights or headlights.

If you still can not solve the problem, take your scooter to the nearest mechanic who can help you solve the problem with ease.

#5. Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tail Lights and Brake Lights the Same?

No, there is a lot of difference between brake lights and tail lights. Brake lights turn on automatically when you press brakes. At the same time, you have to turn on the headlights if you want to turn on the taillights. You can also find the difference between the colors of the two lights as brake lights are dark-red while tail lights have lighter versions of red.

How Much It Costs to Fix the Tail-Lights?

Well, you don’t need to claim your insurance policy to repair your tail lights. You can get them alright at just 5-10 dollars. The prices may go higher if you want to change some connections or replace the light bulb.

How Much Is Time Needed to Repair the Tail-Lights?

If you are doing the repairs on your own, it might take a day as you don’t have enough practice to tighten and loosen bolts. However, an expert mechanic will complete the job in 45-60 minutes. If you want to save your time in repairing the taillights, then drive to your nearest mechanic.


Fixing electrical errors is frustrating, but most modern scooters have isolated circuits, making it easy for experts. You have to repair the lights immediately for the safety of yourself and others.

Written by Lee Hill

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