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Best Bike Shorts Without Padding

Best Bike Shorts Without Padding

Whether you are new or an expert cyclist, cycling shorts must be your priority on your cycling gear list. Cycling shorts play a crucial role in your ride that allows you to cycle for hours and hours without any sores or chafing. There are two types of shorts available in the market, padded and non-padded cycling shorts.

Here in this write up we will discuss the best bike shorts without padding, with their detailed information. The article will help you to choose the best cycling shorts as per your need.

Also, the buying guide mentioned here will make your selection of the best bike shorts without padding easy.

Hiauspor Bike Shorts

If you wonder which best bike shorts without padding, then Hiauspor bike shorts are a perfect option. It is one of the comfortable and loose-fit shorts. Long-distance cyclists and various other sportspersons find these shorts comfortable and breathable.

Key Features

    • Quick Dry
    • Water Repellent
    • Zipped Pockets
    • Adjustment Waist
    • Multipurpose

Quick Dry: The shorts have highly breathable material that keeps the sweat away and helps you stay cool while riding. It gets quickly dried up even if you are sweating.

Water Repellent: These shorts use durable material that offers maximum protection if the mud splashes on you or even if it rains.

Zipped Pockets: The shorts come with two zipped pockets on both sides, which allows you to store your essential things like keys, mobile phones, cards, and more. It offers great storage.

Adjustment Waist: The shorts have adjustment options; it is equipped with two fastener loops on the sides and two hooks in the middle allowing a wearer to adjust the fit according to their waist size.

Multipurpose: You can wear these shorts as daily wear also, and during various sports activities too.


    • It is durable
    • You can easily wash the shorts in machine
    • The shorts offer maximum comfort while cycling.
    • It is also a perfect pair of shorts for daily wear.


    • It can only be used by men. No female sizes available

While you are searching for cycling shorts without pads, this must be your first option as it comes with great features and gives you optimum comfort at the time of various activities.

Cycorld MTB Shorts

These multifunction shorts are perfect for your riding as it offers optimum comfort and increases your performance. These are perfect for professional outdoor activities. The lycra design of these shorts provides great flexibility.

Key Features

    • Adjustable
    • Reflective Strips
    • Breathable Material
    • Multi Occasion

Adjustable: The shorts come with great adjustment options, it has adjustable velcro and double hooks to adjust the fitting according to your waist size.

Reflective Strips: The shorts have reflective strips on the sides that increase visibility and offer more safety during the night.

Breathable Material: Cycorld Shorts use durable and breathable material that keeps your skin dry and cool even if water splashes on you.

Multi Occasion: You can wear these shorts during various occasions, like cycling, mountain biking, camping, and other outdoor activities.


    • It has a Zipper button for a comfortable fit.
    • The shorts come with four pockets for easy storage of essential items.
    • The waistband of the shorts has elastic support.
    • It uses water repellent lycra fabric.


    • The belt loops are not durable (Based on Review)

These loose-fit and baggy shorts are perfect for outdoor activities. If you are looking for men’s bike shorts without padding, then this is a perfect option. It is the most comfortable shorts made up of scratch and tear-resistant fabric.

Comfortable Bike Shorts Without Padding

Gouxry Loose Fit Shorts

Gouxry is one of the skin-tight yet most comfortable cycling shorts available in the market; it comes with excellent features. Gouxry Shorts is worth money and comes under the category of best bike shorts without padding.

Key Features

    • Breathable Fabric
    • Adjustable Waistband
    • Zippered Pockets
    • Versatile

Breathable Fabric: The shorts are breathable and water-resistant fabric. It has four-way stretch and scratch-resistant fabric that offers maximum flexibility and keeps your skin dry.

Adjustable Waistband: These shorts come with an elastic waistband and one button in the middle for easy adjustment of proper fit. There is also a zipper closure for protection.

Zippered Pockets: You will get five zippered pockets, two in the front and three on the sides. The pockets give you enough storage to keep your essentials while riding or doing any outdoor activity.

Versatile: The shorts are versatile; you can wear them at the time of various activities.


    • The elastic waistband reduces the pressure on the stomach.
    • The shorts are machine washable
    • It has a zipper closure.
    • The shorts have quick-dry material.


    • The size is not appropriate.

The Gouxry loose shorts are most comfortable and flexible that you can also use as daily wear. Another beauty of these shorts is it has high-quality zips that do not jam.

Santic Men’s Loose Shorts

These loose shorts are the best road bike shorts without too much padding. If you are looking for high-performance and comfortable shorts, this is a great option. Santic Loose shorts come with a drawstring closure that helps you to get a perfect fit.

Key Features

    • Waterproof
    • Reflective Design
    • Zippered pockets
    • Stretchable Fabric

Waterproof: As the shorts use 100% nylon, it offers a waterproof feature. It keeps you dry and away from water at the time of water splash and wet pavements.

Reflective Design: There is a reflective sprint on the left leg that improves the safety level due it better visibility during the night.

Zippered Pockets: There are two zippered pockets on each side of the shorts that allow you to keep your mobile phone and other essential items during a ride.

Stretchable Fabric: The stretchable fabric allows you to have better flexibility and makes it more convenient for you to ride.


    • It is a loose fit mountain biking shorts
    • It is machine washable shorts
    • The Drawstring closure allows a perfect fit.


    • The zipper is not durable as per customers.

Santic Men’s loose shorts are comfortable and convenient shorts that you can wear during every sports activity. It is a versatile pair of shorts that offers great flexibility and allows you to have better performance.

TOMSHOO Sports Shoes

These best bike shorts without padding are comfortable and come in ergonomic design. Tom shook sports shoes are a great option if you are willing to wear shorts in various outdoor activities.

Key Features

    • High-Quality Material
    • Breathable
    • Pockets
    • Water Repellant

High-Quality Material: The shorts use 100% nylon, soft and stretchable fabric. The material gives more comfort and helps a rider to enjoy maximum performance.

Breathable: The nylon fabric is a well-known breathable fabric. It does not wet your skin and keeps it dry and cool. Also, the ventilated mesh panels increase breathability.

Pockets: Shorts come with five pockets, two hand pockets, and three zip pockets to better store essential items during activity.

Water Repellant: The shorts are water repellent, it protects your skin from water splashes.


    • It is a fast dry, and lightweight pair of shorts.
    • The front closure is very strong.
    • It is an ideal option for cycling, running, and other outdoor activities.


    • Size is not appropriate.

The Tomshoo Sports shorts is one of the best bike shorts without padding, and it gives maximum comfort due to its breathable and stretchable fabric. These are high-performance shorts.

Nike Women’s Shorts

If you are looking for women’s bike shorts without padding, then this is a perfect option. Nike Women’s shorts are among the best as it comes with great features.

Key Features

    • Stretchable waistband
    • Breathable
    • Versatile

Stretchable Waistband: The shorts come with an elastic band on the waist that gives a perfect and hugging fit.

Breathable: These shorts use polyester, and there is mesh on the shorts that offer maximum breathability.

Versatile: You can wear these shorts during different sports activities.


    • It is water-repellent shorts
    • It keeps your skin dry and cool.
    • The shorts offer maximum comfortability and flexibility.
    • It is available in five different colors.


    • The size runs smaller than stated.

These women’s shorts are perfect for cycling; they offer maximum comfort and have durable material.

The Final Verdict

The above content gives you detailed information on every best bike shorts without padding available in the market. After reading the pros and cons, we hope it has become easy for you to select the best as per your need.

Written by Lee Hill

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