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How to Charge a Razor Electric Scooter?

Are you struggling to charge your Razor Electric Scooter fully? Is your electric scooter giving you nightmares? Don’t worry! We have the solution.

Did you have an idea that the micro-mobility rate of riding an electric scooter has grown from 38.5 million to 88.5 million in 2019 Yes, you read that right, but since these scooters run on electricity, they must be charged appropriately.

Razor electric scooters are portable, eco-friendly, quickest transport mode, and budget-friendly; hence, people choose electric scooters over other brands. The biggest question that comes to people’s minds is how does the scooter work without a charger?

How much time does it take to charge the scooter, and how important it is to charge the scooter? You will get all the answers by reading this article.

How to Charge Razor Electric Scooters?

Almost all the Razor electric scooters take 8 to 12 hours to charge fully. If the charger light turns solid green, it means it is fully charged. But if the green light turns on for a shorter duration, then it means that it is not fully charged. Hence, you can follow these simple scooter charging steps to charge the scooter properly fully.

Step 1: First of all, make sure that you have the correct charger for your scooter. Not all chargers are suitable for your scooter. However, Razor scooters require a 24 to 36-volt charger, which depends on your model.

Step 2: Now plug in the charger to the electrical socket. Make sure that the charging light is solid green.

Step 3: Now, insert the charger in the charging port of your scooter. Make sure it is plugged incorrectly. The charging light should now be solid red.

Step 4: Let the scooter charge for at least 8 to 12 hours. After charging, the charging light should now again be solid green. Take out the charger from the electrical socket and charging port. Store it properly without twisting the wire too much. Now, you can enjoy your ride.

What Is The Total Time Taken To Charge An E100 Electric Scooter?

All those who want to ride a scooter for 60 minutes continuously can choose an e100 electric scooter by Razor. It is innovative, lightweight, and highly effective, which will make you go on longer rides with one charge. The hub-driven motor that makes it run 11 miles per hour makes this scooter outstanding.

It is important to charge the battery for 12 hours continuously. In between, if the charger shows green light, take out the plug and charge it again at least for 8 hours. When the battery’s power is drained, charging the battery for 8 hours minimum is recommended—different steps to follow to charge the battery properly.


  • It is essential to use an authentic charger that is original. Before charging, one thing to make sure of is the voltage. Depending on the scooter’s model, charge the batter either will require 24 or 36 voltage.
  • See to it that when you plug-in the charge to the electric point, the charger must show a green light. But, when you connect the charger to the scooter, it must show red light.
  • After 8 hours, see to it that the charger shows green light; this will mean that the scooter is fully charged. If the light is still red, then charge the scooter till the charger light turns from red to green.
  • After seeing the green light, remember to take out the charging plug from the plug point and then from the scooter.

When the scooter is fully charged, you can go for 11 miles per hour continuously. 60 minutes rides are possible if the battery is fully charged.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Razor e300 is made for both teenagers and adults to enjoy riding on any terrain. The scooter has a total of 24-volt batteries, each of 12 volts, and it also has a 200-watt motor. The gear has an on\off switch and a charging port, and a kickstand. By using the handlebars, you can control the rear brakes.

Steps To Replacing Batteries Of Razor E300 If It Is Not Charging

  • If the batteries are not working properly, it is important to replace the old batteries with the new ones. For replacing the batteries of Razor e300, you need some important tools like a screwdriver, 8 mm wrench,
  • Steps
  • Remove the deck by unscrewing the screws from it.
  • Remove the old battery by removing the bar with the screwdriver that holds the batteries in place.
  • There are three different plugs that you need to unplug to remove the batteries.
  • Take the new batteries and replace the old ones. Tuck the wires properly and put back all the three plugs again.
  • Ensure that you follow the same procedure to set up the batteries to work in the right manner.
  • Two small screws are set up in the front, Allen wrench screws go in the center, and the longest screws go behind the wrench screws. With the 8 mm nut, the short screws go right at the back.

Battery Life Of Razor E300 Scooter

Razor e300 has a 24-volt battery (12 volts each) that works continuously for 45 minutes. It requires a charging time of at least 10 hours. Each battery has a power of 7.5 mAh. Razor e300 works more than razor e100 due to its battery and travel distance. With e300, you can ride the scooter for 10 miles further when compared to razor e100.
The bike is suitable for all teens and adults, as it can withstand weight up to 176 pounds, and the battery lasts for 40 minutes.

Different Ways Of Charging An Electric Scooter When You Don’t Have A Charger?

There are three different techniques to charge a razor electric scooter’s battery if you do not have a charger.

  • The simplest way is to take out the battery and then charge it. After charging the battery with an alternative power supply, then put back the batteries and reinstall them.
  • The second way is to recharge the batteries of the electric scooter with a portable car jumper. Car jumpers have the power to recharge the batteries of an electric scooter faster due to their high voltage.
  • The third is one of the handy gadgets that is a variable power supply used to charge an electric scooter’s batteries. It is important to set the voltage as per the battery’s requirement and then charge the battery.


Razor scooters are trendy amongst kids and adults. But unfortunately, there can be times when you forget to carry your charger with you. If you are traveling or are out with friends, the three methods mentioned above will help you charge your electric scooter. It will not put an end to your excitement and fun.

Written by Lee Hill

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