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Best Men’s SPD Mountain Bike Shoes

5 Best Men's SPD Mountain Bike Shoes

Shoes are a very important part of mountain biking. Their platform can deliver more power to your feet, and they keep your feet safe. A comfortable fit ensures that a day spent mountain biking is enjoyable.

We have selected some of the best men’s SPD mountain bike shoes for you to choose from below. Do go through and let us know your comments and feedback.

Your cycling shoes determine how well and fast you pace up. Their design is the reason that determines whether you will trudge over steep mountains or not. Let’s look at the top 5 men’s spd biking mountain shoes you can grab for your next ride.

#1. Giro Berm Men’s Cycling Shoes

Its sturdy and flexible design maintains balance on some of the most rugged terrains and is slippery. It enjoys a pretty good rating on Amazon.

Key Features

  • Comfortable
  • Robust Pedaling
  • 2 Bolt Cleat Compatible

Comfortable: The EVA sole (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) makes them more flexible than rubber shoes. The supple synthetic combines with the breathable mesh support the leg very well and absorb shocks on rough and mountainous terrains. There’s an extra reinforcement on the toe to avoid wearing and corrosion.

Robust Pedaling: There is a nylon plate that ensures efficient transfer of power. The outsole is composed of stainless steel hardware to provide strength to the structure. These shoes are extremely balanced and sturdy for difficult terrains.

2 Bolt Cleat Compatible: The powerful two-cleat system that is compatible with two-bolt pedals like Shimano SPD, Time ATAC, Crank Brothers, etc


  • Comfortable for even the big-footed people
  • Two strap closure for the best fit
  • Fit for any terrain


  • Some customers have complained of weak cleats.

The shoe is comfortable and offers a powerful grip at the same time. Many companies don’t produce shoes for people with sizes 12-13 US, but we were impressed to hear from the customers about the size variety offered by Berm.

#2.Stamp LACE Black/RED/Black 10.0

The feature that distinguishes these from others is their stamp tread pattern.

Key Features

  • Superb outsole and compound
  • Sturdy closure system

Outsole and compound: The MC2 rubber compound provides a strong grip and friction against the ground. The round lugs lessen abrasion on your feet. The heel lugs offer great support for steep hiking. The ramped toe provides a dense middle foot to walk comfortably on steeper mountains.

Closure system: There’s a lace system that allows the perfect enclosure of the foot. There is a tucking system to prevent those laces from falling.


  • Beguiling design
  • Round lugs to increase friction
  • Ramped toes


  • No Velcro closure system

Some people might not be comfortable with the lace closure system. We expected Crankbrothers to provide Velcro with a customizable fitting. Yet this is one of the best men’s spd mountain bike shoes. Go for it!

#3.Giro Privateer Lace Cycling Shoes – Men’s

Its customers appreciate the legendary fit and style of Giro Privateer Lace cycling shoes. It has a high rating on Amazon as well. Their solid and flexible build allows you and your bike to maneuver around the toughest terrains.

Key Features

  • Comfortability and durability
  • Robust pedaling
  • 2 Bolt cleat compatibility

Comfortability: The upper microfiber and the toe cap reinforcement makes it super comfortable on rugged terrains. The heel reduces abrasion. The design is impressive as it provides holes for proper ventilation and breathing. The empire laces increase the durability of the product.

Robust pedaling: The nylon plate with stainless steel hardware amplifies the energy transfer to the pedal.

Co molded rubber: Co-molded rubber with high traction lugs offers resistance against slippery tracks.


  • Very comfortable
  • Suitable for two-bolt pedals
  • Co molded rubber with lugs
  • Empire laces to fit in any foot


  • Laces might be annoying for some riders as they might interfere with the riding.
  • No EVA sole.

Giro’s Privateer cycling shoes have all the qualities that men’s SPD shoes must have. When tested in hot weather, these shoes perform above expectations. For any weather, it perfectly hugs your feet. Customers have praised the fitness and grip that it offers. All in all, they are reasonably priced too.

#4. Shimano ME7

Shimano has proved itself to be versatile with its Michelin outsole. They have released various models for flat and clipless pedals. Let’s look at its detailed review.

