Best Bike Clothing for Cold Weather

Best Bike Clothing for Cold Weather

Are you the one who uses two wheels to commute to your office, or are you a fitness freak? Then for sure, the bicycle is your partner all year round. Cycling in the cold especially comes with many challenges for cyclists.

Usually, brave enough people choose a bike to ride in winters; otherwise, many stay indoors when there are winters all around. If you wish to be the person who is not scared to go cycling in winters, you must know the best bike clothing for cold weather.

The game is all about perfect layering and knowing the correct weather condition level. Cycling in cold weather means you need to consider a few things depending on where you live. You need to know how winters are cold in your area, like wet or dry?

Thus, it is essential to get perfect bike clothing for cold weather. The first thing you need to do is get the suitable base layer and then add more clothes after that. Here we are providing you with some popular bike clothing recommendations for winters to choose the best per your requirement.

List of Best Bike Clothing for Cold Weather

ColdPruf Men’s Top – Best Base Layer for Men

As per my review, the ColdPruf base layer is the best top base for men as it is made up of breathable and durable material. It is a perfect combination of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. This base layer top provides natural warmth to the wearer and comes with easy and comfortable rib cuffs.

Key Features

  • Durable and comfortable material
  • Multipurpose top
  • Easy washable
  • Great design

Durable and Comfortable Material: This thermal base layer is well constructed with the perfect combination of cotton and polyester, making it a durable and comfortable top. Its material is among the best clothing for cold weather as a base layer as it offers natural warmth.

Multipurpose Top: It is a versatile top that you can wear with minimal additional layers in cold weather for various activities. ColdPruf top is suitable for all-weather and activities in winters.

Easy Washable: There is no hard and fast rule to wash this thermal; we can easily wash in a machine. There is no requirement for dry clean or any special detergents to wash this top.

Great Design: The base layer comes in an efficient design, with a round neck, comfortable rib cuffs, and drop-tail for maximum coverage.


  • Best for freezing weather
  • Comfortable and sturdy design
  • Provides full coverage
  • Suitable for various cold-weather activities
  • Therma Choice System


  • It has thin material (Based on review)

To wear a baselayer in winters while cycling is a wise decision, as it gives natural barries of warmth in cold weather. It is a valuable purchase due to its comfortable material, which is snug yet relaxed.

BALEAF Men’s Pullover – Best Mid Layer for Men

I suggest you get this pullover as it is the best clothing for cold-weather bike riding. This fleece mid-layer pullover comes with great comfort and is lightweight. It is made up of quick-dry material that gives you more comfort during your ride. It is a perfect combination of 86% Polyester and 14% Spandex. This high neck zip-designed pullover protects your neck from cold weather.

Key Features

  • Half Zipper closure Design
  • Comfortable mid-layer pullover
  • Micro Brushed fleece Interior
  • Zippered chest pocket
  • Long raglan sleeves

Half Zipper Closure Design: The ½ zip design comes with a hood that covers the neck, and due to the zip, it is easy to pull on and off the pullover. It also allows ventilation around the neck.

Comfortable Mid Layer Pullover: When we say comfort, this pullover justifies the word. We can easily wear this Baleaf pullover over your base layer, as it is lightweight. It comes with excellent stretchable and durable material. The material used to make this pullover absorbs moisture and wicks away sweat.

Micro Brushed Fleece Interior: The inner fleece area of the pullover gives us more comfort that further helps you to do cycling for a long time. Along with comfort, it keeps our bodies warm.

Zippered Chest Pocket: This pullover comes with a left-side chest zippered pocket that allows you to store small things that you feel are essential while cycling. It gives you the convenience to keep your small cell phone or credit cards.

Long Raglan Sleeves: The long raglan sleeves means it comes with thumbholes that give you extra coverage and keeps your sleeves in place.


  • Reflective display tag for low light
  • Versatile pullover
  • Breathable and stretchable design
  • Chest pocket for storage


  • The Zip is not durable (As per customers)

Now you can easily wear this mid-layer over your base layer while cycling. It keeps your neck and hands warm as it is designed with a neck half zip and long raglan sleeves. It is a stylish and affordable pullover for men.

RION Men’s Cycling Jacket – Best Bike Winter Jacket

I refer this RION Jacket to all who love biking in the mountains. It comes under the best mountain bike clothing for cold weather as it is a perfect blend of polyamide and spandex. It contains a front zipper for easy on and off of the jacket.

Key Features

  • Durable fabric
  • Zipper Closure
  • Quick dry
  • Suitable for snow

Durable Fabric: This jacket is made up of 85% polyamide and 15% spandex, considered durable in cold weather. The inner area of the jacket is made up of fleece that keeps you warm during biking.

Zipper Closure: With a front full zip, it is among the best bike clothing for cold weather. The zipper closure makes it convenient for us to pull on and off the jacket easily.

Quick Dry: This is a sterling highlight of RION Men’s jacket; it drys quickly and helps keep sweat away from the body. It also helps in easy washing.

Suitable For snow: Whether you are buying this jacket for cold or freezing weather, it is suitable for you. The jacket also works well in keeping you warm in snow or freezing areas.


  • Stretchable fabric
  • Two pockets at front
  • Arm pocket at biceps
  • Reflections on the arm for low light visibility
  • Windproof


  • Not enough reflections in the dark as per customers who have used the jacket

This jacket is perfect for cycling; it gives you various storage options to store your essentials and, at the same time, keep you warm as the inner area is made up of brushed fleece. It is a well-designed, comfortable and durable jacket.

INBIKE Cycling Gloves: Best Men Winterproof Gloves

If you are looking for the perfect pair of cycling gloves for cold weather, I suggest you go for these amazing Inbike Cycling gloves. These gloves are gel padded and made up of breathable material. They are best to protect your hands in winters and even from injuries resulting from falls or accidents.

Key Features

  • Windproof Material
  • Gel and EVA padded
  • Touch screen full finger
  • Wrist Tie feature

Windproof Material: With fleeced lining and warm material, it is the best windproof best cycling clothing for cold weather. It provides inner closed warmth and keeps the wind away.

Gel and EVA Padded: The gloves are well designed with three gel pads, which makes them anti-shock gloves. It also has super fine palm material.

Touch Screen Full Finger: All fingers and thumb of gloves contain microfiber, which allows you to use your smartphone even when you are wearing gloves. The superfine fabric gives the flexibility of using devices conveniently.

Wrist Tie Feature: You can easily protect your wrist from the cold wind with the help of INBIKE cycling gloves, as it comes with an adjustable hook and loop fastener. It is the main highlight of the gloves.


  • Reflective strips on the back of the gloves
  • Fleece inner
  • The thickened pad at the joint
  • Anti-slip silica gel


  • Poor quality stitching (Based on reviews)

The INBIKE cycling gloves are best for winters as they are comprised of fleece inner material and wrist tie features. The anti-slip silicone enhances the performance, and it is suitable for different outdoor activities, like running, cycling, and more.

Quick Tips for Cycling in Cold Weather

Get Your Bike Ready: Usually, in winters, the roads are wet, so it is important to fit mudguards. Get the best mudguards for your bike.

Quick Tips for Cycling in Cold Weather

Check The Forecast: Weather is unpredictable; get updated about the weather before you hit the road or mountains for cycling.

Layer Up: It is important to layer up yourself, as when you feel warm while biking, you may want to remove some layers. So wear such layers that you can easily remove.

Wrap Up

With the above list of best bike clothing for cold weather, you can choose the best as per your need. Also, apart from the base layer, mid-layer, jacket, or gloves, there are many other accessories that you must add on while cycling in cold weather.

Written by Lee Hill

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