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10 Best Electric Scooters for Teens

Is your teenager demanding an electric scooter for their next birthday? Don’t think twice. It is for sure a good investment.

Everyone loves to ride an e-scooter as it adds thrill and excitement to their usual rides. Unlike regular bikes, they do not require much effort to ride.

Best Electric Scooters for Teens

When buying an electric scooter, it can be challenging to choose with so many options available.

You need not worry at all as we have picked the ten best electric scooters for teens. To make your purchase decision easier, read the article and select the electric scooter that is best and safe for your child.

10 Best Electric Scooters For Teens

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

All those teens who want an adventurous ride with a large scooter deck and battery power of 250 watts can go for Razor E300. The motor is silent but provides you with a 15 mph ride for a continuous 40 minutes. Recharge the battery for twelve hours, and you are good to go.

Features and benefits

  • Robust: with a durable alloy steel wheel cover and an extended deck, the scooter is powerful and robust. It can withstand a weight of 220 lbs. It also provides its users best quality and safety while riding the bike. The framework is of steel that further makes the bike strong.
  • Powerful battery: the scooter owns a battery of 24 volts and needs a charge of 12 hours to ride the bike for 40 minutes. The battery of the scooter is lead-free and is reliable.
  • Tire: the 9 inches rear and front tires help to ride smoothly even on rough surfaces. Razor E300 has a warranty of 90 days.
  • Twist throttle and two pairs of brakes: the twist throttle helps the rider drive smoothly and consistently. The pair of brakes help the young rider drive safely.

Why should you buy it?

All those kids who are above thirteen years of age can go for buying this scooter. It is powerful, has a 250 watts electric motor, and has 24 volts of power. It has a retractable kickstand that allows the bike to keep it upright.

Razor E200 Electric Scooter For Teens

For an extra thrilling ride, let your child graduate to a more powerful scooter called the Razor E200.

The scooter has a chain-driven 200-watt motor that adds to making it more powerful. Hit the speed of 12 mph with a use of 40 minutes. The scooter is ideal for riding solo and also helps to cruise with buddies.

Features and benefits

  • Ideal for older teens: with high torque and single-speed, the scooter also has an extended deck and a long handlebar. Altogether it makes the scooter ideal for riders of thirteen and above.
  • Increased speed: with a 200-watt high torque motor, the rider can ride the bike for 40 minutes continuously. He/she can cover a distance of 12 mph with a single charge.
  • Smooth ride; with eight inches rear and front tire, the rider can ride smoothly. The look of the scooter itself will make the rider fall in love with Razr 200. Though it has a smaller power motor, it allows the rider to ride smoothly on any terrain.

Why should you buy it?

With a single charge, the young rider can ride the scooter for 40 minutes. But if the rider takes proper care of the bike can go beyond an hour of the continuous ride. It is ideal for kids aged thirteen and above as it has a large handlebar and deck that allows them to control the bike better.

Razor RX 200 Electric Scooter For Teens

A perfect off-road scooter that will let your child enjoy rough rocky and sandy terrain. It has disc brakes that ensure the safety of the rider. With a high torque ratio, trail riding is fun and full of excitement when riding RX200. It is ideal for adventurous off-road riders. Ride up to 12 mph with a continuous ride of 40 minutes.

Features and benefits

  • Heavy-duty tires: the tires play a vital role when riding the scooter on rough trails. The alloy wheel tires have 60 PSI for on and off-road pressure, allowing the rider to drive long distances. Such tires have more rolling resistance, which in turn uses less power to move.
  • Lightweight: the scooter weighs around 46.2 pounds and can support a weight of 154 pounds. The scooter is ideal for teens age thirteen and above.
  • Hand-operated disc brakes: the brakes ensure the safety of the rider and provide ultimate stopping power. The twist throttle helps to control the scooter in a much better way.
  • Lead-acid motor: the high torque motor uses the power of 24 volts. The battery is rechargeable and provides a 40 minutes continuous ride.

Why should you buy it?

Razor Rx 200 is an ideal off-road scooter that has a higher torque motor. It is perfect for those kids who love riding their bikes on adventurous rails. The rigid alloy wheel tires make the ride full of fun with a 60 PSI pressure.

VIRO Rides 550 E Electric Scooter

The stylish-looking scooter has a street art look and is suitable for teens who love riding scooters but in style. Now explore the roads for 6 miles with a run time of 40 minutes. The thumb control throttle provides speed up to 10 mph. VIRO rides 550E has an enclosed chain-driven motor that ensures the safety of your child.

Features and benefits

  • LED lights: when riding the stylish VIRO rides 550 E, you can see LED running lights that provide amazing ground effects. The light adds to making the scooter more stylish.
  • Thumb control throttle: this feature of the scooter will help your child drive the scooter with full power at a speed of 10 mph. The hill starts and helps to escape traffic. For high-performance safety, brakes are available that enhance the performance of the rider.
  • Safety: The scooter is safe as it has a fully enclosed chain-driven motor that keeps the motor safe from debris and dust.
  • Kickstand: the side stand makes your scooter stand in style. It has a spring-loaded foldaway mechanism that keeps the kickstand intact when not in use.

