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Where Can I Buy a Smart Ebike?

Over the years, e-bikes have become readily available. Earlier, people had to buy from the European market, but they are readily available today in online stores.

As electric bikes have gained popularity, these bikes have been modified to have an autonomous, flexible, and modular system.

A modular approach lets e-bikes have smart features, including performance characteristics, metrics tracking, and data analysis. These are known as Smart e-bikes.

Smart e-bikes are similar to regular e-bikes designed in that they augment human effort and offer various modes for assistance, including pedal-assist and throttle mode.

Such bikes will be the in-thing in the coming years.

Where Can I Buy A Smart E-Bike?

Now is the time to adopt smarter lifestyles by making use of smart devices.

Gift yourself and your loved ones with the latest and most advanced smart E-bikes, which are readily available in the online portal as well as in stores these days.

You can quickly get your smart E-bike from Mercedes Benz Smart, Shimano & Bosch, and Van Moof. All these companies make these high tech bikes affordable and easily accessible to the common public. You can purchase bikes online and even from some of their stores.

Are Electric Bikes And Smart Electric Bikes The Same?

Electric bikes are undoubtedly the future of green transportation. They have a quiet and emission-free design, which makes them ethically sound.

These bikes offer various modes to ease out the process of pedaling, including pedal-assist, which enhances mobility, and throttle mode, which allows the rider to sit back and enjoy the ride without him having to pedal.

Smart electric bikes are no different. They evolved from the scope of improvement that regular e-bikes had. Smart e-bikes make extensive use of artificial intelligence and the internet of things to provide enhanced features.

These bikes have in-built features of anti-theft alarms, performance characteristics, automatic assist trigger, etc. The rider can also get real-time metrics by syncing the smartphone, including speed, distance covered, battery capacity, and estimated range.

Customization of motor power output can also be done using these bikes.

What Has A Smart Ebike got To Offer?

Smart E-bikes are sturdily built and turn many heads on the street. These bikes are continuously improving and have a lot more to offer than regular e-bikes.

Smart e-bikes have a bunch of new features. Have a look at some of them:

  • Some smart bike models have a proximity-based immobilizer, which gets fully automatic armed after the engine is turned off.
  • These bikes also support electronic locks, which can be easily activated via the user’s smartphone.
  • These high tech bikes also offer the feature of automatic shifting and anti-theft tracking.
  • These bikes have proximity sensors that can detect if the owner is in the vicinity and thus unlocks the bike automatically.
  • If the rider falls, then the feature of accident detection will help connect the emergency contact that was already registered and notify them about the mishap.
  • Various smart bikes offer control via app, wherein the rider can control and monitor the power level settings wirelessly.
  • If the bike has a regenerative braking mechanism, it can also be activated with a single click.
  • The rider can also get real-time data, which includes the estimated range based on the battery left.
  • Certain smart e-bikes also feature built-in front and rear wide-angle HD cameras, which will just blow the mind of social media freaks out there.

Best Smart E-bikes In The Market

The market is flooded with different kinds of e-bikes and has a premium range of Smart Electric Bikes to provide its customers with Smart options of daily commuting with excellent features.

Big companies like Shimano, Mercedez, and Bosch are telling people to gear up as the latest smart e-bikes come with increased connectivity levels with their app and third-party apps such as GPS.

Shimano Di2 Smart Bike

This smart bike is designed to think while the rider rides. It offers Mid Drives, which can be wirelessly connected to the E-tube riding app or an E-tube project app, which will help you track your metrics and performance characteristics. It consists of intelligent drivetrain technology that will make automatic shifts and swift gear changes, enhancing the riding experience.

Cowboy 3 Smart Electric Bike

The Cowboy 3 Smart E-Bike has looks to die for and safety features that match those looks. It has three built-in sensors that detect crashes and falls. There is a sensor on the wheel (for speed), there is a torque sensor on the pedal and a sensor on the accelerometer.

The detector is smart enough not to go off when you brake too quickly or intentionally drop your bike. The real wow feature is that the bike can alert your emergency contacts if you do not reply within a minute.

Other great features include motor assistance, a wide 70-km-range, safety lights on the front and rear, and hydraulic brakes.

The bike is connected with its app that gives you a live dashboard for navigation and GPS tracking, improving your riding experience.

Smart Systems For E-Bikes


The COBI.A bike is a device that turns any ordinary e-bike into a smart bike: You can control your apps through the console provided at your handlebars with your thumb. The apps include everything from navigation to music to fitness and even calling apps, complete with Bluetooth headphones. The system is regularly updated with new features and is easily portable to a new mobile phone.

Kiox Lock

This is Bosch’s advanced electronic locking system for your e-bike, that can be connected to your smartphone. It helps deter casual theft.

It’s similar to the “lock my phone” option on iPhone and Android devices. If a thief steals your bike and tries to change the Kiox on it, the lock won’t allow it to work.

Apart from this, there are a lot of options which you may find as per your liking if you explore the market a little bit.

How Will The Smart Technology Shape The Mobility Of Tomorrow?

The future is sure to be entirely mechanical. Future mobility will be completely automatic and integrated to suit the personalized travel of people. We will take all these changes sustainably and ethically.

Smart Electric Bikes will be the future of the bike industry. People have already started appreciating the entire concept behind the usage of advanced features such as auto-lock, anti-theft, real-time data display, and high range connectivity. Upcoming years will witness a lot of growth in this segment, as these features will be modified and enhanced to be better.


You will see these smart electric bikes conquering the bike industry within no time as they offer various advanced features. From anti-theft alarms to auto-lock system, from sensitive brakes to turn off the motor, and from measuring real-time metrics to performance characteristics, these bikes have it all. They will be the most fast-growing segment of the bike industry.

Written by Lee Hill

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