Advantages of a Big Wheel Electric Scooter

Advantages of a Big Wheel Electric Scooter

Do you want to use a big-wheel electric scooter instead of a regular one? If yes, then you can anytime opt for a big wheel electric scooter. A big-wheel electric scooter has many advantages over a regular one.

Teenage riders and adult riders can easily ride an electric scooter or bike without any hindrance.

Elderly and the children face a significant problem, and this problem is that often these people are unable to maintain their balance on an electric scooter. This problem mainly arises from the lack of muscle and bone strength in both the elderly and the children.

You can overcome or curb this problem mainly by using an electric scooter with big wheels. One of the significant advantages of a big-wheel electric scooter is enhanced stability and control.

Benefits Of Using Big Wheel Electric Scooter

Better Balance

Big wheels on electric scooters or bikes can roll over objects easily. These wheels can hardly get stuck between two rocks or other things. You can traverse through challenging and irregular terrain easily without any hassle by using these wheels. Smaller wheels have a high tendency of skidding over big or solid objects. Due to this reason, you may also lose your balance and fall while driving on irregular terrain.

Better Grip

Bigger wheels on an electric scooter increase the tire’s surface area or the wheel that comes in contact with the road. Due to the increase in surface area, these wheels can maintain a good grip.

You can keep your balance easily on a big wheel electric scooter in comparison to a small wheel electric scooter due to this reason.

Better Speed

There is also a significant improvement in the electric scooter’s speed due to the wheel’s size increase. Bigger wheels provide greater power and spread for you to move at faster speeds. An electric scooter with big wheels can also lift a heavier load than a standard electric scooter. They afford a higher weight capacity because the user’s weight spreads evenly over the wheel’s width.

What are the advantages of a Big Wheel Electric Scooter

Some Of The Best Big Wheel Electric Scooters

Dualtron X

This electric scooter is among the scooters that have a big and fat tire. The wheels on this electric scooter are 13 inches wide. Its ultra-large tires offer a smooth and powerful ride. The price of this electric scooter is pretty generous at $5999.

Amateurs will have a hard time riding this scooter as it requires some extra muscle and power to drive this electric scooter. It is suitable for driving on all types of terrain and has the best suspension system. This system can adapt to all kinds of driving experiences, and you can get hard and soft suspension at the same time.

The dual motors present in this electric scooter have a staggering maximum speed of 55 miles per hour. You even get a high mileage or distance coverage of around 95 miles. This electric scooter is perfect for long drives as it has such a high-distance range.

Wolf Warrior

This electric scooter with big wheels has special pneumatic tires. This scooter’s pneumatic tires can adapt and mold themselves according to the shape of the surface you are driving them on. To get a better grip and higher stability, you must use this electric scooter. This electric scooter is second only to the Dualtron X in terms of tire width.

The width of the wheels of this electric scooter is 11 inches. Moreover, this scooter also has a lean and mean design that allows you to drive this electric scooter faster. The unique wheels on this electric scooter offer higher and better traction even on wet surfaces.

One of this electric scooter’s significant downsides is that it is not effective on flat surfaces on irregular and off-road terrain. The wheels of this electric scooter are very hard to puncture as they are tubeless. You can be carefree and drive on rocks and pebbles without fearing the wheels on this electric scooter.

You can buy this electric scooter with big wheels for about $2999. With this scooter, you also get a pretty high mileage of 70 miles per charge. You can cruise with this electric scooter at a top speed of 50 miles per hour. The maximum incline angle that you can easily climb with this electric scooter is 30 degrees. With a 2700 watts power output, you will also be able to charge this scooter in a very quick time.

Its battery charges completely up to 100% in just 5.3 hours. When this electric scooter has a fully charged battery, you can continuously use this electric scooter for 20 hours. The maximum load-bearing capacity is also high on this electric scooter due to the bigger size wheels. This electric scooter can lift to 265 pounds of load.

Dualtron Thunder

The Dualtron Thunder is also an electric scooter that has big wheels for better mobility and stability.

This electric scooter costs you about $3699, and it has 11 inches wide wheels. The wheels on this electric scooter are comparable in size to the Wolf Warrior.

You can effortlessly roll over and skip potholes, bumps, and obstacles in your with the help of the big tires that this scooter has. These wheels also act as excellent shock absorbers as they would absorb all the vibrations that you sustain while riding an electric scooter. The wheels on this scooter are tubeless, due to which they offer high resistance to flats rather than normal electric scooters.

The tubeless wheels of this electric scooter are also resistant to puncture and loss of air. You can even cruise on wet surfaces and snow with these wheels. The distance covering range with this electric scooter is up to 75 miles at a single charge. You can climb 47 degree inclines with the high power motor installed in this scooter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Big Wheel Electric Scooter Advantages

Are big wheels useful in your electric scooter?

Yes, big wheels electric scooters are better in comparison to the traditional electric scooters. You can travel at a faster speed with these bigger wheels. Bigger wheels on an electric scooter massively reduce the shock and impact vibrations reaching you.

You get better handling and control while driving due to a big wheel. If you suffer from back, spinal, or neck-related issues, you would want an electric scooter with a bigger wheel. Electric scooters with a bigger wheel have a low impact design that causes less strain on your muscles and bones.

What size are wheels ideal for an electric scooter?

Wheels with a width or diameter of 110 mm are considered ideal for an electric scooter. Wheels or tires with 100 mm diameter are also suitable for smaller and lightweight electric scooters. The size of the suitable wheels also depends on the type of terrain you will drive them on.

If you have to drive your big wheel electric scooter on flat roads and pavements, then average-sized wheels are suitable. But if you want to drive on irregular surfaces or off-road terrain, you will require bigger wheels. These bigger wheels will give great control to you.

What is the lifetime of a wheel for an electric scooter?

The lifetime of an electric scooter depends on the quality of the wheel. Low quality or cheap wheels can last for a distance mileage of 12,500 miles. Whereas if you purchase high-quality wheels made from the best material, they can last for 22,000 miles.

Your electric scooter wheels’ life depends upon your frequency of usage, the conditions in which you drive, and how well you drive. If you maintain your electric scooter’s conditioning, you will increase the lifetime of the wheels.

Can we put bigger wheels on an electric scooter?

No, you cannot put bigger or even smaller wheels on an electric scooter. An electric scooter comes with a fixed range of wheel size. Wheels that fall under this fixed range are compatible with the electric scooter. You cannot randomly choose any wheel size that you think is good and attach them to the scooter.

The electric scooter’s whole design and frame accommodate the wheel’s size, and fitting irregular-sized wheels can ruin the scooter’s design. Due to this, you can also experience a less functional electric scooter.

Is Evo 1000w sport powerboard electric scooter big wheel right for kids?

The Evo 1000w sport powerboard electric scooter big wheel is not for kids. This scooter works on a powerful 1000W motor which works along with three powerful batteries. With this powerful motor’s help, the scooter can run at a maximum speed of 26mph, which will not be safer for kids.

Final Verdict

Big wheels for an electric scooter are an essential feature if you are looking for an electric scooter with excellent stability and control. Elderly, overweight, and obese people will indeed find electric scooters with big wheels easy to use.

We have mentioned the advantages of fitting and using these wheels in your electric scooter above.

This article also has some of the leading electric scooters with a bigger wheel, with their prices and specifications. You will be able to make up your mind after scanning this article.

Written by Lee Hill

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