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Electric Bikes for Disabled Adults

Electric bikes are becoming a popular means of transport. People have started using them because of their high convenience and low carbon footprint.

Disability affects nearly 61 million people in America[1]. If you, too, are disabled, you might think that e-bikes are not for you. But you would be very wrong, my friend!

Bike manufacturers have created bikes with special features for the disabled. These features include a footrest, stick holder, unique backrest, special crank, and extra wheels.

This article mentions some of the best electric bikes with special features for the disabled.

Types Of Electric Bikes For The Disabled

There are several types of electric bikes for the disabled. Not every disability is similar, so to make sense of the options, we have categorized them.


Tricycles are electric bikes with three wheels. Adults who have difficulty maintaining their balance on a two-wheel electric bike can opt for an electric tricycle. These bikes are very stable on their own. You can keep your feet firmly on the pedals and ride the bike without worrying about losing balance.

Another advantage of adding another wheel is that you can ride even at a slow pace without falling.

When you drive an electric bike or a regular two-wheeled bike slowly, you will lose your balance.

Tricycles are, therefore, great for people who are just starting to learn. They can gain confidence and learn to pedal first before trying to balance the bike.

An electric quad cycle is another variant of the tricycle. The quad cycle has four wheels instead of three or two.

There isn’t much difference between a tricycle and a quad cycle apart from even more excellent stability. Quad cycles are broader, and therefore more comfortable to sit on.

Hand Cranking Electric Bikes

Hand cranking electric bikes do not have a pedal. Instead of pedals, these bikes have a hand-cranking mechanism. You should use this type of electric bike if you have lost the use of your legs.

The hand-cranking mechanism is just pedals for your hands. Instead of using your legs to move the bike, you can use the hand crank. Hand cranking bikes are also tricycles because people with limited leg movement or mobility won’t balance two-wheelers.

You can also use these electric bikes for people with spinal injuries or leg amputations. Now, you can even attach a handle, hand crank, and a motor to a wheelchair to convert it into a hand trike in seconds.

Best Features Of Electric Bikes For Disabled, Seniors And Adults

Swooping Frame

Electric bikes with a swooping frame are ideal for the disabled, seniors, and adults. A swooping frame allows the user to maintain a healthy posture while riding. These bikes also have high balance and stability features.

Low Step-Through Height

Low step-through height makes it easier for a disabled person to sit on the bike. It is also crucial for people who have problems with balance and a low range of motion. The users can conveniently get on and off the bikes because of this feature.

Slow Motor

Your bike must not have a powerful motor. A powerful electric motorbike is suitable for younger adults as they may use these bikes to travel at high speeds. Seniors and disabled people majorly travel at slow speeds.

There are usually two motor options available in an electric bike: the 500-watt motor and the 250-watt motor.

The 500-watt motor can reach a top speed of 20 miles per hour and travel a distance of about 20 miles.

The 250-watt motor can travel for about 15 miles at a top speed of 15 miles per hour[2].

You may want to choose the 250 watt motor for seniors and disabled adults.

High Throttle Or Pedal Assist Power

You must also choose the bike with the maximum throttle or pedal assist as these are the type of bikes that are the easiest to operate. They generate a high power output even with minimal physical effort. Seniors can conveniently travel to their destination using this type of electric bike.

Low Impact Frame

It would be best if you chose an electric bike which has a comfortable frame. A comfortable frame exerts less pressure and strain on the joints of the users. Many seniors complain about soreness and fatigue in the body. A low impact frame and design of an electric bike are ideal for senior citizens and people with disabilities.

Which are The Best Electric Bikes For Disabled People?

Schwinn Meridian Trike

The Meridian Trike has an aluminum frame with a low step-through. It also has swept-back handlebars, which gives the rider a good drive. The springer cruiser seat makes for comfortable riding for disabled people.

The bike has an electric option as well, with a 350W Bafang max drive motor. It gives pedal assistance and can independently manage upto 16mph top speed.

The full fenders keep you clean in wet conditions. The bike has a substantial rear basket, which you can use to bring in your weekly groceries or other purposes.

Slsy Adult Trike

Slsy Adult Tricycles is one of the best electric bikes for disabled people, readily available on Amazon. The bike has a sturdy steel construction. Its frame can easily support a person of 350 pounds.

It has a large rear basket which you can use for grocery shopping. The bike is suitable for different kinds of road surfaces and promises a long time use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric trikes safe for seniors?

Yes, electric bikes are a safe option for seniors to ride. These bikes have special safety features, such as an electric controller. This controller limits the speed of an electric bike and keeps the user’s safe.

Apart from this, these bikes also have dynamic brakes. You can use these brakes to stop the bike instantly. Seniors with disabilities can prefer bikes with three wheels instead of two. Three wheels offer a lot more stability.

Is tricycle safer than bicycles?

The answer isn’t a simple yes or no. Tricycles are safe because they are very stable. They won’t tip over as a bike can.

But at the same time, trikes are slower than bikes. Because of their low height, they are not as easily visible to car drivers, which is why it is essential to have flags or other visible markers at a high point above the trike.


This article contains essential and necessary information regarding electric bikes for disabled adults. Manufacturers understand there is a need for electric bikes with special features for a lot of people.

Electric bikes make traveling fun and exciting, and there are bikes with extra safety and comfort features for disabled adults. You can purchase a tricycle, quad bike, hand-crank electric bike, or a tandem bike and enjoy all the benefits of an e-bike.

[1] Disability Impacts All of Us Infographic | CDC
[2] 250w Vs. 500w eBike – Difference Between 250 Watt & 500 Watt Electric Bikes

Written by Lee Hill

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