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6 Best Electric Dirt Bike for Adults

Are you an adventurous and thrill-seeking bike lover? Then we have an eco-friendly solution for you—some of the best electric dirt bikes for adults.

An electric dirt bike is a motorcycle designed for rough terrains that run on a battery-powered motor. It requires less maintenance and almost has no sound.

Earlier, e-dirt bikes were only made for kids and teens as toys for little fun in the neighborhood. But with increased popularity, they are now available for adults also. Every year three major events are held in America with thousands of participants. This is because dirt bikes are fun to ride and offer an off-road motorcycle’s power and speed.

Electric Dirt Bike for Adults

Check out some of the best electric dirt bikes for adults and be a part of the next major motocross event.

6 Best Electric Dirt Bike for Adults

Razor MX650 Adult & Teen Dirt Bike

Razor MX650 has more power for uphills and off-road conditions. The adjustable handlebars ensure a customized fit. It has rear disc brakes and twists grip acceleration control to put the riders in command. The powerful electric motocross provides high performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful Motor: This bike comes with a 650-watt motor. It has extra variable speed, chain-driven motor, and high torque. It provides speeds up to 17 mph, i.e., 27kmph.
  • Eco- Friendly: This motorbike runs on electricity. Its rechargeable battery offers up to 40mins of a continuous ride. It takes 8 hrs to get fully charged. It provides sufficient power to move up a hill.
  • Durable & Long Lasting: This electric bike has a steel frame with authentic dirt bike geometry. Handles have soft rubber on the top, which provides excellent grips while riding. It offers metal footpegs with folding features. It provides a solid ride off-road with a maximum rider weight of 100kg.
  • Safety and Comfort: This electric dirt bike has 14″ rear and16″ front pneumatic tires. It provides a comfortable and smooth ride on the rough surface.

Why should you buy it?

Razor MX650 is one of the best electric dirt bikes for adults. The double suspension provides better stability on the road while riding. This bike is suitable for a long bike ride as it has a double-crown fork. It offers a safer riding experience with adjustable angles and riser-style handlebars. It is built with safety and comfort in mind, not just performance.

APOLLO Tools Dirt Bike

This brand new APOLLO dirt bike is one of the best electric dirt bikes for sale in the market. With a powerful engine and excellent suspension, it provides a thrilling riding experience. It is lightweight and equipped with a dual disc brake system for comfortable and safe riding.

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful engine: a 250cc single-cylinder engine powers this dirt bike. With fair cool technology and four strokes engine, It provides a power-packed performance. It offers a maximum of 15.64 HP horsepower with a maximum speed of 70 miles per hour for easy climbing on steep slopes.
  • Smooth Braking: This bike comes with a dual disc brake system, both in front and rear wheel. The front brake is operated by hand, whereas the rear brakes work by foot. Even at high speed, the dual brake system allows for a stable and smoother stop.
  • Lightweight And Large Tank Capacity: This mini electric dirt bike for adults is a lightweight bike whose net weight is 259.6 LBS with a maximum load capacity of 440 LBS. It is an electric bike but also comes with a large fuel tank of 8 liters for emergencies.
  • Standard Manual Clutch: APOLLO dirt bike uses a standard manual clutch. It makes the gearbox weigh less and offers more speed to choose from. This helps in a more engaging riding experience.

Why should you buy it?

What makes this electric dirt bike by APOLLO an excellent choice for adventurous rides is its lightweight design for the powerful performance it offers. A wide wheelbase with ample load capacity provides more excellent safety and comfort. The maximum speed of 70 mph is very high compared to other electric dirt bikes in this price range.

X-PRO Adult Dirt Bike

MotoPro brings X-Pro dirt bikes. It comes with gloves, a goggle, and a head mask. It has a four-speed manual clutch transmission. The kickstart system starts the bike easily without worrying about the battery and offers a convenient ride. X-pro is the best dirt bike for adults and big boys.

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality Designs: It has 17’’/14″ big front and rear wheels, which provides a smooth ride even on rough terrains. It’s much higher and longer than the other model. It offers more ground clearance to ride over rocks and debris easier.
  • Portability: Pit bikes are easier to carry than other motorcycles. You can easily bring your pit bike anywhere by putting it in the back of a truck or SUV. It is quick and lightweight, and perfect for zipping around a neighborhood.
  • Powerful Engine: The four-stroke air-cooled engine helps it to go to a top speed nearly 52 miles per hour. It has a significantly smoother powerband, which makes it ideal for beginners. Four strokes engines are more durable.

Why should you buy it?

The hydraulic brakes in the front and the rear and a four-speed manual clutch system offer a maximum speed of 52 mph depending upon the rider’s weight and road conditions. It requires some assembling, which can be done easily at home. Without worrying about the battery, you can start it by just kicking it. Riders can keep riding it years after outgrowing other bikes.

X-PRO 250cc Dirt Bike

This electric dirt bike for adults has made a place on our list because of its powerful engine. Its sturdy frame and performance make it one of our top choices.

