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Best Electric Bike Speed Controller For Safety

If you regularly ride an Electric bike, take a bow! You’re contributing to the welfare of the environment and the health of your community. There are millions of gas bikes out there that emit dense smoke along with toxic components. That is why people like you are essential.

While e-bikes are great for the environment, people have wondered whether they are safe in the past. That is why the government’s worldwide have put in strict speed and motor power-related regulations for e-bikes. The device that enforces these speed limits on an electric bike is called a speed controller.

A speed controller connects all components of an eBike like a battery, motor, display, throttle, and other sensors. Speed controllers also act as a dynamic brake.

The health of the controller used in an e-bike decides how good the bike is. We have chosen the best Electric Bike Speed Controller that takes good care of your bike. These controllers consume less power and are simple to use.

#1 Mophorn 1800W Electric Brushless DC Motor Kit

The Mophorn Motor kit includes both the motor and the controller. If you are looking for an “everything in one” kit, then nothing like this combo.

A low-quality motor will push you for regular maintenance. It will cost you time and energy. This is why this kit is designed to keep a bike’s long life in mind. It offers high performance but requires low maintenance. It has to connect with all parts of the ebike so that you can have better control.

The 1800 watt brushless motor works without creating noise. It is not as heavy as brushed ones. The motor is too efficient to produce power, so the battery lasts a long. a 40CR Motorhead and an aluminum shell make it more reliable.

You can adjust the speed from 4500 RPM to 5200 RPM using a speed controller and throttle grips.

You can reverse the motor wires to change direction clockwise or counterclockwise.

Installing is hassle-free and easy. Two mounting brackets provided as part of the kits allow you to connect one part with another more conveniently.

You can use the kit in motorcycles, Go-karts, Minibikes, Pocket bikes, or scooters. It has a wide range of applications.


  • High powered 1800 watt motor.
  • Efficient and long-lasting battery.
  • You can reverse direction.
  • Lightweight motor


  • This is a motor plus controller kit; the controller is not sold separately here.
  • Lack of instructions.
  • The installation process takes a few times.

#2 Zijia 24v 24 Volt 500w Motor

If you have a bike at home and are looking for a controller, your search ends here. This brushed motor controller is suitable for both e-bikes and scooters.

This controller requires at least three wire throttles. It can be both thumb or twist.

You can control the speed using a speed regulator. It is a 24-volt 500-watt brush motor controller.

You can control the power or speed. It allows you to start the bike or switch it off. The brakes, brake light, and charger all function as per your control. Thanks to the ultra-smart motor.

The major plus is this controller is very affordable and works great. You can connect it with any regular eBike or bicycle.


  • Easy to install.
  • High acceleration.


  • It does not allow reverse function.

#3 L-faster 24V 250W Motor

If your current bike is not working or has stopped suddenly, you need to replace the controller. This is why this product is perfect for boosting power in your ebike. It offers you all the control without exceeding your budget.

There are five colors. Different colored wires represent different functions. Connecting one with another, you can control the battery, key switch, charging port, headlight, accelerator, or any other function of your eBike.

It matches with a 250 watt brushed motor. The current limit is 21A to +/-1A. If you wish to run your bike on 24volts, two 12V batteries can work.

It works well. All you do is connect the box, plug it in, and the bike runs immediately.

If you have a bike at your home and want a controller to fix with that, this an excellent option for you. It helps the motorbike to operate smoothly. This product is bench tested.


  • It has all the necessary features like acceleration, indicator, power lock, and others.
  • It is very light.


  • Not suitable for bikes that run above 250 Watt motors.
  • They are reasonably priced.

#4 36V-48V 350W Brushless Motor Speed Controller

This controller works with 350W brushless motors. Whether you have an electric bicycle or electric scooter, you can use this controller with them. It keeps your vehicle in good health always.

It weighs only 10.7 ounces, so it does not make your bike heavy but easy to operate. It’s like an empty box.

It has phase angle control. It quickly identifies the angle of 60 degrees or 120 degrees. It allows you to raise or lower the power of the motor.

