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Wave Electric Bikes Review

Can you imagine having the perfect cruiser bike?

Well, you can, if you try your hands on this cool Wave electric bike once.

Thanks to the two L.A business partner for this brainchild.

Wave electric bikes will never fail to win your hearts as they are the most unique yet affordable electric bikes you will find in this otherwise expensive market.

Why Are Wave Electric Bikes Different?

These bikes consist of a powerful 750W motor, which will help you speed as high as 26 miles per hour with throttle and 52 miles per hour using pedal-assist.

They have the most comfortable, well-cushioned seats and highly adjustable handlebars. The perfect beach cruiser style ensures that the rider doesn’t have to hunch over while riding. These bikes consist of lithium-ion batteries, which are easy to remove and lock.

To prevent the regular tires from getting stressed due to the battery’s weight, extra-thick tires are used in place of the tube tires.

Wave electric bikes are available in different colors. Despite their upgraded modern design, these bikes are highly affordable and come with a one year warranty.

Different Models Of Wave Electric Bikes

Wave has three stylish and affordable models of electric bikes.
Have a look at them:

Wave 2.0

Straighten your backs as you will be having the most fantastic riding experience with Wave 2.0.

It is the improvised version of the original Wave electric bike and has all the latest features one could ask for.

Having a high-power 750W motor and with a top speed of 25 miles per hour, the whole street is yours to conquer.

You can cover up to 23 miles when using the throttle and 40 miles when using pedal assist. The great news is you can cover all this on a single charge with the high-tech battery that comes with Samsung cells.

The rear brushless motor has 6 – speed Shimano gears, which will enhance your cruising experience.

The high-grade and sturdy aluminum frame, hard-wired rear red LED light, and sophisticated hidden wires packed into the frame, handlebars made of faux leather, and comfortable seat saddle are some features you would have missed in the original version.

Some of its features are discussed in brief as follows:

  • High-Tech Battery: The welded battery pack consists of Samsung cells that don’t need to be fully discharged before recharging.
  • Padded Seat: The seat has a humanized design, which is extremely comfortable with padded cushions and inner-springs so that the rider gets a relaxing experience while riding. The rider can easily adjust the seat height with the quick release latch as per the requirement.
  • Sturdy Frame: The bike has an overall framework made of high-grade aluminum. However, it is still lightweight with a weight of approximately 50 pounds, excluding the battery.
  • Throttle: The throttle mode enables you to cover 23 miles at a stretch. It is a 3-level cadence sensor with pedal assist. Thus the rider can use different levels of assistance as per the requirement.
  • Pedal-Assist: You can ride up to 40 miles if the motor adds on to your power. Pedal-assist will require you to pedal along with the motor’s power minimally.
  • Comfortable Handlebars: The handlebars have luxury stitched coverings made of faux leather, which provides excellent grip to the rider.
  • 6-Speed Levels: Wave 2.0 comes with 6-speed Shimano gears to provide the rider with the flexibility to shift speeds levels while riding.
  • Side Kickstand: This improvised design has a side kickstand that is positioned just below the bike. It locks in a very stable position.
    This power monster is also available in three stylish colors, including Pearl White, Satin Black, and Candy Apple Blue.

Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave is yet another fantastic product by Wave, which is designed to have a step-through structure.

The step-through design engenders easy mounting and dismounting. Also, older adults and people with physical disabilities can get enough supportive structure while riding.

Tidal Wave can take you up to 26 miles without having to pedal. The powerful 750W brushless hub motor and high-tech battery provide the necessary endurance while propelling forward.

The multi-gear system and dynamic brakes provide flexible rides. Even when you are pedaling, you won’t feel exhausted due to large cross-functional tires that act as shock absorbers.

Some of its features are discussed in brief as follows:

  • Beach Cruiser Design: What is better than getting to ride a bike without having to hunch over? Tidal Wave has a classy design with alloy handlebars, wide cross-functional tires, and beach cruiser rims with metallic spokes.
  • Six-Speed Model: To enable you to pedal with ease in long distances and uphills, this electric bike has 6-Speed Shimano gears, which provide the rider with the necessary support and flexibility while riding.
  • Step-Through Design: Tidal Wave has a step-through frame, making riding easier for older adults and people with physical disabilities.
  • Complete Seat: The thickly cushioned seat has an adjustable height extending up to 8 inches, making the seat 41 inches above the ground.
  • Multi-Level Assistance: Whether you want to pedal manually or require some assistance, Tidal Wave offers everything. You can choose to use the assist or ride on full throttle.
  • Weight Capacity: The bike weighs about 50 pounds, excluding the battery. It can cater to people having weights up to 270 pounds.
  • Easy To Assemble: The package comes with various sections consisting of bulky and lighter parts. The bike requires minimal effort for assembly, which can be done with the detailed manual’s help and the package.

Folding Wave

Can you imagine folding and unfolding a bike within a blink of an eye?

This has been made possible with the Folding Wave, which is designed to be closet friendly. In other words, it can be folded into a compact size and can be stored even inside a small closet or car trunk.

The 350W rear brushless motor enables you to speed up to 25 miles per hour. The high-tech battery supports the rider to cover 18 miles on the full electric range while 30 miles on the pedal-assist range.

This mighty beast comes with 6-speed Shimano gears, which provides the rider with support and flexibility for covering long distances.

Some of its features are discussed in brief as follows:

  • Powerful Motor: The 350W Brushless Hub Motor allows you to cover 18 miles on fully electric mode. The high-power motor supports long-distance cruising and uphill climbing.
  • High-Tech Battery: The high-tech Lithium-Ion battery comes packed with Samsung cells, which tend to have a long life. The battery provides enough endurance to propel the rider to cover 18 miles on a single charge.
  • Pedal-Assist: If you allow the motor to provide you with some assistance while pedaling, you might end up covering a great distance of 30+ miles at a single stretch.
  • Sturdy Frame: The bike rests on a sturdy aluminum frame with all the extra wires tucked up inside.
  • 6-Speed Levels: This bike allows you to ride with flexibility. You can choose between 6 different gears to propel you as fast as you want.
  • Red Lighting: Folding Wave comes with a front LED headlamp, which assists in the dark


Wave Electric Bikes aims at making you skip the gas stations and save the environment.

Wave’s three models have mindfully designed geometries to cater to the present-day needs of speed, comfort, support, flexibility, and affordability.

Whether you want to cruise around the block or go uphill leisurely, an Electric Wave Bike will never fail to impress you with its shock-absorbing tires and comfortable seat posts

Written by Lee Hill

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