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Best Mid Drive Electric Bike Kit

Are you looking to convert your regular bike into an e-bike? You will be surprised to know, but you are not alone. Around 80% of electric bikes are authentic, whereas the remaining 20% of electric bikes are converted.

The popularity of electric bikes is rising rapidly. Due to this upsurge, many regular bike owners want to convert to electric bikes. The key factors driving growth in electric bike sales are growing pollution, traffic, and the ever-increasing need for convenience.

Buying a brand new electric bike with the best specifications is not a feasible option for everybody.

However, you can convert your regular bike into an electric bike with a conversion kit. This method is cheaper than buying an electric bike and has similar results.

This article will discuss the best mid-drive electric bike kit, which is a trendy way to convert your boring old bike into a fancy new e-bike.

BAFANG 48V 750W Electric Bike Kit

The Bafang electric bike kit is one of the best mid-drive electric bike kits as it has this kit is pretty powerful. The motor has a power output of 750 watts, whereas its battery operates on 48 volts.

Features And Benefits

  • Compatible: It is a very versatile drive system for an electric bike. You can fit this system in all-electric bikes, whether they are a mountain bike, fat bike, or a standard bike.
  • Two Ride Model: This drive electric bike kit has two different driving modes or models. You can use your bike as an electric bike as well as a pedal-assisted standard bicycle. You can conveniently switch between these modes with the help of a button.
  • Additional Accessories: You will get plenty of additional accessories in this electric bike kit, such as a brake lever, thumb throttle, brake sensor, chainring wheel, crank, LCD, battery, and a charger. You would not need to buy any of these accessories separately.
  • Easy Installation: You can install this drive system in absolutely no time. Its installation process is very easy without any complications. You will also get additional help through informative videos, instruction manuals, and the internet.

Why should you buy it?

You can change the driving mode of this kit by just clicking on a button. You can change the mode if the charge in your battery is low while riding. You will not be stuck on the road when your battery dies on you.

8fun Bafang E-bike Mid Drive Kit

This mid-drive kit for an electric bike has the best components. It has a very high power output of 1000 watts and a battery output of 48 volts. Your regular bike will run as well as an electric bike with this kit.

Features And Benefits

  • Solid Frame: The frame of this mid-drive kit is very solid and firm. It is made of high-quality carbon fiber, and it is a popular material famous for its durability and longevity. Carbon fiber is a pretty lightweight substance, apart from being tough.
  • Two Riding Modes: After installing this mid-drive system in your regular bike, you will be able to drive your bike in an electric as well as standard manual mode.
  • Quick Installation: You will be able to install this driving kit with fewer tools and instructions quickly. You have to remove the center shaft and install this driving system in its place.
  • Additional Accessories: You will get additional mounting and sensor accessories with this motor kit. You will be able to change it’s braking sensors from mechanical sensors to hydraulic sensors. Hydraulic brakes are more responsive and quick than a normal brake.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this electric mid-drive kit as it is effortless to install. You can convert your regular bike into an electric bike in a matter of minutes without any hindrance.

Bafang E-bike Conversion Kit

The Bafang E-bike Conversion Kit is an excellent electrical mid-drive system. This system is used to convert a standard or a regular bike into an electric bike. You would require to install this system in place of the central shaft of a bicycle.

Features And Benefits

  • High Power: This mid-drive system consists of two major components, the first is the motor, and the second is its battery. The motor’s power output has three options: 1000 watts, 750 watts, and 500 watts, whereas there is only one power option, the batteries available. It has an output of 36 volts.
  • Quick Installation: You will be able to convert your bike on your own. You won’t require any external help because you will get detailed instructions on manuals and videos. These things will explain all the necessary steps for this conversion.
  • Full Kit: You will get all the necessary accessories for converting your standard bike into an electric bike with this kit. You can also change the braking mechanics from mechanical sensors to hydraulic sensors for improved and effective braking.
  • Global Shipping: One of the significant benefits of this conversion kit is that it is prevalent and available worldwide. It’s manufacturers ship this product without any added cost at your doorstep

Why should you buy it?

You must buy this conversion kit as it is very versatile and will fit most of the bikes. Any bike with a bottom bracket of 68-73 mm or a bike with a wide central shaft will easily accommodate this system.

Bafang Mid Drive Conversion Kit

The Bafang conversion kit is one of the best mid-drive electric bike kits or systems as it is very durable. You will convert your regular bike into an e-bike with this kit. The motor and battery in this kit are of the highest quality.

