Best Bike Racks for Tow Hitch

Best Bike Racks For Tow Hitch

Isn’t it fun to take your bike to your outdoor excursions? Then it is time to go for the best bike racks for a tow hitch.

With the help of a bike rack, you can securely attach your bike to your vehicle. They come with great ease of use and convenience while traveling. Although, the daunting task starts when you search for the best rack for a tow hitch that works well for your vehicle, bike, and yes, budget too.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you with detailed information about the best racks available in the market. I have gathered a few of the best bike racks for you in this write-up, and you will get every information about the rack, which makes it easy for you to choose the best as per your requirement.

List of Best Bike Racks for Tow Hitch

YAKIMA Dr. Tray Hitch

As per my review, this is the best Yakima bike rack for a tow hitch. It has the capacity of carrying two bikes at the same time. You can easily secure your bike with the help of this gear while transporting your bike. Dr. Tray Hitch also gives you an option to get a separate third extension if you want to carry a third bike.

Key Features

    • Great Spacing
    • Tool-Free Lock
    • Holds two bikes
    • Weight

Great Spacing: This is among the best bike rack for tow hitch due to one primary reason is its unrivaled spacing. It offers around 18 inches of space between bikes. And it also allows us to adjust the spacing of the tray as per our need. By this feature, there is no scope for bike-to-bike interference.

Tool-Free Lock: The bike rack is easy to install; you can quickly install it in your vehicle as it comes with a tool-free feature. There are no tools required to install the rack, as it comes with an SKS cable locking system by which you can easily secure your bike’s wheels and frame.

Holds two bikes: The rack allows you to hold up to 2 bikes simultaneously easily. Moreover, you can also carry a third bike, but you need to buy a separate EZ and an extension. If you are traveling with your family and wish to carry up to three bikes, you can easily.

Weight: The rack can handle up to 40 lbs per bike and easily carry 26 to 29 inches wheels.


    • Tool-Free spacing adjustment
    • Raising and lowering the rack is easy
    • Eliminates any issues due to bike to bike interference
    • The rack can easily handle fat-tire bikes
    • This rack is lightweight


    • The arms of the rack are not secure (Based on Customer review)

This Yakima is the best rack to the tow hitch to carry your bikes to mountains or flat roads. It comes with unique and excellent features. It is a lightweight and aluminum-designed rack that ensures the security of your bikes.

Allen Sports Deluxe

If you are looking for a tow hitch bike rack for a wrangler, this must be your choice. It is a patent design of a bike rack that keeps your bikes high and away from the road. It carries different bike styles and various frame sizes.

I would highly recommend this rack for your jeep wrangler to carry two bikes. The innovative design of the Allen Sports rack helps in quick setup and safe transportation of bicycles.

Key Features

    • Open Frame Design
    • Individual Tie Down system
    • Narrow carry arms
    • Fits Oversized Tyres

Open Frame Design: The manufacturer of this best rack for tow hitch introduced this excellent open-frame design of bike rack for the upper feet of the jeep that helps insecure installation of bikes on the rear-mounted spare tire.

Individual Tie Down System: The rack comes with an individual tie-down system to protect your bicycle. The tie-down is fixed on the rack’s arms, and it is rotatable, which helps carry different frame sizes and styles.

Narrow Carry Arms: The narrow carry arms help carry a wide range of bikes. You can easily carry any sized cycle, whether it is an adult or children cycle; the narrow arms make it easy to transport the bicycle securely.

Fits Oversized Tyres: The innovative design of the rack is well designed to carry oversized tires as the comprehensive profile lower foot supports the weight of the rack on the tire and not on the rim.


    • It has 15 inches long carry arms that can easily carry two bikes.
    • The rack can handle a wide range of bicycles and different frame styles.
    • The rack fits all mounted spare tires.
    • It is made up of steel, which makes it a robust rack.
    • It requires minimum assembling.


    • There is a need to add extra bungee ropes, extra expense

If you own a wrangler, don’t hesitate to carry your bicycle to another place. This rack will make your task easy and convenient. You can easily install the rack on the rear-mounted spare tire of your vehicle.

Maxhaul Deluxe Mount Rack

As per my suggestion, this is the best tow hitch bike rack for 3+ bikes, as it can handle up to four bikes. It is constructed with a swing design top bar fold that eases up the storage and transport of bikes. This hitch mount rack can carry 150 lbs, distributed among several bikes.

Key Features

    • Swing Down
    • Foldable arms
    • Steel Material
    • Padded Bike Cradle

Swing Down: The main highlight of this best bike rack to tow hitch is its swing-down feature. It gives you excellent access to the rear view of the vehicle.

Foldable Arms: The top bar of the rack is convenient, as you can easily fold it down for easy storage and transportation.

Steel Material: The rack is constructed with steel material, making the rack durable and sturdy. Steel is among the strong material.

Padded Bike Cradle: The bike rack features a padded bike cradle that further protects the bike finish.


    • It can carry up to 4 bikes
    • The rack comes with built-in reflectors
    • It has a look and hook straps for more protection and safety.
    • Well constructed with powder coat finish


    • It is not for RV’s, campers, and five wheel vehicles

If you want a high-quality bike rack for your vehicle, this Maxhaul is worth the money. With great design and quality, it is the best bike rack for a tow hitch.

Tyger Auto Bike Rack

While searching for the best bike rack van tow bar or hitch, I found this fantastic and unique bike rack. I liked it because of its sterling features and easy accessibility. With its easy installation process, strong material, and convenience, it is worth the money.

Key Features

    • Soft Cradles
    • Space
    • Rubber Bumpers
    • Weight

Soft Cradles: It comprises individual soft cradles that help protect bikes and keep your bike frame secure. It is suitable for all frame sizes and styles.

Space: When we talk about space here, it means padded space between vehicles and bicycles. The lower frame of the rack is padded so that bicycles stay away from the vehicle.

Rubber Bumpers: The rack has rubber bumpers that keep your vehicle surface protected when it gets in contact with the frame.

Weight: The rack can carry up to 3 bikes and 99lbs maximum.


    • It is easy to install a rack
    • It comes with foldable arms, which means you can fold the rack when not in use.
    • The rack has an extra safety strap


    • It is not suitable for vehicles with rear spoilers

A perfect bike rack for a van, designed well to fit three bikes. It takes care of your bike and vehicle simultaneously as it is equipped with soft padded cradles and rubber bumpers so that frame stays away from the vehicle.

Buying Guide

Now when you have a list of different types of bike racks available, it becomes easy to choose the best bike rack to tow hitch.

List Of Best Bike Racks For Tow Hitch

But have you ever wondered what factors we must keep in mind while buying a bike rack? No worries, here we will also tell you the factors that you must consider to ensure you get the best bike rack as per your need.

Number of Bikes You Want to Transport

The most important part is how many bikes you want to transport. You don’t want to stack the bikes on a rack that cannot handle the weight. So once you decide how many bikes you would love to transport, consider buying a rack that can match several bikes’ requirements.

Type of Car You Have

Many struggle in choosing the bike car, as we fail to understand which rack suits our car. Know your car’s model and outfitting of the car to know which rack is best for you.


The critical factor is your budget. You would buy a bike rack that comes under your budget, so ensure you check for bike racks that you can afford.

The Final Verdict

If you love your bike, then you would love to add this gear to your every outdoor adventure. With the above-stated list of different bike racks, I hope it will be easy for you to select the best bike rack keeping the buying guide in mind.

Written by Lee Hill

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