Why should you buy it?

The sleek-looking stylish scooter is for kids who love to own modern gears. VIRO Rides 550E is a high-performance scooter with an inexpensive SLA battery. It is smart as its art design and LED lights make it stand-out from its counterparts. It is amongst the cheap electric scooters for teens.

Swagtron Swagger 8 Folding Electric Scooter

The Swagtron Swagger 8 is another one of the cheap electric scooters for teens. It is lightweight, compact, and highly portable. Easily carry it as it weighs 17.5 lbs and has a weight capacity of 150 lbs. the scooter has maintenance-free tires that allow the user to ride on the uneven surface smoothly.

Features and benefits

  • Kick start feature: manually start the scooter and travel more. The 200-watt motor needs a charge of a minimum of 3 hours, and a rider can go from eight to ten miles at a speed of 15 mph. Until you reach 1.8mph, the motor does not engage; this helps to save battery power.
  • Hassle-free ride: the 5.5-inch front and rear rubber wheels absorb the impact of bumpers. Front suspension helps to ride smoothly and handles the rough terrain. The electric rear friction brakes are strong enough and help stop immediately.
  • Adjustable handlebar and stem: the scooter grows with your child. You can adjust its height with your child’s size and convenience.
  • LCD screen: displays the speed, power, and distance traveled. The aluminum alloy framework of the scooter can withstand a weight of 150 lbs.

Why should you buy it?

Swagtron Swagger 8 is a reliable scooter that uses a unified braking system. It has a triple braking system, one at the rear foot, e-brakes, and an auto guard that does not use power when the rider uses the brake. The auto guard helps save the battery from riding more. It is perfect for those teens that love to explore more and ride even more.

Urban Drift S006 Electric Scooter For Adults

Urban drifts are famous for making lightweight and reliable gears. It has 350 watts motor, a dual braking system, and ten-inches air-filled tires that provide more excellent traction. The rider can ride the scooter for 21.7 miles. A long-lasting battery of 36-volts helps to commute more at a speed of 15.5 speed.

Features and benefits

  • Motor: with a 36-volt battery, the rider can ride at a speed of 10 Ah. It covers a range of 21.7 miles with a single charge of five hours. The motor has boosted power of 500 watts.
  • Dual braking system: the scooter uses electric ABS and mechanical disc brakes both. The dual braking system ensures the safety of the rider.
  • LED headlight and rear safe light: the scooter has bright inbuilt LED lights to protect the rider when riding the scooter in darkness. There are secure reflectors on the scooter at the back to guard you at night.
  • Controlled view: with the digital display screen, you can see speed, mode, and battery life while riding the bike. With a simple push, the thumb throttle works perfectly.
  • Stable and foldable gear: the scooter can be folded in a minimum of 3 seconds and is easy to carry. The 7.9 inches spacious deck is wide enough to place the foot with ease. It can withstand weight up to 265 lbs.

Why should you buy it?

The curve body of the Urban Drift S006 makes the scooter stable and convenient to ride. It uses a strong aluminum framework that can withstand a weight of 265 lbs.

Jetson Element Folding Electric Scooter

Jeston’s lightweight design and folding mechanism make it an ideal travel buddy. The thumb throttle provides a controlled and smooth ride. The scooter has LED lights and an LED screen that helps keep an eye on the distance, speed, and battery left. E-brakes help the rider remain safe while riding.

Features and benefits

  • Smooth going: The scooter has a powerful hub motor of 250 watts that helps you ride at a speed of 15 mph. with a single charge, the rider can go up to 10 miles.
  • Safe: the LED headlight ensures the safety of the rider in the dark. The digital display screen helps to keep a check on the battery of the scooter. Controlling the speed of the scooter also becomes convenient when it shows on the screen.
  • Thumb throttle: to engage the motor, press the thumb throttle and get started. As the rider uses an electric braking system, the motor shuts off automatically, thus saving battery power.

Why should you buy it?

All those who want to carry their scooter wherever they go can use this scooter. It is foldable, and portable thus allows the user to take the scooter along everywhere.

Speedrid Electric scooter

Speedrid is a stylish and ultra-light scooter with 17 lbs. it can be folded with ease and is very portable. Its robust six-inch tires, 250 watts motor, with a 15.5 mph and electronic braking system, one of the best electric scooters for teens.

Features and benefits

  • EABS and three-speed modes: the electronic braking system allows the rider to be safe even when riding the scooter at high speed. It has three-speed ways that provide a speed of four, nine, and 15.5 mph. The scooter has a manual rear foot brake, which helps to slow down in a much safer way.
  • Durable and robust framework: the scooter is of aluminum that makes it robust, and can withstand a weight of 200 lbs non-pneumatic tires help the rider stay safe even on uneven terrain.
  • Long-lasting battery: the scooter has a brushless motor of 250 watts. It runs quietly and is more efficient as it provides a range of 8 miles. A minimum of 3 hours of single charge helps you in daily commuting.
  • Other features: it has an LCD that shows the speed, mileage, and battery capacity. The LCD helps to check the distance covered, which helps to know when to charge the battery. The LED headlight also helps in riding the bike safely at night.