Features And Benefits

  • Powerful: Your bike will not just be a regular electric bike with this kit. It will convert into a high-end electric bike with good power output. You will get a 500 watts motor and a 48 volts battery in this kit.
  • Easy Installation: Installing this conversion kit is not a complex task. You would not require any external help. You will get an instruction manual with this kit. If you sincerely follow the steps mentioned in it, you can install it in a few minutes.
  • Complete Accessories: This best mid-drive electric bike kit contains a lot of additional accessories. It has tools for installation, manuals to guide you, brake levers, charger, battery, motor, stickers, display panel, and lights.
  • Versatile: This conversion kit for an electric bike is versatile and compatible with different bikes. You can fit this mid-drive system in a mountain bike, trail bike, city bike, and racing bicycles.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this mid-drive system as an electric bike is very convenient than a standard bike. You’ll be able to reach your destination on time with less fatigue. These bikes are great for commuting in compact areas.

TongSheng Electric Bike Conversion Kit

This electric bike conversion kit is pretty unique as it includes special torque and cadence sensors. Your riding experience will become much smoother and more convenient as these sensors will control the power output by sensing the torque.

Features And Benefits

  • Universal: It is available in a universally compatible size. You can install this kit effectively in the majority of bike models. It fits in a bottom bracket size of 68-73 mm, but it doesn’t necessarily include the battery. The battery is an optional accessory. You can buy it externally with this kit.
  • Light: The motor in this kit is 30% lighter than a traditional Bafang motor. The power output of both these motors is comparable.
  • Installation: The installation process for this kit is pretty simple. The manufacturers provide extra videos and manuals that will guide you through the whole process.
  • Mode: You will get three different riding modes with this mid-drive system. These three modes are pedal-assisted electric bicycle, regular pedaling bike, and a full-power electric bike. You can switch between these modes depending upon your choice and need of the moment.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this kit if you are looking to buy an electric conversion kit that is lightweight because less weight will have a lower center of gravity than other converted bikes.

Bafang E-bike Conversion Kit Mid Drive

It is a really good conversion kit as you get all the best features such as extra power, convenient installation, safety features, and additional accessories with this kit.

Features And Benefits

  • Powerful: Your bike will be able to run at a faster pace because this motor maximizes the torque output. With a greater torque output and power, your performance will also increase drastically.
  • Safe: Your bike will have a double-clutch system after installing this kit. You will be in control of the speed and gears because of this double-clutch system. This system works in tandem with the speed and torque sensors to provide you with safe driving conditions.
  • Easy To Install: You will be able to install this kit on your own at a very quick speed. This kit’s manufacturers provide you with additional instructions, manuals, and videos to guide you through the entire process.
  • Includes Accessories: It includes a braking system, charger, motor, speed sensors, torque sensors, lights, and stickers. You will even get specific tools for the installation of this kit.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this conversion kit for electric bikes as it is potent. You will get a high torque output with this motor and battery combination. Due to the high power, your bike will be able to run at high speeds.

Buyers Guide For Best Mid Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kit


The mid-drive electric bike conversion kits should be potent. The mid-drive system has two main components: a battery pack and an electric motor. For converting your regular bike into an e-bike, a motor and battery are necessary. You can choose the power output of your motor and battery. There are plenty of power options available like a 500, 750, 1000 watts motor. For the battery, you can choose from 36, 48, 52 volts packs. The battery and the motor’s output will together determine your bike’s top speed, so if you want a faster electric bike, you’ll need to go for the higher options.


The best mid-drive electric bike conversion kit should be versatile and compatible with most electric bikes available in the market. You wouldn’t have to customize the motor or battery with these kits, and you can simply install the parts and start using the bike. You can fit most of these conversion kits with a central shaft and a bottom bracket that is 68-73 mm wide. You can convert mountain bicycles, regular bicycles, trail or racing bicycles into an electric bike with some minor adjustments.

Easy To Install

The best conversion kit for an electric bike should be easy to install as well. You won’t want to spend a lot of money on mechanics or automobile garages to have them install these kits in your bikes. People always want these kits to be really simple and easy to install. This is why most of the mid-drive systems available in the market come with detailed instruction manuals, guides, and videos.

These instructions are simple to follow and easy to comprehend and execute, even for the elderly. The majority of the kits also have all the necessary tools required for installation inside the kit, so you don’t have to spend extra money on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we convert a regular bike to electric?

Yes, you can convert your regular bike into a power-assisted electric bike with conversion kits available in the market. These mid-drive conversion kits have a battery and motor, and they use the gears of a regular bike as transmissions for the motor. You will receive pedaling assist with these systems, due to which you will bike longer.

Q: How does a mid-drive electric bike work?

The motor of the mid-drive system is placed between the pedals and the bottom bracket of a bike. This position is best for placing the motor as it maintains the low center of gravity on the bike. You’ll be able to maintain your balance easily without feeling the additional weight of the system. When the rider pedals and switches the gear, the motor also runs, assisting the rider.

Q: How does a Bafang mid-drive system operate?

The pedal-assist feature on this motor only operates when the rider’s pedal cannot be used or controlled with a throttle, whereas the mid-drive system is slightly different. In a mid-drive system, the gears act as transmissions for the motor. It also allows you to shift between the current draw modes and gears while riding the bike.

Written by Lee Hill

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