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Best Men’s Padded Mountain Bike Shorts

Best Men's Padded Mountain Bike Shorts

Mountain biking is a great way to remain fit and enjoy the beauty of nature. But if you plan to go mountain biking or cycling long distances every day, you should have the right gear with you.

You should take padded mountain bike shorts if you ride on rough terrains. Their foam or gel padding keeps you comfortable while riding and also prevents chafing. Are you looking for the best-padded mountain bike shorts?

I have listed down the best men’s padded mountain bike shorts with a different range of sizes and styles.

#1 Sponeed Men’s Cycling Shorts

If you are looking for men’s bike shorts with thick inner padding and protection when riding long distances, then the sponeed cycling shorts are a great option. The fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking. It is easy to maintain these shorts and do not wear out even after long hours of the ride.

Key Features

    • Elastic Closure
    • Easy To Maintain
    • 4d Gel Padding
    • Suitable For All Cyclists
    • Stretchable Fabric

Elastic Closure. These shorts have an elastic closure. Because of this, it is easy to wash in the machine. You can machine wash it at a temperature under hundred degrees.

Easy To Maintain. It is easy to maintain the shorts by sponeed. Even after long hours of riding, the shorts do not wear out.

4D Gel Padding. These 4D gel padded shorts have a 9-inch inseam. The fabric is breathable and great for long rides.

Suitable For All Cyclists. These shorts are ideal for all cyclists. These shorts are suitable for hiking, trekking, mountain biking, and other such outdoor activities.

Stretchable Fabric. The shorts use high-quality stretchable fabric. The fabric is 80% polyester and 20% spandex, which is lightweight and soft.


    • Soft and comfort Wait
    • Lightweight and soft fabric
    • Breathable and comfortable
    • Suitable for all cyclists


    • A bit tight around the knees

The moisture-wicking fabric of these sponeed shorts keeps you cool throughout the ride. This lightweight and breathable fabric give great support while riding long distances.

#2 EZRUN Men’s Mountain Bike Shorts

If you are looking for loose-fitting shorts with an elastic waistband, then EZRUN men’s bike shorts are a great option. It has thick padding, which allows the rider to have a comfortable bike. They have three pockets, so it is easy for you to keep your things.

Key Features

    • Thick padding
    • Durable Fabric
    • Elastic Waistband
    • 3 Pockets with reflective logo
    • Breathable and Lightweight

Thick Padding. These shorts have thick padding to make your ride comfortable with less friction.

Durable Fabric. The fabric uses 95% Polyester and 5% Elastane that makes it long-lasting and durable. These loose-fitting pants are lightweight and make you feel comfortable.

Elastic Waistband. The shorts have a built-in 3D chamois and an elastic waistband with an inner drawcord. It has a broad belt to give you a comfortable waistline and overall perfect fit.

3 Pockets with Reflective Logo. These shorts have two pockets with zippers to keep your things safe and have one pocket with a Velcro strap. The reflective logo makes it safe to ride at night.

Breathable and Lightweight. These shorts are made with breathable material and helps dry sweat quickly, and helps you stay cool while riding.


    • Dries Quickly
    • Zipper pockets to keep things safely
    • Reflective logo to ride safely at night
    • Durable and lightweight


    • Thin cushion

These bike shorts are very comfortable for long rides having multiple features. They are of good quality fabric at a reasonable price. I usually wear 33-inch shorts, and the large size of these brands fits me perfectly. These shorts work great for cruiser bikes as well. These shorts are excellent even for the most challenging ride.

#3 NICEWIN Men’s Cycling Shorts

If you are looking for a stylish short that gives an excellent performance, then this cycling shorts by Nicewin is a perfect choice for you. They use premium quality fabric that feels very comfortable. It has a unique design that makes it stand out from other brands.

Key Features

    • Stylish Design
    • Breathable
    • 3D Pad
    • Suitable for All Cyclists

Stylish Design. These shorts are made with high-quality chintz fabric and look stylish. They are very comfortable and make you stand out from the other brands out there.

