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Razor‌ ‌Dirt‌ ‌Rocket‌ ‌Mx350‌ ‌- Electric Dirt Bike

Razor‌ ‌Dirt‌ ‌Rocket‌ ‌Mx350‌ ‌Electric‌ ‌Bike‌

According to a study, play is essential for the proper development of your child, contributing to their physical, emotional, and social well-being. To help them develop, you want to involve your kids in many different activities, and one great activity is the challenge of learning how to ride a dirt bike.

The Razor Dirt Rocket Mx350 Electric Bike is a great dirt bike for young kids and helps develop their sense of adventure and hand-eye coordination.

I am a mother of three kids younger than 15, and I have to handle them on my own because my husband is working. While I try to introduce them to many new activities, it is never sufficient for three hyperactive kids. They always have a lot of energy left at night and have a hard time sleeping.

I recently started taking them to a local park, and there I got introduced to dirt bikes for kids. I thought about getting an electric bike for my oldest child, and after some research, I found out about the Razor Dirt Rocket Mx350 Electric Bike.

This electric dirt bike is suitable for young kids aged 13 and older. My kid fell in love with this bike, and I can assure you it is premium quality. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the bike before we review it in detail.


  • It has a scaled-down design version of an authentic dirt bike.
  • It has a rear-wheel chain drive which offers powerful traction.
  • Driving in different terrain conditions is possible with its pneumatic knobby tires.
  • It comes with a high top speed of 14 mph.
  • High torque motor.
  • Adjustable handlebars to make a rider of any height comfortable.


  • With its height, this dirt bike is not suitable for bigger kids.
  • Speed is not adjustable.

Factors To Look Out For In An Electric Dirt Bike For Kids

  • Battery: You should look for an electric dirt bike with a rechargeable lead-acid battery. The battery can range anywhere from 6 V to 36 V. An ideal battery for a kid’s dirt by should be 24 V.
  • Motor: Motor power of electric dirt bikes for kids can be as low as 100 W, but it is still recommended to have at least 250 W of motor power for better performance.
  • Size: The size of the electric dirt bike should be age-appropriate. Not every dirt bike is suitable for kids of certain age groups, and allowing younger kids on an electric dirt bike meant for kids older than them would be very dangerous.
  • Load Capacity: Since the bike is for kids, it would be ideal if it has a load capacity of at least 140 lb.
  • Design: Bright colors and interesting designs are what attract kids. Having an authentic dirt bike design would offer a realistic driving experience to kids.
  • Price: While the price varies according to the quality and features that a dirt bike offers. It is still ideal to stay under $500 for kids’ electric bikes, as they may soon grow too big to continue using it.

Razor‌ ‌Dirt‌ ‌Rocket‌ ‌Mx350‌ ‌Electric‌ ‌Bike‌ ‌Buying Guide

Features and Benefits: Razor Dirt Rocket Mx350 Electric Bike

Razor Dirt Rocket Mx350 Electric Bike is one of the best dirt bikes available for kids who are 13 and older. Let’s look at the features and benefits that make it better than the other dirt bikes available on the market.


The Razor Dirt Rocket Mx350 Electric Bike has a maximum speed of 14 mph which is fast enough for young kids to have fun while riding the dirt bike. The 350-watt motor offers better acceleration which allows the rider to reach the top speed in less time.


The Razor Dirt Rocket Mx350 Electric Bike has an authentic motocross frame that excites kids and gives them a genuine dirt bike riding experience. The vibrant blue of the scooter is attractive, and the scaled-down size of this dirt bike allows kids to have a lot of fun.

The steel frame is sturdy enough to support a maximum load of 140 lb, which is more than enough for young kids. With a retractable kickstand, it is easy for your kid to take a break during a ride.

Age Compatibility

While the company claims that this dirt bike is for kids 13 and older, the dimensions of 44 x 24.5 x 31 inches indicate that the bike is not suitable for older kids. It would be better suited for kids older than 5 and younger than 9.

High Capacity Battery

The dual 12 V battery offers a 24 V battery capacity to the dirt bike, which allows the rider to have a continuous run time of 30 minutes and a mileage of 7 miles on a single charge. The sealed lead-acid batteries are quick to recharge, so your kids don’t have to wait long to have fun.

Ease of Assembly

While the body of this electric dirt bike comes mostly pre-assembled, there is still some assembly required for the handlebars. But with the help of the manual, you can easily figure it out.

Razor‌ ‌Dirt‌ ‌Rocket‌ ‌Mx350‌ ‌Features

Alternatives: Razor Dirt Rocket Mx350 Electric Bike

#1 Pulse Performance Products Electric Dirt Bike

The Pulse Performance Products Electric Dirt Bike is an excellent alternative to the Razor Dirt Rocket Mx350 Electric Bike for young riders aged 8 and older. This electric dirt bike offers a continuous ride time of 40 minutes, which is better than what the Razor dirt bike offers.

However, the Razor Mx350 24 V Dirt Rocket Electric Ride On Motocross Bike has a 250 V motor while the Pulse performance has a 100 V motor.

#2 Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Dirt Bike

The Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Dirt Bike is another great alternative to the Razor Mx350 dirt bike from the same manufacturer. The SX500 would be perfect for kids aged 8 and above.

It has a maximum load capacity of 175 lb, which is way higher than the Razor Mx350. The SX500 also comes with a 36-volt battery, while the Mx350 only has a 24 V battery. However, the SX500 is double the price of the MX350 model.


To help your kids expand their interests and develop their skills as they age, getting them involved in several different physical activities is essential.

Letting them spend their energy playing with the Razor Dirt Rocket Mx350 Electric Bike will help your kids gain confidence and determination while having lots of fun.

Written by Lee Hill

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