Key Features

  • Comfortable
  • Good stability
  • Lightweight

Weight and stability: Its 1 pound 11 ounces design is pretty lightweight. But when compared with other spd shoes like Specialized 2FO ClipLite, ME7 is heavier. They don’t require much power to slow down the momentum. The light design in no way has mingled its grip. The sole is very stable on all slippery and muddy terrains.

Closure system: ME7 gave an attractive closure system with lace underneath the Velcro nylon flap. This prevents any obstacles on the track. ME7 perfectly combined the two systems to give a streamlined fit.

Comfortable: The underfoot cushioning prevents abrasion on long journeys and rugged terrains. The two-layered closure system girdles around the feet and prevents them from slipping off on spiky terrains.


  • Two-layered lacing system


  • It could have been more lightweight.

#5. Five Ten MTB Cycle Shoes for Men

Their rubber sole offers one of the most comfortable experiences one could have in mountain shoes.

Key Features

  • Rubber sole
  • Textile lining

Rubber sole: The rubber sole provides great density to the foot, thus resists abrasion. Although the disadvantage of this is that rubber souls wear off more than other types of soles.

Textile lining: The one-piece molded textile lining compliments the Stealth S1 rubber outsole


  • Nice design
  • Great comfort
  • Good grip


  • Laces closure system

These shoes are not as stiff as a mountain shoe must be, but this doesn’t hinder its performance. They provide great grip and comfort both at the same time.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Men’s SPD Mountain Bike Shoes

The biggest dilemma while purchasing biking shoes is which one to buy! With all the latest materials and brands entering the market, people tend to get confused while making choices. Thus, it would be best to remember the basic things you are looking for in a shoe. Based upon that, you’ll be able to make a wise decision.

Best Men's SPD Mountain Bike Shoes


Cyclists often go with stiffer soles. The most expensive shoes are the ones with a stiffer sole. A too fragile or flexible show will not be able to transfer the power to the pedal. However, people must go with medium stiffness. This would avoid any shoe bite or boils when you get off your cycle.


Your shoe must be breathable and properly ventilated. This not only increases the comfortability but allows the shoes to be cleaner. Check if the shoe has minuscule holes for ventilation. Generally, man-made fibers are more porous than natural ones. So choose accordingly.

Closure System

How well the shoe covers your foot matters the most while climbing steep landscapes. For this, we suggest the Velcro closure system to be the best. They offer customizable fit and appropriate size when the feet swell up a little bit during the expedition. The ratcheted closure system is often too expensive and might not give a comfortable fit to some.

Other Specifications

Some people prefer a wider and more breathable shoe, while some prefer a narrow fit. Whenever you purchase a shoe, make sure to stand on the tip of your foot and check if the counter lining offers super grip to your foot. Mountain shoes should not be too loose. There should be a considerable amount of gap between your thumb and the toe cap; otherwise, it will hurt.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Men’s SPD Mountain Bike Shoes

What Are the Most Comfortable Biking Shoes?

Pearl Izumi X–Alp Elevate is the most generous and comfortable mountain shoes. However, their wide volume might not suit every cyclist. It has rubber lugs that offer good padding for the foot, and they are fit for walking on slippery terrains.

Most Comfortable Men's SPD Mountain Bike Shoes

Can I Wear Clipless Shoes on Flat Pedals?

If we talk about particularly mountain rides, then clipless is a better choice. It allows the shoe to be clinging tightly to the pedal. This keeps the balance sturdy, and your foot doesn’t fall off over and over again. Flat pedals can be beneficial if you want to wear any shoe on your ride. SPD mountain biking shoes connect directly to the cleats of the pedals.

Why Are Flat Pedals Better?

Flat pedals don’t have any cleats and thus don’t pre-define your foot position. Beginners generally prefer flat pedals as one can remove their feet according to their reflexes. During unforeseen bumps or falls, one can regain balance by putting their foot down immediately.

Wrap Up

While all the shoes mentioned above are excellent and have great features, the Giro Berm Men’s Cycling Shoes stand out as the most solid yet comfortable shoes.

I hope you have enjoyed our selection and taken some tips from the buyer’s guide and FAQ section. Do leave your feedback for us below.

Written by Lee Hill

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