Best Electric Dirt Bikes for 7-Year-Olds 2021

Electric dirt bikes are enjoyable to ride and drive. Kids can have the same fun as adults with special electric dirt bikes built for children. These bikes are specially designed with top safety features.

For kids, riding an e-bike is not just an adventure or sport. It also helps develop exceptional hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and balance.

Selecting the right dirt bike for your child can be an overwhelming decision. You need the best safety feature, but you also want the bike fun to ride for the young one.

What Are The Best Electric Dirt Bikes For 7 Year Old

Razor MX400 Electric Dirt Bike

The Razor MX 400 is a hot favorite among the younger crowd. This mean-machine can go up to a speed of 14mph. It has two 12V batteries and a 250W engine. Your child can ride it for about 30 minutes at top speed without needing a recharge. With a weight limit of 140 pounds, it can easily handle a seven-year old’s weight.

Razor MX650 Electric Dirt Bike

The MX650 is another powerful yet smart dirt bike for kids. This guy can go to 17mph and runs on a 650W powerful engine and three 12V batteries that give it the juice to run at top speed for about 40 minutes.

Burromax TT250 Electric Bike

The Burromax TT250 is another excellent option if you want to gift your seven-year-old a dirt bike. You can select from two-speed options: 7mph and 14 mph.
The bike has a 24V battery, large 12.5-inch tires, a 250W motor, and 140mm rear disc brakes for safety. The bike has a 14-mile range and a full suspension for challenging terrains.

Tips For Children For Riding An Electric Dirt Bike

There are some essential tips for riding an electric dirt bike that you should remember and follow.

Safety First

Safety of the user is the utmost priority. To ensure a safe riding experience for your kid, you must make them wear full safety gear. The essential equipment is the chest and upper body plates, knee and elbow pads, helmet and shoulder pads.


Helmets are certainly the most critical safety gear because most life accidental injuries impact the rider’s head.

While purchasing the helmet, you should choose the ones that properly fit the child’s lower edge of the face and chin.

It would help if you also remembered to buy helmets that are specially designed for kids. There is a difference in the bone structure and the anatomy of children and adults. That is why adult helmets may not fit children.

Wear Proper Boots

Wearing proper boots makes the riding experience more pleasant and convenient, as if the children’s boots are heavy and bulky, they would have difficulty controlling the bike.

It is challenging to take turns in heavy boots. It would be best if you also kept in mind that the shoes you select should also have to cushion to protect them from any impact.


Practice makes the children more and more comfortable on the electric bike. To improve their riding capabilities, they must drive the bike at a real racetrack.

Driving these bikes on cement and concrete does not give you the same riding experience as going on a real track. Practicing on a real dirt track will give your child a fair idea about controlling the bike on its intended terrain.

The child will immediately feel the enormous difference between turning, braking, and handling the electric dirt bike on a dirt track.

Buyers Guide

As there are a variety of options to choose from, you often find yourself confused. It would be best to select the best electric dirt bike for a seven-year-old kid if you considered a few factors. These factors are:

Tire Size

The tire’s size in an electric bike is a major deciding factor determining the bike’s movement and handling. Many people believe that it is easier to avoid obstacles such as bumps, rocks, potholes with dirt bikes that have large tires.

It is true but not necessarily in kids’ case; kids face difficulties handling and maneuvering dirt bikes with large tires.

When the children are at the learning stage, they must use them to hinder or slow down their learning progress. Electric dirt bikes with smaller tires are easy to control and develop the children’s motor skills faster.

You may want to go for tires that suit the size of your kid. Larger tires reduce the center of gravity of the bike, due to which the kid is more likely to fall and hurt themselves.

Electric dirt bikes with small tires have a low center of gravity, making the dirtbike less likely to lose balance and even allows the children to keep their feet on the ground to maintain their balance.

Low Power Motor

Electric dirt bikes for kids have an electric motor, and this motor supplies the bike with the power that propels the bike forward. Bikes for seven-year-old kids must have a low power engine. Engines with less cubic centimeters displacement give less power to the bike.

Due to a less powerful engine, the children would not drive the bike at faster speeds, reducing any risk of serious injuries. Another beneficial feature in these smaller engines is the presence of a throttle limiter.

The limiter allows you to set the maximum speed of the bike. It is an excellent way of controlling the speed without affecting the fun and excitement of your kid.

This limiter is present at the top of the handlebar for easy access, and parents have to tighten the screw to limit the speed.

Once you feel your children are trained enough to have full control over the dirt bike’s speed, you can remove the screw to give proper control to the child.


There are mainly two types of powerband engines available in the two-stroke powerband and the four-stroke powerband. The two-stroke powerband supplies power abruptly and quickly, and it is often also called a snappy powerband.

At the same time, a four-stroke bike has a more consistent and reliable output. These bikes are easier to control and efficient, and for these reasons, they are considered ideal for children.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the appropriate age for children to start riding an electric dirt bike?

Children from the young age of three or four can start riding an electric dirt bike with training wheels. Small electric bikes with 50cc engines are ideal for such small children.

When they are about five or six, they can start without the training wheels and get some real dirt bike action.

By the age of seven, you should take your child to real dirt tracks, and this will give them a grasp of real dirt biking experience.

What is the amount of time required to charge the battery of an electric bike?

Most electric bikes, scooters, and dirt bikes use Lithium-Ion batteries. This battery is very widely popular as it gives a good mileage with a compact size battery.

The amount of time required to charge a fully depleted lithium-ion battery depends upon its capacity as well.

The smaller batteries take about 3 hours to charge completely, whereas the larger batteries take about 6 hours to charge completely. During partial charge, this time is relatively less as there is some amount of charge already stored up in the battery.

How to choose the right size of an electric dirt bike for my kid?

The load capacity and the bike dimensions play a vital role in determining the electric dirt bike’s size suitable for your kid. The load capacity of the bike you choose should be relatively less than the weight of your kid.

If your kid’s weight exceeds the bike’s load capacity, then the bike would not function properly, and there is even a high chance that it may also break down.

There is a thumb rule that a kid between the ages of 6-9 should ride an electric dirt bike with a 70cc engine or lower. For children in the range of ages 9-12 can ride bikes up to 90cc engine power.

It is also essential that you don’t buy bikes of larger size for your child, thinking that they would soon outgrow their current size.


Electric dirt bikes are a great way of involving your kids in adventure and outdoor activities. Kids these days are trapped behind the screens of their mobiles, televisions from a very young age. This is why we, as parents, need to make sure that they go out and have fun in the real world.

Riding an electric bike is exhilarating and fun and helps the kids develop good hand-eye, fine motor, coordination, and balancing skills from a young age.

Buying electric dirt bikes for 7-year-old children can be a tough and challenging task, but we hope that you can select the right bike with the help of all the information provided in this article.

Written by Lee Hill

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