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How to Fix a Razor Electric Scooter?

Till a few years ago, everyone thought electric scooters were kids’ toys. Not anymore! Today, electric scooters are a fun way to move around, suitable for people of all ages.

Razor electric scooters are among the best in the market, available in a wide range of models. From the Power Core 90 (the cheapest model, meant for ages eight and above) to the top of the line, soon to be launched T25, Razor is a name known for quality and user experience. Razor electric scooters offer a wide range of options in all sizes and for all ages.

But maintaining a scooter is not easy, even if it is a Razor scooter. It takes time and effort to run a scooter regularly. Issues such as flat tires, freezing up of the motor, battery failure is not as uncommon as you may think.

This article may act as a guide that helps you to solve some of the most common problems which a person faces while using an electric scooter.

Fixes To Common Problems In A Razor Electric Scooter

You buy an electric scooter with a lot of dreams. You imagine yourself talking to the wind, winding through traffic while everybody around you is stuck in their cars.

What you don’t imagine is bending over, trying to fix a dead scooter. The Razor is one of the best scooters in the market, but it is still very much possible for it to go wrong when you least expect it!

Like yourself, electric scooters are a new way to move for a lot of people. People don’t understand how they operate. That is why when they are faced with common operational problems; they tend to go blank.

Worry not! We are here to help. Some of the most frequent problems and their fixes are mentioned below.

Electric scooter not engaging even after applying the throttle.

This issue is mainly concerned with and related to the battery of the razor electric scooter. You will get this problem if there is not enough charge present in the battery.

To properly charge the scooter’s battery, you must ensure that the charger is correctly plugged into the charging port. You can judge this by checking on the charging light. It will flash brightly if the charger is connected correctly and would not flash at all if it’s not.

There are also some essential tips that you should remember before the initial use, and you must charge the electric scooter for about 12 hours before using it for the first time. Then you can reduce this charging time to 8 hours after each subsequent use.

Dead battery

One of the most standard issues that users have with their electric scooter is a dead battery. You may not know this, but there is a big difference between a dead battery and a battery with a low charge. When you have a low battery, your scooter will turn on but will not run as it is not getting sufficient power to run. In the case of a dead battery, the scooter won’t even turn on as there is no battery power.

To revive a dead battery, you will have to charge it for a considerably long amount of time. It would be best if you only reused a dead battery once it is fully charged so that it’s longevity is not affected.

You can easily change a battery with a low charge, as the indicator displays the amount of charge previously stored in it.

The scooter shuts down while in use.

To fix your Razor electric scooter, which shuts down while in use, you must try and reset the scooter. It would be best to shut the power down, then wait for some minutes, and then reset the power.

Resetting the power will most probably solve the anomaly that caused the scooter to shut down during the drive. After resetting the power, you must turn on the scooter with its power switch lighting up and the scooter running smoothly.

Sometimes the electric scooters also shut down abruptly while in use if you exceed their maximum load capacity. Exceeding the load capacity adds unnecessary strain on the scooter, causing the motor to freeze up and shut down. It would be best if you did not carry heavy objects, especially when climbing steep hills.

Working power switch, scooter not working after charging.

This is rare when the power switch indicates that the scooter is charging, but it does not operate after charging. You can solve this issue by simply turning the power on without adding any weight to the scooter. Then lift the rear side of the scooter and apply the throttle. If the rear wheel spins freely, you may have a faulty charger or battery, and you may need to replace one of these things.

If the problem persists, you need to remove the deck plate and then remove the brake and gear wires from the main control module. After doing this, apply the throttle. If the motor engages, you need to replace the battery, and if it doesn’t, you need to replace the throttle and control module.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix a flat tire on a Razor electric scooter?

Flat tires are a common problem or occurrence when driving on the roads. Any sharp object can puncture the tire easily, leaving you with a flat tire. You can avoid the tires from getting pierced or impaled by sharp objects with the help of a tire sealant.

This tire sealant is also commonly called a tire slime. You can also use this slime for temporarily sealing the cut so that you can peacefully reach your destination and solve this issue.

How to fix the chain on a Razor electric scooter?

Generally, this chain is wrapped around the pedal and the motor with a chain tensioner’s help. This tensioner allows the chain to rotate and keeps it in place.

Sometimes the chain on an electric scooter becomes loose or comes off because of a faulty chain tensioner.

You can easily remove and replace this tensioner by firstly removing the chain guard, and then you must detach the spring from the tensioner arm.

After this step, you would need 2 10 mm open wrenches to remove the nuts and bolts to remove the tensioner. Replace this tensioner with a new one.

Why is my Razor electric scooter not working?

You can manually check these connections and wires by just simply removing the deck plate. The deck plate is present underneath the seat. All you need to remove it is to lift it.

If you find any loose connections, you can reattach them, and the scooter should start working fine again. If you don’t see any loose connections or wires, then the fault lies somewhere else, and you can reset the scooter by clicking on the reset button.


Razor electric scooters are one of the best available in the market. But even the best electric scooter can fail and break down if you don’t look after it regularly.

There are a few simple things that you can do to keep your scooter in top shape. By taking a few simple precautions and follow the advice given in this article, you can quickly resolve common problems.

Though you can always take some expert’s help in fixing problems, working on your scooter will give you confidence in operating and understanding the mechanics behind it.

Written by Lee Hill

New York City

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