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How Do Electric Skateboards Work?

How Do Electric Skateboards Work

Electric skateboards are a blast and an upgraded thrill from regular skateboards. If you are thinking about buying one, you probably want to know how it works! An electric skateboard is quite similar to a normal skateboard, but they differ in how they operate. With a normal skateboard, you need to push your foot to move forward. A motor propels electric skateboards. 

Just knowing how to ride a skateboard isn’t enough. Instead, you need to understand how electric skateboards work to help you maintain the various skateboard components.

Components Of Electric Skateboards

#1. Deck

The deck is the largest part of your electric skateboard. It is the part where you stand and ride your skateboard. The majority of decks consist of wood, but some deck suppliers make a deck with fiberglass or composite to increase the strength. However, wood is also fine.

#2. Trucks

The skateboard trucks consist of metal and help transfer the rider’s weight to the wheels. You will find other things on the trucks like the axle, bearing, and bushings.

#3. Wheels

Wheels are a necessary component of the electric skateboard. Wheels in electric skateboards come in a variety of colors and sizes. Larger wheels can easily roll over uneven roads in comparison to smaller wheels.

#4. Bearing

The wheel of your electric skateboard attaches by bearing to the axle. Therefore, you need to constantly clean and lubricate your bearings from time to time. If you don’t maintain them, then you will need to change them within a short period.

#5. Griptape

Electric skateboards use grip tape on the deck of the skateboard for added safety. With this grip tape, you can comfortably keep both of your feet on the deck and accelerate or apply brakes. 

Without it, you might be thrown from your electric skateboard at any time while turning. Manufacturers primarily use black color grip tape. But now they are available in other colors.

#6. Motor

So how do electric skateboards motor work? Well, the battery supplies adequate power to the motor with the help of cables. When the motor receives the power, it propels the wheels forward.

Girls riding electric skateboard

There are generally two types of motor. One is the hub motor, and the other is the belt motor. The hub motor directly connects with the wheel of your electric skateboard. They are lightweight and produce a lot of heat while you ride your electric skateboard.

You will find some holes in the casing through which the motor discards heat. But because of these necessary holes, the hub motor is not resistant to water. So, whenever you ride on wet roads, you need to be cautious. I suggest you not ride your electric skateboard on rainy days, as it may damage your motor.

The other type of motor you will find in some electric skateboards is a belt motor. The belt motor attaches separately to the wheels of your electric skateboard. So, here the motor doesn’t have to face a problem in dissipating the heat. So the belt motors are water-resistant, but they are a bit noisy and require more maintenance in comparison to hub motors.

With the belt motor, you will find a gear in the shaft of the motor. Another gear is located in the wheel. A belt connects the two gears. So how do belt drive electric skateboard motors work? When the belt drive motor receives the power from the battery, it moves the belt, and the belt drives the wheels. As a result, you move forward.

#6. Battery

The battery is one of your electric skateboard’s most vital components and acts as a storage device. You will find lithium-ion batteries or lead-acid batteries in the electric skateboard. A lithium-ion battery takes only five to six hours to charge, whereas a lead-acid battery takes longer – even around 12 hours – to charge completely. But a lead-acid battery is less expensive in comparison to a lithium-ion battery.

#7. Electronic Speed Controller

If you want to drive your electric skateboard at a slower speed, then pull the electronic speed controller trigger. The electronic speed controller receives the information and accordingly directs the battery to supply less power to the motor. As a result, you move at a slower speed.

#8. Remote Control

You can use the remote control to accelerate your electric skateboard. You can stop your electric skateboard with this remote control which is not present in a normal skateboard.

With some electric skateboards, you will find a push-button switch on the front portion of the electric skateboard. The rider needs to push the button to move forward and pull the button to stop his electric skateboard.

#9. Bluetooth

The Bluetooth capability built into the electric skateboard makes it easy to transfer the signal from the remote control to the electronic speed controller.

woman on business suit on electric skateboard

#10. Lights

You should purchase lights for your electric skateboard. They will improve visibility during the night. You can buy a white LED light to install on the nose and a red light for the tail. These improve your safety.

#11. Nose and Tail Guards

You can purchase nose and tail guards on your electric skateboard to protect it from damage. They primarily consist of plastic and are available on the market in various designs.

#12. Wheel guard

By installing wheel guards on the wheel of your electric skateboard, your wheels will not get dirty in the rain. Your pants and shoes will not get muddy either.

How Do Electric Skateboards Work?

In every electric skateboard, you will find a remote control. Once you press the remote control, it sends a signal to the battery. Next, the battery sends an adequate amount of power to the motor of your electric skateboard. Finally, the motor propels the wheels of your electric skateboard. As a result, you start moving forward.

The best part is you do not have to push your skateboard with your feet to move swiftly from one location to another. The motor does the work for you and keeps you comfortable.

How Long Does An Electric Skateboard Work?

Electric skateboards can travel for 12 – 20 miles without charging the battery. Some models can travel smoothly for up to 50 miles.

young man sits besides electric skateboard


Riding an electric skateboard is quite thrilling. You can easily travel swiftly from one place to another without harming the environment while remaining comfortable. This is why you see more and more people riding electric skateboards around.

Every electric vehicle company is trying to develop an electric skateboard with new features. The competition between companies to develop electric skateboards has never been more fierce, but this is a benefit for you as there have never been better electric skateboards on the market. You have a wide range of affordable choices when buying an electric skateboard.

After reading this article, you will hopefully have an idea regarding various components and their workings in the electric skateboard. That will help you maintain and repair the electric skateboard after purchase.

Happy riding!

Written by Lee Hill

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