Best Value Electric Dirt Bikes That Go 20 MPH

If you are heading for irregular or rough terrains such as mountains, valleys, and trails, a standard bike will do you a fat lot of good. What you need is a dirt bike.

An electric dirt bike is similar to a gas dirt bike, but the main difference is that an electric dirt bike operates on a battery instead of gas.

These bikes are eco-friendly as compared to standard bikes, and they require very little maintenance. The average top speed of electric dirt bikes is under 20 MPH for most models available in the market.

A Bit of History

To make you understand electric dirt bikes, let’s first talk about their history.

Dirt bikes have been around for a while now, but the early ones were not too great. The set up itself was a huge pain. All this changed when two major manufacturers turned their attention towards making high-quality dirt bikes:

Soichiro Honda

Somewhere between the 1950s and early 1960s, Soichiro Honda added a host of new features to the classic dirt bike. They made the suspension stronger and increased the tires’ size, making them faster and more stable.


Yamaha took the honda bike and modified it for motocross racing. Their first advanced model was the Yamaha DT-1 bike, the first “true” dirt bike which you could ride on any terrain.
It broke many sales records. People widely consider it as the first modern-day e-dirt bike.

With the advent of the modern age, there was a lot of interest in eco-friendly options to avoid using gas bikes. That is why e-dirt bikes and e-bikes grew in popularity, bringing more innovations in speed, battery life, and quality.

Electric Dirt Bikes That Go 20MPH

Below, we mention some great dirt bikes that go up to 20mph and even beyond:

#1 Razor MX650 Rocket Bike

The Razor MX650 is the baddest and meanest version of the electric dirt bike series from Razor. Its got a 650W motor, full suspension (both rear and front), riser handlebars, and a strong 40 minutes battery life. While the bikes specs mention a speed limit of 17mph, you can change the controller and juice up the bike to easily get 20mph from it.

#2 Ibiky dirt bike

This speed demon goes up to a 28mph, has a solid 2000w high-performance brushless Hub Motor, 72V 18Ah li-ion batteries, and a lightweight frame of only 123pounds.

#3 Razor SX500 McGrath

Another winner from the Rocket stables, The Mcgrath draws inspiration from motocross all-time great Jeremy Mcgrath’s personal style. Its got a high torque 500W motor, that can run at 15 mph and you can juice it up to go higher. Its got 36V batteries, that run for 40 minutes of non stop fun.

Are Electric Dirt Bikes Worth It?

With recent breakthroughs and improvements in technology, e-dirt bikes can produce similar performance levels as a standard dirt bike. Electric dirt bikes have more safety features and are easier to control.

People from different age categories find electric dirt bikes more accessible. One of the factors for this appeal is that these bikes operate at a considerably low speed.

E-dirt bikes also have other advantages for beginners, such as a push-button start. You don’t have to kick-start the bike; neither do you have to keep it warm in cold weather.

Another advantage is that electric dirt bikes have no “loss of traction” moments. They do not need any clutches or gears, just a throttle, and a brake. Pretty simple, right?

These bikes have another advantage – the motor is noise-free. Therefore you reduce noise pollution as well.

How Fast Is An Electric Dirt Bike?

Generally, an electric dirt bike’s maximum speed ranges from 12 miles per hour to about 22 miles per hour. Dirt bikes that are smaller in size are ideal for kids, whereas larger bikes are suitable for adults.

What Factors Influence The Speed Of A Dirt Bike?


The charge in the battery is directly proportional to the speed of the bike. If the electric bike is at full charge, it is more likely to reach its maximum speed. When the battery charge is low, it will operate at a slower pace.

Rider Weight

If the rider’s weight is high or exceeds the dirt bike’s capacity, it moves slower than its ideal speed. Similarly, if the weight of the user is less, the bike can go a bit faster.


Just like normally bicycles, the speed of the e-dirt bike is higher going downhill than going uphill. If the terrain is rough, you can expect the bike to go slower than usual.

Rules & Regulations For Electric Bikes That Go Faster Than 20MPH

Many countries in the world have unique rules and regulations for electric vehicles. An electric dirt bike falls under the category of an electric vehicle. Countries like the USA and Canada have set federal regulations for the users’ safety who use these electric vehicles.

The U.S. consumer safety act states that electric bicycles and tricycles which fulfill the demands of a low-speed electric bike fall under consumer products.

According to this act, a low-speed electric bike is a motorcycle with a top speed of fewer than 20 miles per hour and has fully operable pedals. Its motor should produce less power than 1.01 HP when a user with a weight of 170 pounds operates the bike.

Why Are Electric Bikes Limited To 20 MPH?

A speed of 20 mph seems to be pretty low for an electric dirt bike, but it’s not. Electric bikes are very popular in European countries even though they have a maximum speed limit of 15 miles per hour.

America has a reasonably generous speed limit of 20 MPH in comparison to these European countries. A professional cyclist goes up to a top speed of 12 miles per hour on average, rarely exceeding this speed.

A 20 miles per hour speed cap is sufficient for traveling on an electric bike. The government has decided this limit for the user’s safety and pedestrians’ safety as well.

In many states in the U.S., a person does not need a license to ride an electric bike, so these laws are put in place to have a safer environment.

Are There Some Electric Bikes Which Can Go Faster Than 20mph?

Most electric bikes cut off the motor’s electric assistance as soon as it hits the speed limit.

However, a few electric dirt bikes are available in the market to reach higher speeds than 20 MPH. These bikes are either class 1 or class 2 e-bikes.

Some bikes cut off this speed assist at 28 miles per hour. These bikes fall under the category of class 3 e-bikes.

The class 3 e-bikes are technically advanced and have modifications that bypass the speed limit for users licensed to ride e-bikes faster.

Buyers Guide

High-Quality Battery

The primary source of power for an electric dirt bike is its battery. The battery design is continually evolving to have a more extended life period with a smaller size at a lower cost.

A lithium-ion battery is an excellent option for these bikes as they generate more power than their competitors.

Low Maintenance

According to many people, the cost of maintaining an electric bike is one of its major selling points.

Electric bikes have much lower maintenance costs as compared to their gas counterparts.

The best bikes only require minimal effort, such as occasionally adjusting the chain or checking the tires’ pressure.


The major limitation of using an electric dirt bike is its initial cost of purchase. As these bikes use more advanced technological features, their initial price is high compared to the cost of traditional dirt bikes.

Although this cost becomes more acceptable in the long run, there is no additional fuel or maintenance cost.

Final Words

An electric dirt bike operating under the speed of 20 MPH has a lot of advantages, which helps the buyer and the environment.

An electric dirt bike is noise proof and does not use fossil fuels. It runs on an electric battery, which is rechargeable and can work for four to five years, depending on the usage.

They are an excellent buy for beginners and light riders, the elderly, and people who have balance issues as there is no hassle of kick-starting or operating clutches and gears.

Written by Lee Hill

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