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What is the Best & Cheapest Electric Dirt Bike For Kids 2021

Teenagers enjoy riding a bike after they reach a certain age. Giving a full-size motorbike to a child can be a risky affair.

If you as a parent are confused about which bike you should gift your child, an Electric dirt bike can be a great option.

Electric bikes have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. These bikes run on batteries that can let your child have fun riding them like a motorbike. However, E-bikes are not cheap, and Dirt bikes even more so.

That is why you should look for a cheap electric dirt bike for kids as a starter option. It can act as a testing ground for you to see how interested your child is in the sport. If you find the interest level high, you can then shell out more money to get an expensive one.

Reasons to Buy an Electric Dirt Bike For Kids

  • No Gas: Apart from environmental reasons, there are many reasons why a no gas bike is good news. Gas bikes come with the stench of exhaust for the rider and anyone else who may be near. Without a combustion engine, it also means that they don’t heat up.
  • Comfortable Ride: Unlike gas bikes, an electric dirt bike doesn’t need to be kick-started. You need to turn it on, twist the throttle, and off you go. With electric dirt bikes, gone are the days of having to jump up and down on a kick start lever to get going.
  • Lighter: Lighter bikes make it easier for the young riders to control the bike more efficiently. It also means that the labor-intensive task of getting the dirt bike on and off a trailer becomes more comfortable with lighter bikes.
  • Safer: Electric bikes go much slower than regular bikes. Most of them run under 20mph. That’s a perfect speed for your kid to learn biking safely.
  • Low Maintenance: Electric dirt bikes require less to no maintenance. The only part that requires some maintenance is the oil in the chain. The only other moving part that may need extra attention is the brakes. No other part requires any maintenance.

Top Electric Dirt Bikes For Kids And Why?

Razor MX350 For Kids

The Razor MX350 is a very durable and supportive bike. It takes your kids’ riding experience to the next level. It is available at an affordable price with a sturdy steel body and electric blue finish that makes the bike eye-catchy.

With a top speed of 14 mph, a bike is an exciting option for kids. It has large pneumatic tires that provide perfect traction on any terrain. With a single charge, your kid can ride non-stop for up to 30 minutes.

Burromax TT350R

The Burromax TT350R has excellent features that any rider will enjoy. It is made from durable steel. It has an excellent battery that can work up to 8 hours on a single charge.

It has alloy wheels with twist-grip that help to control the bike on any terrain. Its impressive speed of 17 mph makes it stand out from other bikes.

The motorbike can withstand a weight of 250 pounds. It has LED indicator lights that mimic the headlights of an actual bike.

Honda CRF250R Dirt Bike 6V

You can surprise your little one with a Honda dirt bike. If your child is a beginner in riding motorbikes, buying an expensive dirt bike is not worth it.

On a limited budget, an electric dirt bike is a power-packed option for your kid. With a 6-volt battery and a reliable motor, that bike has a long life.

It has plastic wheels, which provide good traction on bumpy roads. It looks stylish and is ideal for both boys and girls. The maximum speed limit is 3 Mph that makes it safe for your child.

Buyers Guide

Selecting the best electric bike for your child can be confusing when so many options are available in the market. The buyers guide listed here will help you choose the best bike.

Strong Built

Investing your hard-earned money in something worth buying is essential. Makes sure the bike you choose for your child is strong enough to withstand his\her body weight.

It should have a dual brake system, knobby tires, supportive suspension, built-in clutches, and less than 110 cc engines. All this together will make the bike last longer.


There are two kinds of batteries used in electric dirt bikes, lead-acid and lithium battery. Lead batteries are cheaper and perform well in cold weather.
New riders love a lithium battery as it is light in weight and more high-tech than a lead-acid battery. Both are reliable and long-lasting. It depends on the rider which one they choose.



Your child’s safety is of utmost importance for you as a parent. Therefore, choose a bike that has tires that provide perfect traction while riding on rough surfaces.
Dual brakes help your child be safe on bumpy roads and long battery life so that with one charge, he\she can ride the bike for a more extended period.

Knobby tires

A knobby tire helps children ride the bike smoothly on uneven surfaces. The tires are designed in such a way that they eject mud as it rotates. Especially in the dirt, these provide the best traction.


Bikes that provide the speed of 12-14 miles per hour are best for teenagers. When introducing your child to off-road riding, this speed range is perfect.


Every parent wants their child to be safe when riding a dirt bike. Before buying a bike for your kid, it is better to see its weight and size and compare it with your kid’s measurement.

The bike should neither be too heavy that the child cannot control it, nor should it be too light-weight. Choosing the right bike’s size is essential so that your child has a pleasant experience riding the bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose an electric bike for kids?

In the past few years, electric dirt bikes have become very popular. It is modern, stylish, and most importantly, adds excitement to any sport.

What are the fastest electric bikes for kids?

Razor MX 350 and Razor MX 400 are the two fastest electric bikes for kids.

Razor MX 350 is a high-performance bike with dual suspension that provides 12 miles per hour. The high torque motor and its knobby tires support this speed. The Razor MX 400 supports a rate of 15 mph with its powerful engine of 350 Watt. With a single charge, you can go up to 10 miles.


Motocross is an extremely popular sport across the US and Canada. It requires operating a dirt bike on various ramps and mounds in specially designed dirt tracks.

If you would like to see your child get into motocross, you should start early. Getting them an e-dirt bike will pique their interest in this sport.

A cheap electric dirt bike can be an excellent start for your child in the world of motocross.

Apart from this, e dirt bikes are a great way to provide your child independence while keeping them safe and making them mobile while also giving them responsibility.



Written by Lee Hill

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