What to Wear on a Bike Ride?

What to Wear on a Bike Ride

Biking helps to decrease your fat and protects you from various diseases. In brief, we can say it helps to keep you physically fit. Even It boosts mental health.

If you are new to bike riding, you may wonder what to wear on a bike ride? It’s a question that arises in every new bike rider.

Suitable and comfortable clothing on a bike ride can make your ride smooth and happy. But, if you are a starter, then don’t invest a lot of money in various clothing. You should first invest in a few specific pieces of clothing. Even clothing differs from a simple bike ride for a few miles to a mountain bike ride.

Bike Clothing

#1. Bike Shorts

Some shorts are specially designed for comfortable riding. Padded bike shorts are preferred more in bike riding. They can be worn without underwear and fits tightly into the skin. It prevents chafing.

When someone does cycling, the skin of your thighs comes in contact with each other numerous times. Your skin may get irritated because of repeated friction, and you may find redness or itching over there, which is uncomfortable. So, using padded shorts will prevent chafing.

Padded shorts are also called chamois. The chamois is made up of cushioning foam with different densities, and it provides moisture to the skin. It will keep your skin soft. Consequently, you can have a comfortable ride.

Sometimes you think about what to wear on a mountain bike ride? Well, this question is obvious when someone is new to mountain rides. Well, padded bike shorts are needed both for mountain bikes and a road bike. You cannot skip this.

Right Clothing for a Bike Ride

The mountain riders should prefer double shorts, which means there will be a loose outer short paired with a short inner chamois. The inner shorts can be detached from there and can also be worn separately.

Some mountain riders like to wear form-fitting shorts because these shorts give them muscle support. Some people prefer an anti-chafing cream while they are on a ride. The cream protects your skin from chafing.

Some riders don’t wear padded bike shorts when they are riding for a short period. Suppose you fall in this category; then it’s good to wear underwear that will not be made up of cotton but has good wicking properties.

If you wonder what to wear on a long bike ride, then bike shorts must wear on the ride. It will make your journey comfortable.

#2. Bike Pants, Tights, and Warmers

Bike pants and tights are an alternative to bike shorts. Most of the bike pants have inbuilt chamois. So, the riders will not face any skin issues. Even some pants are available in the market, which are waterproof and windproof.

Bike pants are also necessary for mountain riders. The bike pants for mountain riders are made up of sturdy fabric with lots of pockets.

Most mountain bike riders prefer to wear pants with slimmer cuts at the ankle. Otherwise, their pants will obstruct while riding. Even some pants have some insulation properties. So you can buy it according to your preferences.

If we talk about the bike tights, then almost all the varieties are padded. So, it is beneficial for mountain riders. You can substitute liner shorts in cold weather. Again in the rainy season, a rider must wear waterproof pants, which will give him all the comfort while riding.

#3. Bike Jerseys

If you are new to bike riding, you must be wondering what to wear on a long bike ride?. It is quite an obvious question that arises from every new bike rider.

Well, you need to buy bike jerseys. They are pretty crucial for a road ride or mountain ride. Bike jerseys are pretty stretchable. Remember one thing that road jerseys are slightly different from mountain jerseys. Road jerseys are a bit more stretchable as compared to mountain jerseys.

But all the jerseys are breathable and have moisture-wicking capabilities.

Bike Clothing for Bike Riding

A rider, when riding a bike, sweats a lot. The moisture-wicking capability in jerseys helps the rider so that it can discard the sweat out from your body with the help of its fabric. So, it acts as a thermoregulator. If you wear cotton, it will absorb the sweat and make you feel wet at the time of riding. So, a rider should always avoid wearing cotton at the time of riding.

The bike jerseys have some specific properties. The riders usually ride a bike in the scorching sun. So, the bike jerseys are designed so that they will protect them from ultraviolet rays. The jerseys have a flip-up collar that shades the rider’s neck and protects it from UV rays.

They have a front zipper where air can enter and go out. The jerseys have pockets at the back where you can keep some necessary things. Some jerseys have reflective trim, which will help the rider to ride a bike at night.

For the winter season, the jerseys come in full sleeves, which will protect you from cold air. After wearing these jerseys, you will feel warm. The winter jerseys are usually made up of heavy fabric to protect a rider in the winter season.

If you are wondering what to wear on a casual bike ride, you need to try bike jerseys. They will provide you comfort both in summer as well as winter. You will look stylish by wearing these bike jerseys.

#4. Cycling Jackets

Cycling jackets provide comfort to the riders. It obstructs the wind and keeps you dry.
If you are thinking about what to wear on a long bike ride, then cycling jackets are the best option. Sometimes, the weather suddenly changes from sunny to rainy weather.

These cycling jackets will protect the rider from heavy rain because of their waterproof abilities.
The cycling jackets are available in various varieties. One can have hood jackets. It will give a stylish look to the rider. Zip-off sleeves are another option.

Some cycling jackets can also keep you warm during the winter season. They are made up of thicker material which will provide insulation to the rider.

#5. Bike Shoes

Bike shoes depend on the pedals of your bike. If you have basic ordinary pedals, then you can prefer any shoes. But usually, riders should choose to wear which will be light and stiff. As the shoes will be stiff, the rider can efficiently transmit the force from the foot to the pedal.

In short, we can say the stiffer shoes can help the rider to ride a bike easily. It’s always advisable that a rider wear stiff sole bike shoes if he has a clipless pedal bike.

You may prefer to wear socks which will have good wicking material.

One can wear regular shoes when riding, but they will not provide that much comfort than stiff sole shoes.

Bike shoes are quite important both for road rides and mountain rides.

#6. Bike Helmet

A rider should always wear a helmet. If you wonder what to wear on a bike ride or what to wear on a mountain bike ride, you should first give preference to a bike helmet. It goes well with any riding. But you should be careful while purchasing your helmet. The helmet should completely fit into your head.

Right Bike Clothing

Helmets protect your head at the time of riding. The designs of the helmet may vary slightly from each other for different rides. For instance, road bike helmets are light in weight and have good ventilation.

A mountain bike rider may fall downward. So, mountain bike helmets are designed in a particular manner. The rear portion is slightly extended to protect the head of the driver at the time of downfall.

Again, there are various recreational helmets available on the market. If you are searching on the internet ‘What to wear on a casual bike ride,’ then recreational helmets can be an option.

#7. Sunglasses

You need to wear sunglasses at the time of riding a bike. It will protect you not only from harmful ultraviolet rays but also from wind.

If you are searching for what to wear for a mountain bike ride, then goggles can be a good option.

#8. Accessory Items

Accessory items can be caps, headband, and gloves. You can wear headbands at the time of riding, keeping your ears warm during the winter season. Even you can wear caps during cold months. These headbands and caps provide insulation to the driver.

A glove is an excellent option for bike riders. A rider can wear full-finger gloves in the summer months. But, for winter months, a bike rider should prefer breathable full-finger gloves. Another option is pogies. A rider can quickly move his hand to grip the handle of his bike with the help of pogies.

Wrap Up

If you are new to bike riding, then every time you wonder, ‘What to wear for a bike ride? It’s a question that will arise in everyone’s mind. You can wear all the clothing mentioned above to have a comfortable ride.

Written by Lee Hill

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