How To Attach A Bike Trailer Without A Coupler?

How To Attach A Bike Trailer Without A Coupler

A bike rider can attach a motorless wheel frame at the bike’s back, which we call a bike trailer.

During riding, if a rider puts extra weight on his bike, it becomes difficult for him to ride. He cannot ride comfortably and confidently. So, a bike trailer is an excellent option for this problem.

A rider can carry goods, kids, and even pets in a bike trailer. You can attach them at the back of your bike with a coupler. But sometimes, the coupler gets loose and may have wear and tear after using it for many days. Some bike models do not have enough space to install a coupler and tighten the screw.

That’s why bike riders always; search for how to attach a bike trailer without a coupler? You may get an answer from this article.

Types Of Bike Trailer

#1.Children Bike Trailer

These trailers are for kids. You can easily carry two kids in the trailer. Even you can convert them into stroller type by using a detachable handle.

There are even enclosed trailers where you can keep your kid who doesn’t know pedaling.

#2.Cargo Bike Trailer

This trailer is also called a luggage bike trailer. You can carry goods and various bulky items in this trailer. Even some people convert these trailers into two-wheeled carts for grocery shopping.

#3. Bike Trailer For Dogs

You can take your four-legged pets in this type of trailer.

How Does a Bike Trailer Attach to a Bike?

Most trailers mount on the seat post or rear axle of your bike. But, in some bikes, it becomes pretty tricky to connect the bike trailer to the bike. At that time, you require an adapter to combine both of them. You mainly find these problems in bikes with hood-like dropouts or bikes with thru-axle.

How Does a Bike Trailer Attach to a Bike Without a Coupler

Which Types Of Bike Can Pull A Bike Trailer?

The manufacturers of bike trailers put a lot of effort into making such trailers fit in almost all bikes like mountain bikes, road bikes, e-bikes, and various others. The bike trailers have hitch arms and a coupler through which they can attach to any bike.

Types Of Bike

#1. Quick-Release Bikes

The manufacturing company designs bike trailers mainly for quick-release bikes. These bikes have quick-release axles, which are thicker and more robust. These axles allow you to fix the trailer quickly. But, if you have hood-shaped dropouts and the bike trailer coupler does not fit into your bike, then you should buy spacers so that it will have enough clearance to attach the trailer.

#2.Thru Axle Bikes

You find thru-axles in modern bikes like road bikes, mountain bikes. Their diameter is thick, and they pass quickly between the hub. The thru-axles, which are 12 mm in diameter, do not easily fit into the bike trailer’s coupler, mainly with the burley trailer. So you have to purchase an adapter.

How Can You Attach A Trailer to A Bike With A Thru-Axle?

Various types of trailers are available in the market. If you are thinking about attaching an instep bike trailer or attaching a Schwinn bike trailer, you will have no problem fixing through thru-axle bikes or bikes with quick-release systems.

But, burley trailers do not fit easily into all types of bikes. You will have to buy a burley adapter for bikes with 12 mm diameter thru-axles.

How Can You Attach A Trailer to A Bike With A Thru-Axle

How Can You Measure The Size Of Your Thru Axle?

There are different sizes of thru-axles. So, you should know how to measure it. There are three main factors that you need to consider while deciding the size of the thru-axle. They are axle diameter, axle length, and threaded pitch.

#1. Axle Diameter

It measures how large the axle is in terms of the distance between two opposing points on its surface. Most thru-axles have a diameter of 12mm.

#2.Axle Length

Axle length is the distance between the head and its end. If you are going to buy an adapter, you should know the axle’s length well.

#3. Threaded Pitch

The distance between the threads of the axle is called threaded pitch. You should know thoroughly about the threaded pitch before buying an adapter. This detail is usually available in the manual.

How Can You Attach a Bike Trailer Without A Coupler?

All the burley trailers have a steel hitch, towbar, and towbar mount. We can connect the majority of the burley trailers on our bikes without any problem. But, in new modern bikes or mountain bikes, the thru-axle is 12 mm in diameter. So, it becomes a problem to connect the burley trailers with the bike.

If you wonder how to attach a burley bike trailer, I have a simple solution. You need to buy a burley thru-axle adapter. With this adapter, you can install the Burley trailer on your bike within a few minutes.

There are various steel hitch’s which are available online. You can buy any of them and use them to attach your bike with a trailer. Most of them consist of steel and nylon straps.

So, you can use them for a more extended period. Even the materials will not rust easily. They are pretty easy to install, and you will not require any tool to install them on your bike.

Wrap Up

Bike trailers can make a rider’s trip easy and secure. No one likes to carry heavy goods while riding. Again some people love to take their kids or pets while depending. So, they can buy a bike trailer from the market and safely carry anything in that trailer. Various bike trailers of different brands are available in need.

We should choose the best one among them. Again the couplers of bike trailers usually get wear and tear after using for some days. That time it becomes a headache for most riders, and they search in the market for a coupler alternative.

So, in this article, the discussion is done above on how to attach a bike trailer without a coupler. I hope you have found the best alternative to the coupler.

Written by Lee Hill

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