What Is the Longest Range Electric Scooter?

What Is the Longest Range Electric Scooter

Are you planning to travel to work on an electric scooter? If yes, then you can go for the longest-range electric scooter.

The longest-range electric scooters have a strong battery that lets them travel more than other scooters. Their performance also depends upon some other factors, such as motor, speed, charge, etc. These days riders prefer electric scooters with high speed and better range.

Electric scooters come with all the features to give you an unforgettable riding experience. There are specific models of e-scooters that provide an incredible capacity to the riders.

How Many Miles Can an Electric Scooter Go?

An electric scooter can go from 5 to 40 miles. It depends on various factors like the type of terrain, frequent starts, stops, users’ weight, etc.

Some of the electric scooters with the longest range can go up to 70 miles on a single charge. Such type of performance entirely depends upon battery and charge.

Suppose your scooter battery is strong and powerful. Then you can run your scooter for the whole day.

The battery of a scooter is the most sensitive component. Most of the scooters come with lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are powerful and are fast to charge. Moreover, some scooters come with dual power options to allow for more rapid charging.

What is a Range?

  • The range of your scooter is one of the critical factors to consider while purchasing. You must evaluate an electric scooter and its maximum capacity for one battery life. Scooters may differ in their entire range.
  • The maximum range gives ease to travel long distances. The long-range scooters are suitable to provide an efficient riding experience.
  • The maximum range of a scooter can be between 40 minutes to several hours. The battery capacity goes hand in hand with the scooter’s range. Scooters with strong and powerful batteries usually give a high range. The higher battery capacity is adequate to choose for a long-range of scooters.
  • The range also depends upon other factors like terrain, riding style, and the rider’s weight.
  • Motor output generally ranges between 250 and 500w. It would be best if you considered scooters with long and powerful motors. These scooters are suitable for delivering better performance on challenging terrains.

Factors to Determine the Long Range Electric Scooter

Power Range

One of the key factors to select an electric scooter is its power range. You can achieve power range through the powertrain. The power train is the mechanism that produces power and delivers it to the wheels of electric scooters.


The electric motor or engine also determines the range of your electric scooter. It converts the potential electric energy stored in the battery to mechanical energy.

A powerful motor can let you cover long distances with your scooter. You can compare the power motor of the different scooters so that you can get the best idea about what to choose.

Longest Range Electric Scooter


The battery of your electric scooter is useful to consider while looking for long-range scooters.

Lithium-ion batteries are best to cover long distances.

These batteries are lightweight, powerful, and have excellent energy ratings. You can often find these batteries in the fastest, longest-range electric scooters.

Best Long Range Electric Scooters

WOLF WARRIOR 11 – Maximum Speed & Acceleration

Wolf Warrior scooters are well known for their speed and mileage. Owing to its speed and performance, it is the best electric scooter with the longest range.

The Kaabo Warrior is an electric scooter that features 1200 w of brushless motor. It has unique inverted hydraulic shock absorbers lets you ride on all types of terrain. You can easily ride for 70 miles on a single charge.

Features and Benefits

  • Hydraulic Brakes: the hydraulic brakes with ABS systems are provided in your electric scooter for safe and accurate braking. This 50 mph electric scooter has an insanely high acceleration and top speed suitable for climbing 30% inclines easily.
  • Wheels: the front tires are right to deliver an intense ride for long distances.

INOKIM Quick 3

The scooter is one of the fastest longest-range electric scooters. The portable electric scooter features a rugged, geared rear motor that delivers 19mph top speed. It can easily go 25 miles on a single charge.

Features and Benefits

  • Speed: the 10″ air-filled tires make for excellent road grip and excellent stability while riding. Its Front V-Brakes, and rear disc brake provide good stopping power.
  • Portable: the electric scooter is lightweight and is portable. It folds down in seconds to a small size.

This scooter’s weight is 36 lbs. Its convenient carry grip integrated into the board gives ease to carry this scooter. Moreover, it can hold a weight capacity of up to 265lbs.

HORIZON Electric Scooter

Horizon electric scooter is one of the best longest-range electric scooters for commuting. This round electric scooter comes with a 10.4Ah battery for 20 miles range. The 8V 500W brushless hub motor delivers a max output of more than 800W. It can tackle up to 15% inclines and promises a top speed of up to 25mph.

Features and Benefits

  • Speed: The 8V 500W brushless hub motor gives a top speed of 25mph. The rear drum brake of the scooter plus regenerative braking deliver an efficient ride.
  • LED Lights: the three powerful front and two rear LED lights to give better visibility at night. Ts advanced display throttle combination enables customizations for a smooth ride so that you can ride this bike with full safety.

GOTRAX G4 Scooter

The 2020 G4 scooter is one of the longest-range scooters. It features an improved console, battery life, folding mechanism and has passed stringent QC testing. You can rely on this long-range scooter to cover 25 miles easily on a single charge.

Features and Benefits

  • Tires: the scooter features 10″ air-filled tires that quickly ride over bumps and challenging terrains. These tires ensure a firm and better grip. You can ride this e-bike with full safety and convenience.
  • Battery: The scooter runs on a 36V10.4aH battery. The 350 Watt motor provides a speed of 20mph. It can easily support up to 220 pounds.

Ways to Improve the Range of Your Scooter

The long-range scooter is always preferable by the riders. These scooters are suitable to use for long journeys or daily commuting. But several ways can help you to improve the range of your scooters.

Controlling Speed

Speed is the critical factor that you need to consider. You must know how to control the pace in a better way. Consider a scooter that can ride at 9-12 miles to improve its range.

If you are riding for long distances, speed becomes essential to control. Keeping your scooter at ideal speed can help you to reach your places with ease. Moreover, it can also add to your scooter’s safety.

Avoid Carrying Extra Weights

You must avoid carrying extra weights on your scooter. Additional weights or carrying more stuff on your scooter can decrease its range. So you must try to avoid carrying extra weight. Make sure to travel light, especially when riding a scooter on a long journey.

How Many Miles Can an Electric Scooter Go

Tire Pressure

Tire pressure can improve the speed and range of your electric scooter. The air-tires pressure needs to be adjusted from time to time.

If you have soft tires, the friction with the ground can be higher. It can, however, reduce the speed of your scooter. So you must check the pressure of your tires from time to time.


Suppose you feel that your wheel is not moving freely. You must get bearings in place or replace them. It is also essential when your scooter gets old.

The new bearings help to reduce friction. Moreover, they can also improve the speed of your electric scooter. Then you will get an improving range for your scooters,

Always Carry a Charger

Carrying a charger along with you is important for traveling long distances. Suppose your ride includes a stoppage at certain places. Then it is good for you to carry a charger.

A good charger can charge your scooter’s battery in less time. There are certain chargers available for scooters. A charged scooter can, however, travel for long distances.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase the range of electric scooters?

To increase the range of your electric scooter, you must follow simple steps. Ride your scooter at the optimal speed to get the maximum range. You must take a check on the tire pressure of your electric scooters.

The air-tires pressure needs to be adjusted from time to time. Moreover, you must avoid carrying extra weight on your scooter. It would help if you also carried a charger with you.

How far can an electric scooter go?

It depends on the type of terrain and the model of your scooter. It also depends upon the weight of the rider and frequent starts and stops. An electric scooter can go up to 5 to 40 miles. Choosing the right scooter is, however, essential for traveling long distances.

Why is carrying a scooter charger important?

Carrying a charger is extremely important while traveling long distances. Suppose your ride includes a stoppage at certain places. Then it is good for you to carry a charge so that you can charge your scooters in case of emergency.

Written by Lee Hill

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