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Best Electric Bikes for Big and Tall People

Just like regular bikes, electric bikes also have pedals and handles. But they also have an integrated electric motor that engages with the pedal system.

The motor assists movement, making it easier to ride the bike. One can zip up hills and cruise in heavy traffic without exhaustion.

But when it comes to big and tall people, there are very few good e-bikes on the market. Most bikes in the market are designed for the average joe, who may have a height of about 5’9″ and weighs about 200 pounds[1].

But what about people who are above 6 feet? And what about those who are more than 250 pounds?

Well, we are here to tell you not to despair. There are e-bike manufacturers out there who have looked at this audience and provided solutions.

Why Do Heavy People Need An E-bike?

You might be thinking about buying an e-bike, or you may just have landed here while surfing about other things for heavy people.

But if there is one thing in this article, we would like you to read; it’s this: 42% of people in America are obese[2].

E-bikes can help stop this pandemic (Yes, COVID-19 is not the only pandemic we are dealing with. Obesity is the most significant preventable cause of death in the world[3]).

E-bikes make biking every day easier. A recent study[4] showed that e-bike riders used them 3.6 days a week against 2.7 per day for regular bikers.

E-bikes offer that little bit of help that many obese people may need to start using a healthy alternative for movement instead of driving to work.

Many people who may never use a traditional bike are ok with using an e-bike[5]. And it’s not like there are very few calories burnt either – anecdotal evidence suggests that e-bike riders burn nearly half the calories that regular bike riders can burn, given the same situations.

Electric Bikes For A Heavy Person

Biking is never a too-hard basket for heavier people. The bikes ridden by regular people may be difficult to ride when it comes to people with heavier body types.

However, today everything has been made possible by technology. There are even bikes that can handle as much as four hundred pounds of weight!

The problem of high center bars invariably gets eliminated when you have many options to choose from. Apart from this, one can always choose from broader categories such as Plus sized e-tricycles, Oversized mountain e-bikes, and Plus-sized cruisers.

All the bikes are mindfully designed to support heavy or obese people and bear weight capacities up to 400 pounds.

Plus-Sized Electric Tricycles

Tricycles are not always meant for kids. Tricycles are just bikes with extra wheels for assistance and support, which can be used by anyone.

As the name suggests, Plus-sized Electric Tricycles are designed to handle heavily weighted people.

More wheels help in proper body weight distribution, thereby providing high support and more excellent balance.

Apart from this, these tricycles consist of big tires that can handle excessive body weights. Also, the seats are comparatively oversized to provide proper comfort to the rider’s body.

Oversized Electric Cruiser Bikes

Some people may not like the idea of riding three-wheeled bikes. To them, I say: you need an option that suits your size and body type. Once you’ve ridden a three-wheeler, you can never go back!

Oversized electric cruisers are designed for riders with big and fat bodies. One can easily sit straight and hold the handlebars without having to flex the knees or hunch over.

People with large bellies commonly use cruiser bikes to get the necessary comfort and support while riding long distances. These bikes have an ultimate weight holding capacity of up to four hundred pounds.

It becomes a lot easier for the bigger people to put their feet over the other side of the bike as the bar runs down lower on the shaft instead of running perpendicular to the handlebars and connecting to the seat.

All the electric components, including the motor and wirings, are on the rear wheel rather than on the front wheel.

Mountain E-bikes For Heavy People

You may think of mountain bikes like the one which is used for riding up hills and heavy-duty trail riding, but these bikes are also appropriate for big and bulky people.

The sturdy bike structure supports user weight of up to 330 pounds. The design is ideal for the big and fat people as the bike offers good legroom.

The front fork is made to be exceptionally strong as it is made up of steel carbon, which offers excellent shock absorbing qualities to sustain the extra force.

Electric Bikes For A Tall Person

In general, any regular bike is designed to cater to riders having heights up to 6 feet. It becomes difficult as the tall riders feel left out to find an excellent electric bike that suits their size. Although limited, there are still some options for electric bikes for tall riders.

It would be best to consider many things before choosing a bike, especially when you are a tall rider. Tire size, seat height, and handlebars should be larger and bigger to suit the taller riders.

Best Electric Bikes For A Tall Person

In some essential aspects, the market has some options to offer when buying an electric bike for a tall person.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Tall Cruiser Bikes: These bikes are designed for tall people and have an enormous scope for further adjustments. One can easily modify the seat and handlebar height according to the requirements. These bikes tend to have beefy fat tires that can easily tackle unusual terrains. The sturdy steel frameworks and forks provide durability and stability to the bike as well as the rider.
  • Cyrusher Fat Tire Bikes: These bikes are an electric-assist type of bike. These bikes are designed to bear exceptionally high weight capacities up to 330 pounds and have ideal dimensions to suit someone around 6’7” inches. These bikes provide high user support. They have 4 inches fat tires on the 26 inches rims, which makes climbing mountains and steep hills easier. It is ideal for the taller people as both its seat height and bars can be heightened according to the requirement.
  • Nakto Super Cruiser Bikes: These super cruisers are also referred to as camels and are made of high carbon steel for greater strength. These bikes consist of power assist so that one can pedal and take breaks in between. These are appropriate for users having a height of up to 6’6” inches.

Do Electric Bikes Have A Weight Limit?

Usually, electric bikes consist of sturdy and durable steel frameworks and forks that can easily bear weight capacities up to 250 pounds. In this way, these bikes can easily cater to regular people.

The choices can be limited to people with heavier body types or tall and big bodies simultaneously. Still, there are a lot of options that can be looked at. Some bikes are exclusively designed for tall and big people and have an exceptional weight-bearing capacity of 350 to 400 pounds. Their framework and tires are designed accordingly to suit the requirement of the rider.


What to Look for in an eBike for a Heavier Rider?

It would help if you always chose a bike, depending on your height and weight. People with heavier weight types should opt for bikes that have a high weight-bearing capacity. Such cycles can include heavy-duty bikes, cruiser bikes, and oversized bikes as well. All these bikes can hold weights in a range of 350 to 400 pounds.

What types of bikes should overweight riders choose?

Usually, a fat tire bike or heavy-duty bike can be chosen by an overweight rider. These bikes have a weight-bearing capacity of 350 to 400 pounds. Also, the tire size and seat size are usually bigger so that the rider’s comfort is not hampered and proper balance is maintained.

What is the most suitable wheel size for a fat guy?

Usually, bikes with tires on the 29 inches rim are ideal for most of the riders. However, if one has a slightly heavier body type should go for fat tires as they have a high weight-bearing capacity. A 4 inches fat tire on the rim of 26 to 29 inches should be good enough for a fat guy.


Although the choices for big and tall riders are limited, all of these bikes are specially designed for those purposes and are quite affordable. They will allow the rider to have fun and fitness without worrying about their body types.


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Written by Lee Hill

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