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Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

Have you heard of Mini Motors? The manufacturer of Dualtron has been a well-known name in the personalized vehicle industry ever since it was established in 1999. In 2015, they launched Dualtron, the world’s first dual-motor electric scooter which you can ride on all terrain. In the same year, they sold 10,000 units.

The Dualtron Thunder electric scooter is one of Mini Motor’s greatest launches to date, and it outshines every other electric scooter in its category. It has a strong build with more advanced geometry than the previous versions.

This article will present you with a detailed Dualtron Thunder electric scooter review. I cover its pros and cons, features, and an alternative in the same category.


  • It features a 5400 W BLDC motor which offers high performance.
  • The frame and handle are constructed from aviation-grade aluminum alloy.
  • It offers 25° hill-climbing capability.
  • The battery charges in just 5.3 hours.
  • It features mood lighting at the bottom and at the handlebars that you can set to any color.
  • It comes with hydraulic brakes with ABS standard for better-stopping power.
  • It boasts a weight capacity of 265 lb.
  • Removable wheel assembly offers easy servicing.
  • The eye LCD offers better functionality.


  • The scooter is heavy, weighing in at 95 lb.
  • It is not water-resistant.

What To Look For In A High-Speed Electric Scooter

  • Design: The electric scooter should have a solid build to withstand traveling at high speed on any terrain. Having an aluminum alloy frame makes the scooter lightweight and durable. The suspension system offers better rider comfort.
  • Weight: High-speed electric scooters tend to weigh more. The weight of a scooter can be well above 50 lb. The weight capacity of the scooter should be above 200 lb and can go up to 450 lb.
  • Battery: For off-road riders, it is essential to have a high battery capacity. The battery should be at least 60 V to offer better mileage.
  • Speed: The speed of an off-road electric scooter can range anywhere between 30 to 60 mph. However, there is no limit on the speed of an off-road electric scooter, and it can go as high as 75 mph.
  • Motor Power: It should have at least a 2000 W motor. For a high-speed off-road electric scooter, the higher the motor power, the better faster the scooter.
  • Safety: Safety is essential for a high-speed electric scooter. Hydraulic disc brakes with ABS technology offer stable braking and shorter stopping distances. For better traction to avoid accidents, it is essential to have wide tires for maximum contact with the road. Pneumatic tires offer better shock absorption and thus better stability even while riding at high speed.
  • Price: For a good quality off-road electric scooter, the price can be quite high. It can range anywhere between $2000 – $5000. Premium features like high motor power and great battery capacity are the reason for such a high price.

front view

Features And Benefits: Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter


With an aviation-grade 6082 aluminum alloy frame and handlebars, this electric scooter is built to withstand any conditions. It has a folding mechanism that allows the rider to lock the handlebars and stem into a folded position for ease of storage.

The Dualtron comes with a considerable deck that allows the rider to stand comfortably. It also helps maintain better stability while traveling at high speed.

The rider can set the mood lighting below the deck and stem to several different colors of their choice. With an ergonomic design, the handgrips are comfortable to hold, even for a long ride.


With a high-quality aluminum alloy frame and steel shaft, the Dualtron Thunder is a heavy scooter that weighs 95 lb. With such high weight, this electric scooter is not suitable for carrying upstairs. Even for loading the scooter into a vehicle, you require multiple people.

This electric scooter can support a maximum rider weight of up to 265 lb. The electric scooter offers great performance and stability even with a heavier rider.

High Range

The Dualtron Thunder electric scooter features a high-capacity battery of 60 V and 35 Ah. Traveling long distances is possible with such high battery power without constantly worrying about recharging. This excellent scooter offers you a maximum range of up to 75 miles on a single charge in optimum riding conditions.

Having a powerful battery requires a powerful charger to reduce the charge time. On average, a standard charger takes about 20 hours to completely charge the battery, while the quick charger would take only 5.3 hours. It is possible to travel even longer distances with a quick charger by recharging the batteries between rides.

High Speed

With a high-power motor, the Dualtron Thunder electric scooter reaches a top speed of 50 mph. Having high speed reduces the travel time significantly and saves a lot of time. But, the high speed of the electric scooter varies according to the rider’s weight and the riding conditions.


The dual 2700 W BLDC motor of the Dualtron Thunder is what makes it the powerful beast on wheels. The 5400 W power output provides incredible acceleration, which allows the rider to reach a high speed within seconds. With high motor capacity, this electric scooter has a 25° incline capacity, making riding uphill easier. It is ideal even for riders who live in a hilly area.


With 160 mm dual hydraulic disc brakes, the Dualtron Thunder electric scooter has the ability to stop quickly whenever necessary. It is easier for the rider to stop the scooter quickly by applying both brakes simultaneously, even when traveling at high speed.

The front and rear suspension offer better stability even on rough terrain. With 11″ tubeless tires, this electric scooter offers better traction on paved surfaces. For traveling on different terrain, the rider can switch to off-road tires.

The Dualtron Thunder has front and rear LED lights. The lights offer better visibility during the night and thus offer better safety.

back view of electric scooter with helmet

Alternatives To Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

Gunai Off Road Electric Scooter

If all the Dualtron Thunder electric scooter features have not satisfied you enough and you are still looking for something else. Then, the Gunai Off Road electric scooter is a great alternative. It boasts the same 5400 W motor power. It offers a 75-mile range on a single battery charge similar to the Dualtron Thunder electric scooter.

However, the weight capacity of the Gunai Off Road electric scooter is 330 lb which is much higher than the Dualtron’s 265 lb weight capacity.

If you have a lower budget, the Gunai off-road electric scooter can be a better choice than the Dualtron Thunder electric scooter – 50 mph. It will also be a better option for heavier people.


After comparing the product with several competitors, I have rated the Dualtron Thunder 50 mph electric scooter on its features.

  • Design and Weight: 9.5/10
  • Battery: 9/10
  • Motor power: 9.5/10
  • Safety: 9/10
  • Price: 9/10
  • Overall Score: 9.2/10

Bottom Line

The Dualtron Thunder electric scooter is a beast and a leader in its category with its robust build quality and on-road performance.


Written by Lee Hill

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