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful Engine: X-PRO Dirt Bike is equipped with a 250cc powerful engine. It is a single-cylinder four-stroke engine that is reliable, more powerful, and has a long life span. Also, the manual 5-speed transmission offers a quicker start and great convenience.
  • Sturdy Design And Strong Frame: This bike’s frame is made of high-strength steel with high precision welding, making the whole frame lighter and stronger. Due to its lightweight design, it is stable and easy to control on rough terrains.
  • Durable Paint And High-strength Plastic: Plastic parts of this bike are good strength, elasticity, and toughness. The body paint is UV-resistant and makes it safe from harmful rays of the sun. It is long-lasting and does not fade with time.
  • Other Features: The muffler in this bike is upgraded with better quality that reduces engine noise that comes from the exhaust. The wheels of this bike come with a 55.9-inch wide wheelbase, which offers great control and comfort.

Why should you buy it?

X-PRO has a dirt bike and is a great choice for those who love a lightweight and stylish dirt bike. A powerful engine of 17 HP horsepower with an air cool system is great for steep heights and rough terrains. The quality of steel used in the frame is unique in this price range. 21-inch front and 18 inch rear knobby wheels provide great traction on a variety of tracks and terrain

Lifan X-Pect EFI Motorcycle Bike

The X- pect is a perfect entry-level, dual motorcycle. It is perfect for shorter riders as it has a lower seat height. It is featured with an advanced 200cc electronic fuel injection engine. It comes almost fully assembled. You just have to assemble some of the parts by yourself. The EFI system makes it work under any weather condition.

Features and Benefits

  • Modern Design: This bike is featured with an LCD digital display and LED daytime running lights. A large headlight offers a wide visual range. It gets an auto switch off in case of an emergency. One press of the button automatically cuts the engine, and you can stop it easily.
  • Advanced EFI Engine: The engine control system unit is the brain of the EFI engine. It reduces fuel consumption up to 25 percent and emissions control up to 20 percent. It requires very less servicing. It performs very well under any weather conditions and at higher altitudes.
  • Other Features: 90/90-19 front and 110/90-17 rear tires result in an outstanding dirt bike for adults. It offers great traction off-road. You can enjoy a worry-free ride knowing this unit was assembled by a professional. Engines automatically compensate for the change in altitude by sensing the air temperature and density.

Why should you buy it?

With its advanced 200cc EFI engine, the X-pect is perfect for performing in any situation. Lifan offers a free two- years limited powertrain warranty. It is featured with a lithium battery, which offers fast charging and a large working temperature range. It comes with LED lights, which are more durable than ordinary light. The EFI engine is another reason for choosing this bike.

APOLLO 250cc Teen/Adult Dirt Bike

This mini electric dirt bike for adults is the best electric dirt bike, making our list complete. It has a four-stroke, manual clutch displacement system. The five-speed manual transmission on the bike provides joy to ride for experienced riders. It can top 70 miles per hour. It offers a dual starting system. The powerful braking system halts the bike at once.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior Performance: The air shock front suspension provides a more comfortable and smoother ride. Its large disc brakes allow it to stop steady and quickly.
  • Dual starting system: Apollo dirt bike offers a dual starting system. It is the best dirt bike for adults as it starts either on a kick or an electric start. For added security, it offers a key start.
  • Additional features: 21- inches tires back up the bike. A tall, rugged frame offers substantial suspension travel for a better and smooth off-road riding experience. It absorbs the shock of uneven terrain and provides a smoother ride.

Why should you buy it?

A 250cc adult dirt bike comes with a premium design and color. It is much faster than a lot of other teenager bikes. Its large disc brakes slow it down or stop the bike once whenever kids want. If you can’t get the engine started by kick start, you can use the electric start. It offers extra high torque.

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Electric Dirt Bike For Adults

Size And Weight

Dirt bikes do have much more ground clearance in comparison to most street bikes. If your feet can’t touch the ground when you’re straddling the saddle, it’s too big for you. You need to keep your feet down if you need to “tip-toe” the bike through a muddy pit. Weight is another important factor while choosing a bike. A lightweight dirt bike is always preferable to a heavy one. You need proper control to stop to avoid something dangerous suddenly.

Best Electric Dirt Bike for Adults


Batteries are a vital component of an electric bike. You should always choose a battery that provides better power output with durability and long life. A lithium-ion battery is one of the best recommendations for any electric dirt bike.


The engine is the most important component of any motorcycle. It needs to provide better mileage combined with ample power required on rough terrains and steep height. A 250 cc engine with four strokes and a cylinder is the best combination for any good electric dirt bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I charge up my bike?

Charging the battery doesn’t require more time. It’s three easy steps to charge your bike.
A. First, remove your battery from the bike.
B. Plug the battery into the charger.
C. After approx 3 hours, it will be ready, re-clip the battery and enjoy your ride.

Can a six-year-old child ride a dirt bike?

Yes, children are often the safest students as they do not have any pre-existing bad riding habits. Experienced riders can give a child self-confidence, and they will learn from the basis that will spill over into other areas like school or team sports.

What to look at when buying any dirt bike?

Before buying any dirt bike, there are several factors to consider. Consider your height, weight, and riding experience. Your riding experience will suggest you choose between a bigger engine or a small engine. Also, check the power of engines and other relevant factors.


Written by Lee Hill

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