The voltage controller provides you voltage adjustability. With this, you can adjust the voltage to suit the voltage of your vehicle’s battery.

This controller is anti-coaster with over current protection. Thus the motor is protected from short circuits or any high current condition that can damage it. It extends the life of the motor.

The product has a built-in smart chip. Your bike will remain stable in a hall free state. The sensors on this controller are very efficient.


  • It has a Corresponding voltage controller.
  • Overcurrent protection keeps it safe from electrical damages.
  • Anti-theft signal line sugar in your vehicle is not easy to steal.


  • The instructions given are not in English. So it is difficult for non-native English speakers.

#5 Cozyel 48V/72V 2000W Electric Bicycle

If you have a large and non-road-legal electric bike that requires a lot of power to run on, you need a correspondingly powerful controller as well.

If you fix a low power controller with a high power motor, the motor may get damaged after using it once or twice.

You can choose the Cozyel high-end speed controller, which will work well with your bicycle. It will connect multiple parts with one controller and adjust the functions as per your need.

This 48V/72V 2000W brushless motor controller provides high climbing power to your bike. It allows it to run through steep hilly areas or rough terrain as smoothly as ever.

This is an efficient controller that reduces the motor noise to its lowest. Whether you’re on a smooth road or uneven land, the motor works pretty smoothly, and you experience noise-free.

This high-powered controller allows you to measure the battery voltage smartly.

It is suitable for all kinds of electric bicycles, scooters, Mechanical or electric forklifts.

The central plus point is that this motor is waterproof. Don’t fear going out in rainy weather as there will be no damage to the controller.


  • It provides the highest motor speed and power.
  • It is waterproof.


  • Wiring is a little tricky for newbies.

#6 WonVon Electric Bicycle Speed Controller

If you are looking for an advanced eBike speed controller, then you are in the correct place.

This is a brushless motor controller that gives you everything from turning the gearbox to an anti-theft signal. The controller has a unique LCD panel to display and control all primary functions.

The entire product is constructed with high-quality material and with the utmost care. Wires and interfaces all have great contact. It does not stop or burn after a few uses.

The external box is constructed with aluminum and contains a groove design. The benefit of having an aluminum box is that it conducts both electricity and heat efficiently.

It offers full heat dissipation, so there is no damage to the motor because of thermal overloading. If it was not there, the motor could easily get burnt.

The controller is meant for 48 volts and 36 volts batteries. The overall construction is durably built, so it remains protected from inner as well as outer damage.

The LCD panel allows you to set multiple functions like riding speed display, gear power battery status, and much more. Not only can you see this, but you can change this as per your convenience.

It has a sensitive speed controller that allows you to adjust the speed and use brakes immediately whenever required. The direction change feature is also present. It is too sensitive so that you stay safe when outside.

This is a perfect and must-have part for electric scooters and electric bikes. It makes sure you have a comfortable riding experience.


  • Durable aluminum construction.
  • Safety from thermal overloading.
  • LCD panel for multiple settings display.


  • Does not have any sensor connection for pedal assistance.

#7 Maxmartt 500W Motor

Are you tired of seeking a perfect speed controller for your bike? This brushed motor controller + handle grip combo is the perfect choice for you.

Imagine what could happen if you are unable to control the throttle properly! It can lead to accidents.

The grip controller in this kit gives you 100% safety to handle the throttle. Controlling your bike has never been so easy!

The kit’s controller is a 500 Watt brushed motor controller running an electric bike at steady, high speeds. You can control the speed from low to high, depending on how you want to ride.

You can use it with any 500 Watt 24 volt /36 volt/ 48 volt brushed motor. The installation process is relatively easy. It does not have any messy wires or huge motor boxes.

Why just Electric bikes? This controller goes well with electric bikes, electric bicycles or tricycles, or scooters of all brands.


  • Anti-slip and gripping handles.
  • Sensitive speed control helps to increase or decrease the speed in no time.
  • The installation process takes only a few minutes.
  • Premium quality material for high durability.


