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How Long Do Scooter Batteries Last?

How Long Do Scooter Batteries Last

There are primarily two types of electric scooters: kick scooters, which are meant for kids, and motorized scooters. With a motorized scooter, you will find a battery and motor that powers the scooter.

The battery supplies power to the motor, and the motor propels the wheels of your scooter. Motorized scooters are also commonly known as electric scooters.

The battery of an electric scooter plays a vital role, so you need to charge your battery before each ride so that your electric scooter can cover the maximum possible distance when you go out for a ride.

It is easy to picture the battery as the fuel tank of your electric scooter, so it is responsible for the lion’s share of the entire cost of your electric scooter. 

Naturally, you must want to know how long does the scooter battery last. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a simple answer. The battery lifespan depends on various factors like the type of battery in your scooter, how you charge your battery, how much you have charged your battery, maintaining your battery, and more.

In this article, I will discuss electric scooter batteries in detail so that you will understand the average lifespan of an electric scooter battery by the end of the article.

How Long Does A Scooter Battery Last?

Most electric scooters allow you to ride for 40 – 45 minutes after a full charge. But if you have maintained your battery in good condition, you may be able to squeeze a few more minutes out of it. 

full battery electric scooter

The maximum time you can generally ride for is an hour. When it comes to distance, your scooter will likely be able to travel 12.5 – 28 miles on a single charge. Of course, the range varies according to the capacity of your battery and the cell type. 

Other factors can cause your battery to discharge quickly. For example, if you switch on the lights on your electric scooter, the battery’s power will discharge faster.

When it comes to the lifespan of a scooter battery, they usually last for one to three years. The battery of a scooter usually has about 400 – 500 recharge cycles. Once you complete charging your scooter battery 400 – 500 times, you need to replace your battery. 

Some high-end batteries boast 1000 recharge cycles. So, it’s best to estimate the lifespan of the battery in terms of recharge cycles.

However, after recharging your batter about 100 – 200 times, you will observe that the battery’s performance deteriorates, and the battery will drain faster. To prevent this problem, you need to perform maintenance on your scooter battery from time to time.

How Can You Increase The Durability Of Your Scooter Battery?

#1. Never Drain The Charge Of Your Battery Completely

You should not allow the battery of your scooter to drain its charge completely. This will have a negative effect on the life of the battery, causing it to deteriorate faster.

man plugging charger on electric scooter

#2. Don’t Overcharge

Overcharging is one of the leading causes for the death of the battery of your scooter. Therefore, you should always avoid overcharging the battery.

#3. Charge The Battery With The Same Model Charger

A correct charger – namely, the exact model charger the scooter comes with – always prevents the battery from overcharging. In contrast, other chargers that are not of the same model will overcharge your battery. They will continue to charge until you unplug them from the power source, leading to battery damage at a fast rate.

#4. Avoid Riding In The Rain

Almost all scooters are water-resistant, but they are not waterproof. If your battery comes in contact with a little water, then it will damage the battery.

#5. Never Charge Your Battery Under The Sun

If you charge your scooter battery under the sun, there will be some unwanted chemical reaction in the battery, leading to damage.

#6. Store Battery In Normal Temperature

If you store your battery in a very hot or extremely cold place, it will damage the battery rapidly. So try to store the battery at a relatively normal temperature.

How Long Do Razor Scooter Batteries Last?

A Razor scooter battery lasts for 40 – 60 minutes. However, it varies from one model to another.

For example, the Razor E Prime Adult Electric Scooter’s battery will last for 40 minutes. The top speed of this scooter is 15 mph. 

However, with the Razor Power Core E 100 Electric Scooter, the battery lasts for 60 minutes. The Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter battery lasts for an incredible 80 minutes.

How Long Does A Mobility Scooter Battery Last?

If you use your mobility scooter daily, then the battery will last for barely two years. But if you don’t use it daily, then a mobility scooter battery may last for three years.

Charging electric scooter

When you observe the charge of your battery is below 25%, try to charge your mobility scooter’s battery immediately.

You can cover 12.5 – 28 miles if you charge the battery of your mobility scooter completely. However, as your electric scooter ages, the battery deteriorates.


Nowadays, you will find electric scooters everywhere. People of any group love to ride an electric scooter. Kids ride scooters for fun, whereas for adults, electric scooters have become an important mode of transportation. For those of us with a disability or limited mobility, a mobility scooter can be a lifesaver. 

So to maintain your scooter’s battery for a long time, you need to keep the battery in good condition. Always charge it after each ride. Again, when you observe a significant decrease in the range of your electric scooter, you need to replace the battery. 

While replacing the battery, you need to purchase a new battery from the same manufacturer. A new battery will cost you 15 – 30% of the original cost of your scooter.

Anyways if you want the best performance from your scooter, then try to maintain the battery correctly. I hope this article answers your question regarding how long do scooter batteries last?

Don’t forget to give your suggestions for this article. I would love to read your comments.

Happy riding!


Written by Lee Hill

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