Breathable. These shorts are breathable and are moisture-wicking. It helps keep you cool in any weather. You won’t be having any irritation due to sweat.

3D Pad. These shorts have a 3D stereoscopic pad made with thick foam and silicone gel inside. It helps minimize the vibration while riding long distances.

Suitable for All Cyclists. These mountain bike shorts are ideal for all cyclists and look stylish. It has high-tech printing that does not fade out. The printings in shorts are in bright reflective colors. So it is safe to ride during the night as it increases visibility.

Four-Way Stretchable. These shorts are stretchable and have high elasticity. It has three pockets to keep your cell phones and other things as per your convenience.


    • Breathable Fabric
    • Safe to ride at night with its reflective colors
    • Stylish Design


    • The padding is too thin.

One great thing about these shorts fitting is that the silicone particles in your leg openings hold the shorts in place, and they do not bunch up while riding.

It is an excellent choice at an affordable price. I was looking for mountain bike shorts, and I found these amazing.

Buyer’s Guide


Even if your shorts are of the exact size as per the dimensions, you might need to adjust them in the waist. Most of the shorts have Velcro pulls on the waistband. Look for shorts that you can adjust from outside as it’s easier to do.

Comfortable Men's Padded Mountain Bike Shorts

Some shorts come with a buckle-based waistband which works great as well. So always look if the shorts are adjustable before buying bike shorts.


When you go for long rides, you will have to keep your phone, keys, and other accessories along. Look for shorts with pockets to keep your things. Look if the pockets are deep enough to keep your items and won’t fall while riding.


Always look for padded bike shorts that give you the perfect fit. A perfect fit will help you have a comfortable ride, and you can ride long distances with ease. Make sure they are tight enough to support your muscles while working.

So always look for the short that keeps your shorts in place and provides a perfect fit.


When buying a padded bike short, always look if the fabric is stretchable. With a stretchable bike fabric, you can ride comfortably for long hours. You will find most of the padded bike shorts are nylon or polyester as they look stylish and moisture-wicking. It helps you move your legs freely while cycling.


When buying a padded mountain bike short, look if its inner padding protects your skin from sores. Padding helps you position yourself comfortably in the bike seat. So always look if the padding is comfortable and of premium quality.


Before buying bike shorts, look if the material is breathable and comfortable to you. You may get sweat while riding long distances. So it is essential to look for moisture-wicking and breathable material. Breathable and moisture-wicking fabric will help you keep cool and dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Mountain Bike Shorts Need to Be Long?

Mountain bike shorts are long as they cover your knee pads. It is designed in such a way that it does not bunch up your knees while riding.

Long padded Mountain bike shorts

Long padded bike shorts are comfortable while riding and give the perfect fit around the crotch. It thus prevents chaffs while riding as well.

Is It Necessary For Riders to Wear Padded Shorts for Mountain Biking?

While riding on the mountains, there are a lot of rough terrains. Riders need to wear padded mountain bike shorts to have a comfortable ride on these rough terrains. Look for shorts that have excellent inner padding.

Do Mountain Bike Shorts Need to Be Waterproof?

As the weather is unpredictable on the mountainside, it starts raining anytime. So it is better to have waterproof mountain bike shorts if you are traveling for long hours. If you don’t get one, you can look for the short that gets dried fast.


I have shared the Best Men’s Padded Mountain Bike Shorts based on my personal experience and reviews online.

In my opinion, Sponeed Men’s Cycling Shorts are the Best Men’s Padded Mountain Bike Shorts that you should have. They have thick inner padding that is breathable and moisture-wicking. You will feel comfortable riding long distances.

The EZRUN Men’s Mountain Bike Shorts is another excellent choice. These shorts make it safe to ride at night with their reflective logo. They are lightweight and durable.

Written by Lee Hill

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