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Raleigh Electric Bikes: Models & Uses

Electric bikes are an integral part of the world of bikes.

These days people prefer using bikes for the day-to-day activities instead of using cars.

Everyone has different expectations regarding bikes. Thus people need a reputed brand they can rely on for their broad spectrum of purposes.

When it comes to catering to the public’s requirements, nothing can be better than Raleigh, which offers a diverse range of electric bikes to meet the market’s demands.

“What type of bikes does Raleigh make?” is one of the most common questions people ask.

Whether your selection is intended for a beginner, an experienced rider, or anyone with specific interests and abilities, Raleigh has them all.

Raleigh Electric Bikes For Different Purposes

Whatever may be your purpose, you will get all your questions answered if you look at the diverse range of product categories Raleigh has got to offer its customers.


Raleigh has various traditional and stylish bikes you can use to cruise around the city with ease.

All such bike models have a comfortable fit, sturdy frame, and come in various colors to suit your style statement.


Under the category of speed, you can find a vast range of contemporary design bikes aiming to make your ride faster and greener.

Thanks to the high-power motor, you can enjoy a maximum assisted speed of about 28 miles per hour.

All the models are available in step-over and step-thru frames to suit the rider’s convenience.

One of the most versatile and popular bikes you will find here is the Sprint IE, which will provide you with great speed and support while riding.


Whether you are a slow-paced nature lover or an adrenaline junkie, Raleigh has what you will like.

The bikes have various characteristic features, including wide tires, high-power motor, and suspension, all of which are necessary to provide stability while riding on different terrains.


If you want a bike to run errands and transport some cargo, you probably need a heavy-duty bike.

Raleigh brings to you it’s a wonderful range of utility bikes, which are perfect for bringing weekly groceries and bigger stuff. These bikes prevent the legs from flexing and any strain. Instead, these bikes boost the legs and provide extra stability to the rider.

Raleigh Electric Bike Models

Raleigh has many powerful monsters that offer a variety of advanced features.
Have a look at some of these beasts:

Raleigh Bikes Cadent 3 SM/15

The Cadent 3 has an exceptionally high performance when it comes to riding, irrespective of the terrain and weather.

While the carbon fork with a carbon steerer tube provides a smooth riding experience, the Tetra T275 hydraulic disc brakes provide excellent grip and stopping power. The strong tires make bumpy rides smoother, and the hills feel less steep.

The stable handlebars engender an excellent grip, which will prevent your hands from getting numb while riding. Also, you can always use the pre-drilled holes for adding a water bottle holder.

Raleigh Electric Detour iE Brick Red MD / 19

To help you explore places and make your rides even more enjoyable, Raleigh brings to you its premium Electric Detour iE.

The high-power Bosch motor will ensure to fulfill your weekend adventures. The lightweight frame along with an integrated headset will help you ride long distances with ease. Also, the Tektro HD-T275 Hydraulic Alloy 3 finger lever provides a comfortable grip while applying the brakes.

The 400Wh powerful motor generates 40Nm torque, which will help you speed up to 20 miles per hour.

Raleigh Sprite iE eBike

Raleigh Sprite iE eBike aims at making your rides effortless and comfortable with its 350W Currie electro-drive center drive motor.

The 7-speed Shimano drivetrain enables the rider to ride around flexibly by changing gears as required. This means you climb mountains and steep hills with ease. The lightweight, high-quality aluminum frame has an ultra-low step design for comfortable riding.

Also, the Sprite iE features Tektro brakes with excellent grip to stop by.

From Where Does Raleigh Get All Its Latest Features?

Raleigh has partnerships with various renowned manufacturers for different parts, including motor, battery, shipping, and assembly. Have a look at some of these:


The motor is the most crucial component of any electric bike. Thus, it is necessary to have a bike that has a high-quality motor.

Mostly Raleigh electric bikes are assisted by Bosch e-bike systems, Brose, Shimano, and TranzX.

You will find maximum models with a mid-drive motor, which results in better performance and efficiency. The low center of gravity is responsible for improving balance and stability.

Raleigh Electric Bikes offer only pedal-assist. This means the rider can’t fully rely on the motor for propulsion. The motor gets activated when the rider pedals and provides enough power to speed up to 20 to 25 miles per hour.

These electric bikes offer the rider flexibility to add a Boost Button, only if it uses a TranzX motor.


Panasonic, LG, Samsung, and Sony are the four reputed companies that supply Raleigh’s electric bikes.

The batteries come with a pack of cylindrical cells and are well-fit with Battery Management System (BMS). Thus, you don’t have to worry about battery depletion as the factors like temperature, discharge, and recharge time are taken care of by the BMS.

Although the battery life depends on the rider’s usage and care, it lasts anywhere between 2 to 4 years. One can easily cover ranges between 20 miles to 40 miles with most of the models.
Also, the battery gauge provides updates about the battery life and range estimates.


Raleigh promises same-day shipping for most of its models. You can always choose a store pickup too.

If one opts for a standard delivery option, he/she can expect the electric bike to be more than half assembled.


Raleigh electric bikes are easy to assemble even if you are to start from level 0.

Although these bikes require minimal assembly effort, you will get the bike more than half assembled in most cases.

The detailed instruction manual lists all the steps with well-labeled pictures and warnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Raleigh E-bikes Any Good?

Raleigh bikes are commuter focussed bikes that offer a wide variety of advanced features. When it comes to its high performance and efficiency, the integrated high-power motor takes a part of the credit. Apart from this, the comfortable seat ensures an upright posture while the strong tires provide an excellent grip and traction.

Where are Raleigh electric bikes made?

Raleigh is a bicycle manufacturing company that has its origin in Nottingham, the UK, since 1885. Now it has been years, and Raleigh has opened several additional branches in the USA, Ireland, and Canada.


For such a long time, Raleigh has been an icon of British engineering, manufacturing amazing yet affordable bikes. Over the past few years, Raleigh has come up with a vast and diverse range of traditional and stylish electric bikes to suit modern needs. These bikes are as great to ride as they look. Most of the bikes have a mid-drive motor, which offers only pedal-assist and no throttle mode.

However, the rider can anytime speed up to 20 to 25 miles per hour. The high-tech battery has a long life and supports substantial coverage on a single charge. All other features, including design, brakes, and gears, are modified depending on the model.

Written by Lee Hill

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