  • Wiring instructions are not in the English language.

Buyer’s Choice

Buying a motor may sound simple and easy. But it requires a little homework so that you don’t end up having a short living product. By a little homework, we mean a proper knowledge of motors.

As mentioned above, the speed controller serves as a dynamic brake and allows you to control the speed.

Say it ‘the heart’ or ‘the brain,’ but it is an essential component of a bike.
There are millions of products in the market. Let’s see how you can decide the one for you.


Check if your motor contains hall sensors. If it is so, then the controller should be dual-mode or hall sensor mode. Hall sensor senses the rotation of the motor that results in the controller’s output.

Suppose the motor hall sensor damages, and then the dual-mode controller will work well. The non-hall sensor controller shows an error in this case.


Not all speed controllers come with LCD panels. It’s not that you need this necessarily. A bike works without an LCD panel too. But for advanced bikes, users prefer advanced features for adjusting settings. Without an LCD, it’s tough to see and change the settings.


Speed controllers must be light in weight, or else it will just add extra weight to your vehicle. A small box with a smart chip can handle enough functions in one go.

Damage protection

Your motor and battery can be damaged easily. The reason can be low material, overcurrent, or irregular voltage supply. You can fight all of this by using a high-quality speed controller.

Check if:

  • The material used has heat dissipation power or not.
  • The circuit is overcurrent protected or not.

These features are usually mentioned in the product’s specifications.


There are two types of speed controllers, brushed motors or brushless motors. A brushed motor runs faster because of brush and commutators. You can change brushes to extend life.

While a brushless motor lacks a brush and commutators, these are more powerful and durable as there are no brushes to wear down.

Also, brushless motors are more energy-efficient as there are no brushes to rub against each other. Depending on the battery, brushless motors can go 50% longer.


If your ebike speed controller has a lot of wires and connection points, there are high chances that you will fail in installing it. Installation issues occur when you are doing it the very first time.

Some speed controllers are easy to install, and the process is less time-consuming. They come with instructions or labels that help you in this. If still any installation issues persist, connect with the team.


How to choose the best eBike controller?

The voltage rating of the speed controller you are buying should match the bike’s battery and motor. For instance, if the motor voltage says 36 volts, then your controller must be 36 volts too. Not matching with these measurements can damage either the controller or your bike.

What does the speed controller of a bike do?

It is an essential part of any electric bike that helps in controlling speed and other features. This is possible because it is connected with the brake, battery, motor, and throttle. As the name suggests, a speed controller is the main thing that allows you to modify the speed as per your convenience. To start a bike or to stop it, the speed controller is responsible.

What is a throttle in e-bikes?

The throttle may be connected with the thumb or with the pedal. If your bike is equipped with such, it helps you to boost and accelerate. The throttle is a critical factor that allows the bike to propel, and you enjoy a free ride. Thumb throttle will enable you to put immediate brakes.

Are e-bikes worth it?

E-bikes are definitely worth that as it is low cost and energy-efficient. You can use it for any e kind of ground surface, and it offers high-speed movement.

The major plus is it does not harm the environment. Rechargeable batteries can be replaced when they wear down.

Ebikes are beneficial for health as well as for the environment. When compared with traditional bikes, there is no danger. All you need is to use it with adequate care.


An e-bike controller is the heart of the bike. The bike depends on it to perform well so that the bike can function to its fullest potential.

While all the controllers we discussed in the article are suitable, if we were to pick a favorite, it would be the Mophorn Motor With Speed Controller Kit (The controller doesn’t come separately here). It has a high torque motor that can reach speeds of up to 5200 RPMs. It is compact, lightweight, and can be easily fitted to your e-bike. All equipment needed for fitting is provided in the kit.

The Szzijia Speed Controller is a second choice and the most value for our lineup’s money option. Users have given rave reviews for this controller. However, one drawback is that the instructions to use its unique features are not all that clear.

Written by Lee Hill

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