Why should you buy it?

Speedrid is one of the cheap electric scooters for teens with high quality and uses innovative EABS technology to keep their users safe. The gear is portable and lightweight that makes it perfect for teenagers.

Yuai Electric Scooter

It is a foldable gear ideal for children ranging from eight years to fourteen years of age. The motor does not make any sound and provides a speed of 7.5 mph. With an adjustable handlebar and seat, the scooter grows with your child.

Features and benefits

  • Removable padded seat: this is the uniqueness of the scooter. Buy it for your little one; it can ride it sitting on the seat. As your child grows, remove the seat and let your child ride the scooter without it.
  • Fold-up design: fold the scooter and carry it with ease. The scooter weighs 20 lbs that make the gear portable.
  • Battery and motor: it uses a battery of 120 watts that uses a 100 to 240 volts voltage. The scooter provides a riding distance of 6.5 to 9.5 miles. The charging time is 6 to 8 hours.
  • Dimensions: the overall dimension of the scooter is 31X14X36 inches. When folded, its dimensions are 28X14X10 inches. The framework is of steel that can withstand a weight of 155 lbs.

Why should you buy it?

The scooter boasts high torque and has a chain-driven motor. Its twist throttle helps control the gear with ease. Thus it is ideal for boys weighing 155pounds and girls weighing 132.7 pounds.

GMOON Folding Electric Kick Scooter For Teens

Electric Kick Scooter kids is a compact gear that is easily foldable. It has a high-performing motor that provides a speed of 7.5 miles per hour. It is a lightweight and portable gear that is easy to carry.

Features and benefits

  • Powerful Motor: The scooter comes with a high- torque motor that is noise-resistant and chain-driven. The twist grip throttle allows the kids to control the scooter with ease.
  • Long-lasting battery: the kick scooter has a 24-volt durable battery. Charge it for at least 6-8 hours for a non-stop ride. With a single recharge, the kids can cover 7.5 miles.
  • Durable and robust gear: the scooter uses strong Steel and PU material that makes the bike stable. It can withstand weight up to 155 pounds, making it ideal for children aged 14 and above.
  • Smooth and Safe: the bike has large PU material tires that make the ride soft and slip-resistant. The hand brakes and the spring kickstand make the bike safe for kids.

Why should you buy it?

Kids love colorful gadgets, and for this kick foldable bike, kids will go crazy. Not only it looks great, but it is compact and easy to use by children of age 14 +. With an adjustable handle and seat height, the scooter grows with your child.

Buyers Guide For Selecting The Best Electric Scooters For Teens

If you are confused about which scooter you must buy, it is essential to consider this buyer’s guide to make things simple.

Ride quality

If you are buying a scooter for your kid, it must be easy to ride. E- scooters have smaller wheels than bikes; thus, riding on rough surfaces can be a big issue. Go for buying wheels that are at least 8 inches in diameter. Going for a ten-inch is also better if you are looking for a smooth ride.


Electric Scooters for Teens

Tire quality

generally, there are two types of tires available which are air-filled and solid. Air-filled tires provide a more cushioning effect. The tire quality also affects the ride quality. Do not go for buying plastic tires as they are not durable. They also provide less grip but cannot puncture easily.

Scooter weight and capacity

A lightweight scooter is best for kids as it is easy to control and ride; the scooters that absorb the rider’s weight helps to ride the scooter smoothly. Make sure the weight capacity of the scooter is between 180 to 220 pounds.

Motor type

The smaller the motor, the harder it has to work on challenging terrain. On the other hand, a large motor works effectively using less power. Motor type affects the distance covered by the scooter.


There are a variety of brake options available when choosing a bike for teens. Electronic brakes are effective as it uses a lever to slow the rider. They are available in the form of rim or disc brakes.

However, rim brakes apply pressure to the outer surface of the wheel. Disc brakes are the best when buying an electric scooter as it is safe for teens. To meet their peak effectiveness, they require some service. The other form of breaks is step-on-foot brakes, generally found in non-motorized scooters.


If you are willing to buy the best electric scooter, teens, see that the handlebars are long and handle grip. It will help to hold the handlebar firmly. The grip on the handlebar will help in maneuvering the scooter, especially while turning. Use TEP grips as they are sweat-free and water-resistant too.


When choosing the best electric scooter for teens, safety is the biggest concern. Look for scooters with a long and expansive deck. Make sure the deck is anti-slip. Also, make sure the handlebar is long and adjustable height to match the rider’s size. It will help to maintain the balance of the scooter while riding it.

Written by Lee Hill

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