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Where to Buy an Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters are an ideal means of transport in suburbs and cities. If you are planning to buy one, our guide can help you.

Buying an e-scooter is a big decision. A right scooter can cost anywhere between $500 to $4000. There is an enormous range of options and choices, which adds to your confusion. Then there are the dodgy reviews and sites which often misguide people.

We will help you look for the best electric scooters, buy them, and various other crucial points about e-scooters in this article.

Places From Where You Can Buy An Electric Scooter

With their growing trend and popularity, you can now easily buy an electric e from all the big box retailers and sites such as

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Kmart
  • QVC
  • Sears, etc.

Buying Online vs. Buying Offline

Online sites offer much better prices, and to add to that, shipping is usually free. You save up on a fair bit of money upfront. Does that mean buying online is the right choice?

Well, it depends on several things. Firstly, many people are uncomfortable making a large purchase without ever having seen the product firsthand.

Secondly, despite all the online research that you can do, talking to a real person about which of his scooters sells out most quickly and which one they would recommend is often very important.

Lastly, in-store purchases usually come with extended warranty and service contracts readily available, which you have to purchase separately for an online buy. However, keeping these things in mind, online stores have also started try-and-buy programs for e-scooters.

It is really up to you to choose what you are comfortable with – it is a big purchase, and a few dollars here and there should not make a difference. We suggest you buy in-store unless there is a price difference upwards of $50 between online and offline (for less than $1000 bikes), and at least $100 for higher-end bikes.

Are Electric Scooters Legal In The US?

Before you proceed to buy an electric scooter, it is necessary to learn that electric scooters are legal in the US or not. Yes, electric scooters are legal in America. However, there are some rules and regulations that you must follow to use them.

Your electric scooter should have a top speed of fewer than 25 miles per hour. You should always drive your electric scooter in the special bicycle lanes while on the road. For roads that don’t have a bicycle lane, it is necessary to ride the scooter near the road’s right side curb.

You are only allowed to move left while taking a turn. These rules are further slightly modified and changed by the respective State governments.

Types Of Electric Scooters

There are mainly three categories of electric scooters available in the market. These categories are divided based on your budget and the features present in the scooter. These three categories are:

Budget Electric Scooters

These types of electric scooters are mostly cheaper than $300, and their primary function is similar to a high-end electric scooter, which is to transport the person from one place to another. These scooters are most suited for light usage.

People who like to use electric scooters as a recreational activity goes for this sort of scooter. You must expect a less powered motor, weak batteries, and average braking power at this price point.

These scooters are not the most durable and long-lasting electric scooters available.

Commuter Electric Scooters

The price range for this type of electric scooter is about $300-$1200. This class of electric scooters are most commonly purchased and are further divided into three subcategories.

  • Budget Commuter Electric Scooters ( $300-$600 )
  • Mid-range Commuter Electric Scooters ( $600-$900 )
  • Premium Commuter Electric Scooters ( $900-$1200 )

This type of electric scooter has a sturdy and durable built, and people can use them for traveling regularly. Many office goers use these scooters to avoid traffic and reach their workplace on time.

You get the right balance in terms of quality, features, and performance at this price point. The further subdivision also makes it easier for you to distinguish between these electric scooters’ features and quality.

You can expect to get a mid-power electric motor, a decent battery suitable for traveling short distances, and a right disc and brake mechanism.

Performance Electric Scooters

The price range for this category is $1200 and above. These have the best quality built and materials. These scooters offer a long-distance ride at higher speeds. People who like to travel a lot and explore use this category of electric scooters.

You can expect to get a powerful motor, long-lasting battery, and instantly stopping brakes and gears at this price point. Many of the electric scooters also have a dual motor and a sizeable sizable battery pack in this category.

You are also likely to get tubeless pneumatic tires, semi-hydraulic or hydraulic brakes, high-quality turn signals, and powerful lights.

Benefits Of Electric Scooters


Electric scooters are a very convenient mode of transport. You can travel from one point to another in a matter of minutes. You can easily avoid huge traffic jams and reach your destination on time.

In heavily populated cities such as New York or Miami, you face much traffic on the road. Riding an electric scooter is an effective way of avoiding that and still reaching your destination on time.

Electric scooters are pretty compact, due to which you can maneuver them in tight spaces and avoid the rush hour traffic.


An electric scooter is pretty low on maintenance in comparison to vehicles that run on gas. Only the initial cost of purchasing an electric scooter is high, and you can quickly compensate for the initial cost of purchasing by saving money on maintenance and electricity. Vehicles running on electricity are far cheaper than cars running on petrol or diesel.

Allows you to skip unhealthy public transport

Having your electric scooter gives you a sense of independence. You no longer have to follow public transport timings and schedule. You are free to use your scooter whenever you want. Using public transport is not a safe and healthy option for you in the long run as well, in densely populated cities these public transport vehicles are very crowded. Traveling amidst this pollution and crowd can be harmful to your health.

Driving on an electric scooter is also good for your mental health as you can travel freely to your destination without much hindrance.


Electric scooters are not beneficial for you, but they are useful for the environment. Many people have started using these scooters as they care about our environment and nature.

Electric scooters run on electricity, so there is no emission of harmful gases or chemicals in the air.

These scooters are pretty silent as well due to that, and there is no noise pollution. It would be best if you also used these scooters for the protection of our environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ride an electric scooter in the rain?

Yes, you can ride an electric scooter in the rain. You can quickly drive a high-quality electric scooter in harsh climatic conditions. However, it is recommended not to use or go on these electric scooters in freezing temperatures and rainstorms.

Driving in such conditions will cause the motor and battery in your electric scooter to overwork. Overworking is not beneficial for the longevity of the motor and the battery.

In some cases, the rainwater also shot circuits the wires and electrical devices attached to the scooter, causing it to stop working.

High-Quality electric scooters have special preventive measures that stop the rainwater from entering their mechanism; however, the cheaper alternatives lack this unique feature.

Can electric scooters drive uphill?

Yes, electric scooters can drive or go uphill. Being able to drive uphill and on steep terrain is one of the main features or advantages of an electric scooter.

Driving on a regular bike requires a lot of power, but you can travel on hills easily with the help of an electric scooter.

This is possible as the scooter overcomes the gravity, drag, friction, and pressure acting on the scooter. People who like to travel a lot prefer to use these electric scooters.

What is the average speed of an electric scooter?

The average speed of a standard electric scooter is around 20 miles per hour, and this top speed increases to about 40 miles per hour for the more expensive and high-quality electric scooters. However, the speed of a scooter is not a constant number.

It is a variable that has a lot of factors affecting it. Some of these factors are the motor’s power, charge in the battery, size of the battery, load capacity of the scooter, the frame’s weight, and so on.

There is a limit set by the government of America on the speed limit of electric scooters. This limit is 25 miles per hour, and in some states, this limit falls up to 15 miles per hour. Manufacturers install speed limiters in the scooters to ensure that the electric scooters cannot exceed their specified limit.


Electric scooters are now a ubiquitous means of transport. Nowadays you can also get these electric scooters for rent for traveling in many cities. People can easily find and purchase them online or from their nearby retailers. This article describes various aspects of an electric scooter in detail so that you must not be in any confusion while purchasing an electric scooter.


Written by Lee Hill

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