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How to Test Electric Scooter Batteries?

Do you have an electric scooter that is not working as well as it used to? Did you last replace your batteries more than a year ago?

If so, your electric scooter likely needs a new set of batteries. But wait before calling a technician or buying a new set. You should first test the batteries to make sure that they need to be replaced.

This article explains how to run some simple tests on your batteries so that you can be sure they need replacement.

Necessary Checks For Electric Scooter Batteries

Before doing any extensive test for your electric scooter batteries, make sure to do all the necessary checks first.

  • Check for any sign of battery damage.
  • Check the battery case for cracks, leaks, or any noticeable damage.
  • The battery connecting posts of the battery should have no looseness. This may indicate internal battery connections have failed.
  • Are the batteries discharged?
  • Did you charge it more than three months back?

How To Test The Batteries?

You will require a multimeter for this operation. A multimeter is a gear that can measure and display volts, ohms, and amperes of the available power source. They are pretty cheap and readily available at hardware or home improvement stores.

With the help of a multimeter, you can test the battery voltage to know its present condition. Now all you need to do is connect the meter as per instructions to the battery and watch out for the voltage output readings. A good battery will have a higher voltage than its rated voltage.

If a battery’s voltage does not go above its rated voltage within a few minutes after being discharged, you most likely have a defective battery. If a battery is properly charged for 8 to 10 hours and its voltage is below its rated capacity, it is very clear that the battery is a defective battery.

Good scooter batteries will return to their rated voltage level within a few minutes after use. A 12-volt battery must have a voltage output above its rated voltage of 12 volts. Anything less, and you should replace the battery.

You can also have the battery tested at many auto parts stores, auto repair shops, or battery stores for a minimal fee.

To test your electric scooter battery, all you need to do is own a few tools and follow a few simple steps.

The tools required

  • A multimeter
  • A screwdriver
  • A wrench

After that, before testing the batteries, you will have to follow the following steps.

  • Has the battery charged for at least 7 to 8 hours?
  • You will need the scooter to remain still to prevent it from moving because the battery is functional and can start.

How to Diagnose Your E-Scooter Batteries?

There are several methods to test your electric scooter batteries.

The Passive Method

The e-scooter battery comes with cables attached to it that can be connected to the battery, with each of them having its function. They are:

  • The discharging port: This cable is connected to your motor for the scooter to function.
  • The charging port: This port is used for charging the battery.

How to do it?

Open the battery panel.

Take a screwdriver and open up the battery panel. Take the top off to expose the battery and the cables. Please ensure that you don’t sit in direct sun or humid weather if you are doing it outside. Follow the same if you do it inside. Humidity and direct sunlight will shorten batteries lifespan by a significant amount.

Connect the cables to the multimeter

First, you have to take the multimeter and connect the cables to its ports. Make sure that they are correctly connected to the right terminals, red to red and black to black.

Connect the terminals to the battery

Take the cables and join them with the scooter’s respective terminals. The red and black color will show you which is which. Try to wedge the cables from the multimeter into the battery terminals. It should be a straightforward process since they were made for this. Be sure that it touches the metal and not only the plastic. You need to connect it with the metal to get a good reading.

Take the measurements

Set the multimeter to DC on 200 since you need a reading of above 20. Also, switch the power button to on for it to function. Ensure that the batteries are fully charged so that you can get a consistent reading.

Make sure to test your batteries when they are fully charged for the first time. Write the value down.

You can use it as the reference point for any future testing, as at this point, they are at their strongest. It will allow you to tell how quickly your batteries lose their charge in compliance with charging and usage.

Your meter must not show a fall of more than 1 to 2 Volts under the Voltage rating. If it does, it means that the battery has lost its power, and it might be time to get a new one.

Let’s Explain With An Example

Let’s consider an example that your scooter holds two 12 Volt battery packs. Besides, it becomes 24 V. When charged ultimately, tests might show more voltage than the added sum of both battery packs. So, two 12V batteries might show above 25. This is good. Your batteries are strong.

What you want for the batteries is to not fall under 23 in this case. This means that their power is spent and that you will need new batteries. If replacing them, be sure always to recycle the old ones.

The Active Method

The steps to be followed are the same as followed in the above method. However, you will need to suspend the scooter and leave the back wheel free.

Keep an eye on the readings. Then, jack up the rear wheel, give it a few full throttles and engage the red breaks. It should create a load, which is what you require for a battery test.

While the “load” is happening, you can see the voltage on the multimeter dropping. A good battery will be a little, and the process of dropping it will be slow. A bad one will drop rapidly. The faster it drops, the worse condition the battery is in.

Another way to test the battery, if you have spare time, is to ride it. Charge it completely and ride it at full throttle. At full throttle, a good battery should last for about 40-50 minutes. It might be a faulty battery if it falls under 30 minutes. Less than 10-15 minutes means to remove it immediately and change it with another one.

Alternative Method

This method involves your neighborhood auto part sales stores or any local mechanic. The idea behind this method is to check if they can load test your type of batteries.

They might do it, which means you won’t have to worry about all the equipment needed for testing. If everything goes well, you are all good.

All you will have to do is to reassemble everything as before. If not, and your battery voltage is less than the rated voltage, you will have to get yourself a new battery.

Final Thoughts

Your scooter’s battery is its heart, mind, and soul. It will lose all its charm without it. So, next time when you want to enjoy a ride with your friends, don’t forget to check the well-being of your scooter’s battery. It will not only help you save on money but will also spare you from embarrassment.

Written by Lee Hill

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