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How to Charge Electric Scooters Without A Charger?

We have been using the traditional kick scooters or the push along with scooters for several decades. Electric scooters are nothing but a more sophisticated version of the same.

They are plug-in electric devices meant for single person usage at a time. The deck or the board stores electricity in a rechargeable battery.

This electricity drives the motor, and the rider can control and balance by holding the handlebars.

These scooters are meant to be ridden while standing. Some are specially designed to be converted into seated electric scooters.

How to Charge Electric Scooters Without a Charger?

You might be confused with this sentence. How can it be possible to charge an electric scooter without a charger? So here is an easy hack for all the scooter enthusiasts out there.

You need always to ensure that electric scooters don’t run out of their electrical energy. Otherwise, your scooter is just going to die on you.

Sometimes it may be hard to find a charging outlet, but you can always charge the battery manually.

You don’t need to have the expertise to do this. All you need is a regular battery charger, voltmeter, a screwdriver, and a power supply plug.

Given below are the steps you need to follow to charge your electric scooter without a charger:

Step 1

Open the deck or look under it, and you will find the set of batteries. Remove the screws and keep them in a place so that they don’t get misplaced.

Step 2

Once you have removed the deck, remove the screws of the rod which is holding the battery. Unplug all the wires and separate leads, if any. Take out the battery after ensuring everything is disconnected. Recharging the battery in open-air optimizes its overall performance.

Step 3

So here you go with the essential step of recharging the battery. Battery charges have a couple of wires, which may confuse you. The red ones are the positive terminal, and the black ones are the negative ones. Carefully connect the wires onto the battery pack keeping in mind the signs.

How to Charge an Electric Razor Scooter Without a Charger?

You can always charge your electric razor scooter without a charger if your charger gets damaged, and the replacement is yet to come.

However, there are few prerequisites one should be prepared with before manually charging their Razor Electric Scooter. These prerequisites include having a battery charger, screwdrivers, and a power supply cord.

Here is a step by step simple guide that will help you charge your electric razor scooter quickly:

Step 1

The scooter shell or deck stores the battery. The first step involves taking out this battery from the scooter. The outer shell can be easily removed using screwdrivers. The battery is placed between a set of rods, which can be loosened by removing their screws. Unplug all the wires you find and pull them out from the case.

Step 2

Once the battery is out in your hands, you can see the positive terminal and negative terminal. Now look for the same terminal wires in the charging cable. The red wire belongs to the positive terminal, whereas the black one belongs to the negative terminal.

Step 3

The battery charger must have an indicator that would show you the charging levels. Once the charging is full, you will be alerted by a green light. Depending on the type of battery, the charging time may vary from 2 hours to a few more hours.

Step 4

Once the charging is done, your work doesn’t end here. Carefully disjoin the terminals of the battery from the charger and keep the charger aside.

Step 5

Before putting back the battery into your scooter, ensure it is in a normal state. Reconnect the wires which you pulled before and screw back the rods and the shell.

Few Tips Related To Charging The Scooter Without A Charger

Here are few points which you should keep in mind while charging your electric scooter without a charger:

  • Each battery takes its own time to get charged. While some may take just 1-2 hours, others might take 12-24 hours. Refer to the user manual for the same.
  • You can always use a voltmeter to check the scope of charging. For instance, if it shows the voltage reading below 12, there is still a scope for the battery to get charged, but if it shows a 12 to 13, then you are good to go.
  • While removing the battery after charging, it may be hot. Please put it back into the scooter only when it has attained its normal state.
  • In such cases, you can always leave the battery open in the air for some time.
  • Avoid charging the battery right after your ride, as you may find the battery heated up.
  • Always keep the scooter charged with a minimum of 30 to 40 % battery charging.


Can electric scooters be charged at home?

You can quickly charge an electric scooter at home either with the charger they come along with or manually. The manual procedure involves three simple steps: removing the battery, recharging it, and putting it back.

Can you overcharge an electric scooter?

Although there are no such things as overcharging, one is advised not to leave the battery on large for a long time, such as overnight. Most chargers come with a cutoff indicator these days, which automatically turns off the charging when the battery is full.

How often should I charge my scooter battery?

Make a habit of charging the scooters at a regular interval of a day or two. Otherwise, you can always charge them once a week, depending on your usage. However, it is advised not to leave them inactive as it may damage and reduce battery life.


Electric Scooters have become widespread over the past few years. Although they don’t require much upkeep or maintenance, they have to be charged from time to time.

In case you are unable to use the charger which came along with the scooter, you always have few alternatives to rely on. You can quickly charge your scooter without using a charger by following some easy steps discussed above.


Written by Lee Hill

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