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How to Make a Normal Scooter Electric?

How to Make a Normal Scooter Electric

Are you thinking of switching from a regular Scooter to an electric? Here is a simple guide for your problem as the automobile market is changing rapidly to electric scooters. Even the CAGR has studied analytics and stated that the regular scooter market is growing just by 0.1%.

So, you might be looking for a cheap and less costly way to switch from your old scooter to an electric one. Here is the complete guide for you to convert your pedal-power with an electric motor.

Step By Step Guide To Convert Your Regular Scooter Into An Electric Scooter

Before turning your scooter into an electric one, you need to follow through with the below steps.

Buy the conversion tool kit.

The first step is to buy a conversion kit. The conversion kits are readily available online on, as well as offline. Moreover, conversion kits are solely sold based on their need as per your requirement and price.

You have to be clear about what you want and will be doing with your scooter to purchase a perfect conversion kit fitting your choice. For choosing and deciding about the best kit, you can refer to selecting a conversion tool kit?

De-assemble your old petrol vehicle

After choosing what kind of conversion kit you want and bought the same, you’ll start the next step-converting your normal scooter into an electric one will start when you are dismantling your old scooter. You will have to remove all the parts of your current kick scooter to start from fresh.

Once you have disassembled your old gas scooter, you will shift to rebuilding. By rebuilding, It means that you’ll now focus on rebuilding the front and rear suspension assembling.

How to Convert a Normal Scooter Electric

Assemble tools received in the tool kit

You have dismantled your old scooter, and you will be required tools to fix the kit in the scoter. So, while you are waiting for equipment to arrive, try to assemble your tools beforehand. You will need many items from your toolbox while doing the same, like a multi-function screwdriver.

Moreover, to install the wire, you will need a suitable pair of pliers to do it, so we will recommend you to be careful and have an extra reliable pair beforehand.

The next thing you’ll need an arc welder, depending upon how complicated your electric scooter’s conversion kit is.

Adjust brakes and handlebars

The next is to adjust the brakes and handles on your scooter. For this, first, you have to adjust the brakes. A change in the screw can easily modify brake levers’ reach.

Don’t forget to ensure that the thing you are working on is the bolts that clamp the bars’ controls. Now, loosen the clamp bolts so that the rules can be easily moved and then position them to be easy to operate.

Now, clamp the bolts tights. One essential thing to ensure here is to see if the controls still have room to function correctly. It is so that the levers can travel as far as required.

Adjust battery in the body

The next step is to adjust batteries and the whole conversion kit in your e-scooter. The conversion kits come with a controller, a motorized hub, and a battery pack. You can adjust the batteries, maybe in the scooter’s front wheel or in the back wheel. But remember, there is a difference between the two.

If it is a front-mounted motor, then it will make your front wheel heavier. A heavier front wheel can make the scooter harder to steer. If you’re opting for a rear-mounted motor, then it may give you better traction. For this, you will need to make sure it is fully compatible with your gearing.

Launch the wheel and motor

Once you have adjusted the batteries in your scooter, the next step is to install the motor and wheels and then launch it. You should position the motor near the back of the scoter.

Convert Normal Scooter to Electric

But for this, you have to have the wires coming out of it. The wires will be going to both the handlebars and the powered wheels.

So, now carefully screw it to the place, and start attaching the wire to the E-scooters wheels. Don’t forget to follow the exact instruction.

Install the start button for your electric scooter

Now, when everything is done, like batteries are fixed, and the motor is attached. It is time to move forward to the next and final step.

The last step is to start installing the start button. First, make sure that the button should be near the handle.

Try installing the controller according to your preference, and it means that if you are left-handed, install the button or left, and if you are right-handed, then install it on the right hand. Next in this step is to keep wires closely connected to the side of your scoter.

After joining the wires, attach them to the motor. Now, check if everything is okay and working as you wanted before riding your scooter. If everything is working fine, then you are good to ride your scooter.

How To Choose The Best Conversion Kit?

Before choosing the best conversion kit to transform your old scooter into an electric one, you must consider how you will be using your e-scooter or your riding habits. If you’re planning to have short trips that will be mostly on plane land without many bumps, then a light and small motor will be enough.

But if you’re thinking of using it for longer rides and climbing hills, then you’ll need a more robust engine with much-extended battery life. If you’re going to use an extensive battery system, you will need a bag to fix it on your scooter; as you may know, that in the end, the battery will influence your scooter’s handling.

Best Conversion Kit for Scooter

It means that if you are using your scooter to climb hills, you’ll need a higher wattage to increase your speed and power to climb hills.

The Top Suggestion Of Kits You Can Choose For Conversion

We have made it easy for you and have chosen some common and most preferred kits by customers. You can go with these top suggestions of conversion kits and easily enjoy the best experience of an electric scooter.

L-faster 36V 350W Electric Scooter Conversion Kit

You get an 8 inch– 36V 350 WATT brushless hub motor, a controller, a waxing switch, cable wire, and a battery bag. However, this kit does not contain a battery that you can buy separately.

Its brushless hub motor with 350WT power provides your electric scooter with 35 km/h. also, it can load 75 kg of weight. It is a good option for a conversion kit you could count on.

Electric Brushless 48V 2000WT DC Motor Complete Kit

In this kit, you get a 48V 2000WT DC high-speed brushless motor, a controller, an LCD battery display, a handlebar grip, and a manual. The motor available in this kit is an aluminum body with full copper coil coverage, which is heat resistant and has a natural cooling system.

It provides your electric scooter long life and low noise quality. This kit is applicable for electric scooters, motorcycles, go-karts, and much more.

BLDC 72V 3000W Brushless Motor Conversion Kit

With this kit, you get an MY 1020 electric brushless DC motor, a BLDC controller, handlebars, and other DIY parts.

It is almost similar to the 48V 2000WT DC brushless motor kit, the only difference in its 72V DC and 3000WT voltage, which speeds up to 4900rpm. If you are looking for a better engine for your electric scooter, you can go for this.

Mophorn Electric Brushed Motor 36V DC 500 Watt conversion kit

Mophorn Electric Brushed 36V motor is the perfect motor for your razor, electric scooter, bicycle, and more with a 500 Watt controller and charger. It is compact and is small in size with an electric brush motor.

Its speed is 2500RPM and ensures high efficiency for your strong expectations. You can switch the rotation in any direction, be it clockwise or anti-clockwise. You are making this stand out on our list.

These kits help convert your normal petrol vehicle into a hybrid, run on both electricity and petrol. So, if you are also looking to transform your regular scooter into an electric hybrid scooter, you can lunch this kit without any modification in just a few minutes.

Final words

As per the environmental requirement, an electric vehicle is essential to reduce pollution. Making an Electric Scooter has the solution here as it has become one of the best options in the automobile industry to be replaced on roads. Most people are currently switching to an electric scooter, so this idea of converting the existing vehicle into a hybrid at low cost is the best option.

Written by Lee Hill

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